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Best Slippers for Women of 2021

Photo: Amber King
By Amber King ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Wednesday December 9, 2020
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Our home experts researched over 60 of the best slippers for women before purchasing 9 excellent options. This update features a collection of some of the most popular and high-quality options on the market. Our testing team spent hours walking, lounging, doing chores, and working in each pair. Not only did we wear them around the house, but we put each to the test walking the neighborhood and visiting the library, bank, and grocery store. With over a year of testing taking place, we provide our unbiased advice to help you take the guesswork out of what to buy and help you find the slippers that'll keep your feet warm and cozy throughout the year.


Best Overall Slipper for Women

UGG Ansley Moccasin

Construction: Suede & Sheepskin Moccasin | Weight: 8.5 oz
Super cozy breathable lining
Stable and durable
Can be worn anywhere
Picks up dust and hair

The UGG Ansley Moccasin quickly became a favorite amongst our testers for its silky and plush sheepskin liner and breathable construction. Your foot receives a cozy hug each time you slip it on, which is heavenly. The outsole is rubber and stable, offering excellent traction on sidewalks, roads, and indoor hardwood floors. Plus, if you find yourself on gravel or walking over thorn filled grasses, you won't feel anything underfoot. Whether you're doing chores (indoor and outdoor) or lounging around on the couch, it's a cozy companion that you'll be happy to have. After a year of testing, it hasn't shown any signs of compaction and still looks new; as a result, we dub it to be durable and high quality. The fit is true to size and a touch narrow at the toes.

While we love this cozy contender (and can't seem to stop wearing it), there are a few drawbacks. The first is the higher price, and the second is its heavier weight. While we still found it sufficient for lounging around on the couch, some may be seeking a lighter option. This is our favorite slipper for its excellent versatility and longevity that continues to impress us after a year of testing.

The UGG Ansley Moccasin provides excellent coziness and comfort for...
The UGG Ansley Moccasin provides excellent coziness and comfort for all-day wear. The suede upper is flexible while the sole offers stability and protection when heading out the door.
Photo: Amber King


Best Bang for the Buck

Dearfoams Velour Clog - Women's

Construction: Velour Microfiber & Memory Foam Slip-On | Weight: 4.5 oz
Easy to slip on and off
Cozy and breathable memory foam sole and upper
More durable construction
Rubber heel
Stretches out quickly
Runs large

The Deerfoam Velour Clog is a simple memory foam clog that touts a more durable construction than most in its price range. The microfiber upper wraps around the foot, offering a silky, smooth texture against the skin. It'll easily fit with a pair of socks, with a true to size fix. The platform is fairly low to the ground, and provides model comes in a variety of size and color options and offers up a decent price.

The sizing runs large. After just one afternoon of wearing it around the house, the platform seemed to get wider almost immediately, making it a touch too big. We remedied this by wearing a pair of socks, but if we had known this sooner, we would have purchased a smaller size. Additionally, after a year of wear, we've noticed compaction, but it's still quite comfortable. It's our favorite slip-on for lounging around the house, working remotely, and cooking in the kitchen thanks to its lightweight and cushioned underfoot design.

An excellent memory foam clog option with some durability issues.
An excellent memory foam clog option with some durability issues.
Photo: Amber King


Best Stable Slip-On

BOBS from Skechers Keepsake Ice Angel

Construction: Plush microfiber clog with rubber sole | Weight: 10 oz
Excellent stability and wide platform
Cozy collar is easy to slip on
Durable, with excellent value
Super cute design and style
Minimal cushioning throughout the sole
Higher platform

Stable, durable, and cute are three things that come to mind when wearing the BOBs Ice Angel. It stands out for its real rubber outsole that looks similar to that of a tennis shoe. On our walks up gravel roads, we didn't feel anything underfoot, resembling the performance of a higher-end rubber sandal. Of all the slip-ons, it's the most supportive and stable. The velour microfiber collar comes up over the heel, while the memory foam clog cover is wide, covering the toes. Our testers also appreciate the look and comfort it offers. The knit covering and attractive collar makes it wearable, not just around the house but to the store as well.

This slipper is a little heavier than the rest and bulkier too. Another caveat is the lack of cushioning in the sole. The sole feels stiff and isn't packed with as much memory foam as you'd expect. The price is also high. For a slip-on, it's the most stable and durable with a real leather outsole that you'll appreciate for activities in and out of the house.

Stable, cute, and warm.
Stable, cute, and warm.
Photo: Amber King


Best for Outdoor Use

Amoji Garden Clogs

Construction: EVA Resin (plastic) | Weight: 2.9 oz
Excellent water resistance
Lightweight and packable
Plastic and comfortable construction
Sizing issues

The Amoji Garden Clog is designed for both indoor and outdoor use, and we used it while gardening, walking the dog, cooking, and SUPing on the river. Many women don't love plush and fabric options that can easily get hot and prefer a plastic clog instead. It's incredibly lightweight, drains water quickly, and packs away nicely. When wearing around the house, it is quiet on hardwood floors and doesn't squeak. If you're seeking a water-resistant option with a plethora of uses that extend beyond the house, this is one you should seriously consider.

While we do love this clog, its construction seems cheap. However, we haven't had any durability issues with it during our testing period. The holes offer excellent water drainage and provide an entrance for small pebbles when walking over rocky terrain.

If you're seeking an outdoor slipper, this is a super cute option...
If you're seeking an outdoor slipper, this is a super cute option that our testers absolutely fell in love with.
Photo: Amber King


Best for Warmth

Micolin Faux Fur Fluffy Slip-On - Women's

Construction: Plush fleece-lined with suede upper | Weight: 7.14-oz
Silky fleece is plush, warm, and comfortable
Durable construction
Harder sole is quiet and can be worn outside
Excellent price
Lacks breathability
Holds odors

The Micolin Faux Fur is what you want if you prefer warmth and uber amounts of plush cushioning. The faux fur generates lots of warmth as you walk and lounge around the house. The high-density foam outsole offers decent traction and protection from underfoot hazards when heading out the door. After a week of use, we still don't notice any compaction of the materials underfoot, and the price is just right. This high-value contender is priced well and is one we'd expect to last well for its price class.

While we love this for cold floors, the ultra silky liners aren't breathable. During a walk around the neighborhood on a warm spring day, our feet were sweaty after wearing for just two minutes. For colder floors where we lounged and worked in the kitchen, they were perfect. If your feet run cold, this is a fantastic and durable option that won't stretch out; if your feet run hot, look for something a little more breathable.

If warmth is what you seek, the Milcon Faux Fur slipper will provide.
If warmth is what you seek, the Milcon Faux Fur slipper will provide.
Photo: Amber King


Lightweight, Comfortable Bargain Buy

Ultraideas Comfort Coral Fleece Memory Foam - Women's

Construction: Ultra-plush fleece liner & Memory Foam Slip On | Weight: 6.1 oz
Excellent memory foam underfoot
Lightweight construction
Easy to take on and off
Serious durability issues
Sole is loud on hardwood floors

If you love to lounge, the Ultraideas Comfort Coral slip-on quickly became one of our favorites. Out of the box, its silky microfiber fleece wraps your foot in what seems like endless comfort. The memory foam sole is thick and cushioned, which made us never want to take it off. While the fit felt a little tight at first, it stretched out to offer a fit that feels true, wide, and stable. The lightweight construction and breathable clog architecture will have you kicking your feet up and shuffling around the house without an issue. The sole is flexible but hard, making it easy to wear both in and outdoors.

We discovered that it has serious durability issues. After walking around for just one day, the memory foam had compacted significantly. After a year, the sole has compacted, but we are still wearing it with comfort each day. This is one of our favorites with a wider profile to wear around the house each day, and it comes at a great deal.

Lounge and be cozy. This slip-on is easy to use and incredibly...
Lounge and be cozy. This slip-on is easy to use and incredibly comfortable to put your foot into.
Photo: Amber King


Excellent Breathable Slip On

Halluci Cross Band Plush - Women's

Construction: Microfiber Slip-On | Weight: 4.5 oz
Lightweight and breathable
A well-cushioned sole with cozy fabrics
Antislip high-density foam outsole
Cheap construction
High, unstable platform and silky fabrics

The HALLUCI Cross Brand Plush stands out for its super cozy construction and breathable performance, making it ideal for all seasons. The thick foam outsole doesn't feature any fancy traction patterns but offers non-slip properties. When heading out on a neighborhood walk, we couldn't feel any gravel road underfoot, providing excellent protection. Its lightweight construction makes it easy to throw up your feet and watch your favorite Netflix show on the couch without feeling like you're wearing normal shoes indoors. We love the cross patterned upper that adds a little stylish flair that any woman can appreciate. The memory foam underfoot isn't the plushest or high density tested, but it is supportive and comfortable. It fits true to size and doesn't stretch out much either.

Perhaps the biggest drawback is the seemingly cheap construction. After just one mile of walking, we noticed compression underfoot and shedding of the materials. We also noticed the platform is quite high — almost two inches tall, and the fit is a little narrow. While we didn't have any issues with rolled ankles, this isn't one we'd recommend for those that need a highly stable option. The plush material is nice but quite silky, which causes the heel to slide out laterally when walking. Aside from that, it's a breathable option with a toe that isn't covered.

A super soft and plush option with a taller platform.
A super soft and plush option with a taller platform.
Photo: Amber King


Stylish with a Heel

UGG Fluff Yeah Slide - Women's

Construction: Sheepskin slip-on w/ 1.5inch heel | Weight: 9.45 oz
Stylish design
Super plush and cozy fabrics
The high platform can feel unstable
Some reported durability issues

If you're a UGGs fan, you'll love this stylish slip-on. The plush wool is soft and cozy on the skin, whether you're wearing it around a hotel or lounging around at home. The open toe and heel construction are breathable but warm, which means you'll get use out of them throughout the year. It's well constructed with a super stylish look. If you want a product that you can wear out of the house, with a bit of stylish flair, this is our favorite.

While we think it is pretty comfortable, both when walking and lounging, it feels heavy underfoot. The sole is stiffer and lacks memory foam or super-soft materials underfoot. That said, it still feels supportive under the heel and arch. If you're not a fan of high heels, we'd recommend looking at other options. This UGGs model has a 1.5-inch heel and a tall platform. While we didn't experience any durability issues, many have reported it looking beat up after just a couple of months of hard use. Those caveats aside, it receives many compliments and comes in a variety of color options.

A stylish high-heeled slipper.
A stylish high-heeled slipper.
Photo: Amber King


A Comfortable Ballerina Slipper

Isotoner Chevron Microterry Ballerina House - Women's

Construction: Terry cloth and fleece ballerina style | Weight: 1.8-oz
Incredibly lightweight and packable
Very breathable
Easy to clean
Durability issues
Lacks cushioning or support
Sizing is small

The Isotoner Ballerina is built for women that only want a thin layer of cushioning between their feet and the ground. While the cushioning is minimal, it's surprisingly plush relative to its construction. It's incredibly lightweight and folds into a small ball, making it exceptionally easy to pack away. You can put these in your purse, backpack, or travel luggage, and it'll take up next to no space. It's machine washable and easy to clean. It's also one of the most breathable contenders we've tested, keeping your feet cool and dry throughout the day, even in warm weather.

Unfortunately, they aren't very cozy and aren't designed to provide maximal comfort. The underfoot memory foam is minimal and compacts quickly. Additionally, the outer terry cloth picks up dirt and hair easily, looking worn after just one week of use. We ordered a size nine, and the fit felt incredibly small and narrow. We'd recommend sizing up. Aside from that, if you prefer minimal cushioning, excellent breathability, or need an option that'll pack away easily, this is one to consider.

Soft, foldable, and simple. This slipper if for those in warm...
Soft, foldable, and simple. This slipper if for those in warm weather that like to feel the floor underfoot.
Photo: Amber King

Why You Should Trust Us

Amber King is a seasoned gear tester that brings you this in-depth review. As a full-time reviewer and gear writer, she's written over 20+ categories for OutdoorGearLab, including trail running shoes, socks, and cookware. She spends over 40 hours every week working remotely from home, wearing this cozy footwear for at least eight hours a day. What can we say? She loves them. She works in the garden, cooks in the kitchen, watches her favorite shows, and forages around her property, all while wearing them. She'll even wear them while walking the dog around the neighborhood. The combination of her gear testing expertise, critical eye, and love for cozy footwear makes her an accredited expert in this category.

Our testing process starts first with selection. We took the time to find the best budget-friendly options that reign in popularity. After sifting through over 50 different options, we purchased nine of the very best. After ordering them at retail prices, our testing truly began. Not only did we wear each pair for months on end, but made sure we subjected each to every 'slipper' situation we could think of. We lounged while watching Netflix, reading books, and playing board games. We cooked, cleaned, and organized our home while wearing each. We also made sure we walked outside on dirt roads, through grassy meadows, and while getting groceries at the store (yup, we wore them in public). After hours in each pair, we assessed for durability to see which stand the test of time, and which should be thrown away after a month of use.

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Analysis and Test Results

Our women's slipper review includes moccasins, slip-ons, and even options with high-heels. We strive to create a selection that is full of variety and affordable. After testing each slipper, we rate them on six important metrics including; coziness, walking performance, breathability, quality, packability, and style & fit. Our highest performers are typically an excellent balance of all the above, while others are best for those seeking a specific use.

A look at the selection of nine of the best and most affordable...
A look at the selection of nine of the best and most affordable slippers tested.
Photo: Amber King


Coziness and warmth are paramount. Plush, soft, and silky fleeces, microfiber fabrics, and memory foam outsoles make it super comfortable and warm. When considering this metric, we compare the types of materials used, the level of cushioning underfoot, and how each feels on the foot. Those that offer better comfort for all-day, lounging wear did the best in this metric.

The soft, lambskin liners of the UGG Ansley Moccasin are a dream for...
The soft, lambskin liners of the UGG Ansley Moccasin are a dream for any person's foot.
Photo: Amber King

The UGG Ansley Suede and Mitcon Faux Fur stand out as the coziest tested, for different reasons. The UGG Ansley features wool that is incredibly smooth and silky, and feels better on the skin than any other liner tested. Even though it's a heavier shoe that at first glance might be seen as bulky, the weight is well distributed, making it feel lighter than it is. It's one we liked for all uses, including reading and watching our favorite shows.

The Micolin Faux Fur slipper is supremely warm and cozy. Perfect for...
The Micolin Faux Fur slipper is supremely warm and cozy. Perfect for cold nights and chilly toes.
Photo: Amber King

The Mitcon Faux Fur is a little different. It's a slip-on that stands out for an ample amount of warmth, attributed to its memory foam platform and high concentration of faux fur that wraps the foot in what feels like clouds. The HALLUCI Cross Band is another with faux fur that's even softer than the Mitcon Faux Fur but doesn't have a platform that's as cushioned. Our favorite memory foam option is the Ultraideas Memory Foam which has a super plush platform that immediately offers great support underfoot. It's plusher than all other slip-ons, but the memory foam will eventually break down over time. The Dearfoam Velour Clog doesn't earn a score as high as these other competitors because its level of cushioning is medium (instead of high), but the memory foam proves to be more durable than any of the lower priced contenders.

Getting out of the shower and into a cozy pair of slippers, like the...
Getting out of the shower and into a cozy pair of slippers, like the Dearfoam Velour Clog is always a warm welcome.
Photo: Amber King

Walking Performance

Walking performance is another essential attribute to consider. Does it make a sound on hardwood floors? How does it move with your foot? Is it stable, or are you at risk of turning an ankle when stepping outside? Can you wear it outside in the grass, or will they be ruined when exposed to a little bit of water? To test these questions, we wore each for a week and took each on a stroll around the neighborhood. We walked for at least a mile in each — over grass, gravel, and pavement.

Here we take the UGG Ansley Moccasin on the one-mile loop walk...
Here we take the UGG Ansley Moccasin on the one-mile loop walk around the neighborhood. The harder sole offers better walking performance than other slippers with a softer, more flexible sole.
Photo: Amber King

It turns out, those with wide and hard soles, like the UGG Ansley and BOBs Ice Angel, rule this metric. The BOB is super stable because of its wide and rigid platform that offers little cushioning. It does, however, resemble the performance of any hard-soled sandal. It comes loaded with a full tread, rubber outsole, suitable for any walk to the mailbox, or even a shopping trip.

A look at the tread patterns of most of the slippers tested. The...
A look at the tread patterns of most of the slippers tested. The harder, the more protective. The softer, the quieter it is on hardwood floors.
Photo: Amber King

The UGG Ansley also features a rubberized sole, but it's not as bulky as the BOBs Ice Angel. Both protect well from underfoot hazards like rocks, spikey shoots, and pine needles in our front yard. The UGG Fluff Yeah also has an incredibly hard sole, but because most of its weight is distributed to the heel (feeling like a brick on your foot), it's not as comfortable to walk in and easily flips rocks under the heel when walking outside.

The Sketchers BOBs outsole is hard and rigid, offering excellent...
The Sketchers BOBs outsole is hard and rigid, offering excellent walking performance. Surprisingly this outsole isn't too loud on wood floors and offers excellent stability and traction on uneven terrain.
Photo: Amber King

The Amoji Garden Clog offers exemplary performance outside, especially around water. It features a full EVA resin construct (plastic material), suitable for working in the garden, wearing to the pool, or even for use at the beach. It can also be worn inside and doesn't make any sound when walking across wood floors. We quickly learned this was one of the most versatile options and one we wore everywhere during the summer months.

The Amoji Garden Clog became a favorite to wear to the store, while...
The Amoji Garden Clog became a favorite to wear to the store, while gardening, and even cooking in the kitchen. The plastic construction offers incredible versatile, wrapped in a cute package.
Photo: Amber King

All contenders we tested can be worn outside. However, those with a super-thin sole, like the Isotoner Ballerina, shouldn't be worn on uneven surfaces or sharp surfaces, as they will wear down quickly.


We truly resent when our feet get super sweaty, which is why breathability is an important metric. Products that use synthetic or natural materials with a construction that allows appropriate moisture ventilation is essential. During our testing, we learned that those with a larger surface area over the foot (i.e., enclosed toes) and high levels of plush cushioning are less breathable than those with a thinner construction and less surface area. The best are those that offer great cushioning, but also offload moisture and vent well.

The Isotoner Microterry Ballerina slipper is incredibly thin and...
The Isotoner Microterry Ballerina slipper is incredibly thin and breathable. While it doesn't offer great underfoot protection, it's a wonderful option for hot climates.
Photo: Amber King

It's not surprising that the most breathable options are also the thinnest. The Isotoner Ballerina is a very thin option that breathes easily through the fabric. However, not all women want minimalist cushioning. Open-toed slip-ons are one type of construction to look for if your feet get hot quickly. The HALLUCI Cross Band is the most breathable slip-on tested, which allows plenty of ventilation over the surface of the foot. The UGG Fluff Yeah has a similar construction, a little more insulation, and plenty of ventilation. It features wool, like the UGG Ansley Moccasin, which offers excellent thermoregulation, even during the hot months. The UGG Ansley is a moccasin that breathes easily through the fabric and the top opening around the foot.

The Halluci features an open-toed concept that provides good...
The Halluci features an open-toed concept that provides good breathability as both the heel and toe are exposed to the air.
Photo: Amber King

Full slip-on clogs aren't as breathable as those with an open toe or thinner construction, but some do better than others. The Amoji Garden Clog, for example, is a plastic construction, so heat doesn't get pulled into the materials, and easily sheds through the holes of its construction. Other fabric options with a thinner construction through the upper, like the Dearfoam Slip Ons, will do better than those with a thicker construction. Those with a thinner, less cushioned sole, like the BOBs Ice Angel, are also quite breathable. They also feature a quilted upper that provides easy moisture evacuation.

The Amoji Garden Clog features many holes through the top of the...
The Amoji Garden Clog features many holes through the top of the upper. This provides exceptional breathability but rocks easily get stuck inside the shoe when walking over gravel.
Photo: Amber King

Quality and Maintenance

Nobody wants to buy a product that'll either compact or wear out after just a few months of use. A higher-quality option offers a better value, and those that are don't get dirty easily are a bonus. In this metric, we look at the wear and tear after one week of hard use and supplement our conclusions with six+ hours of online research for each product. This metric highlights the most durable contenders with comments on maintenance.

All the contenders tested in this review can be thrown into the washer, except the UGG Ansley Moccasin. The suede construction easily resists wear and tear but must be hand washed.

The UGG Ansley Moccasin is wonderfully well crafted earning top...
The UGG Ansley Moccasin is wonderfully well crafted earning top marks for quality, despite the fact its a hand-wash shoe only.
Photo: amber king

The most resilient options tested are those with rubberized soles, quality craftsmanship, and, not surprisingly, a higher price tag. The UGG Ansley is bound to last you through the season(s) with its rubberized sole, quality stitching, and seemingly flawless review history. We came across very few with durability issues (currently over 4000+ reviews). During our testing period, we observed no compaction after a week of intensive use, which says something.

A look at the burly construction of the BOBs Keepsake Ice Angel.
A look at the burly construction of the BOBs Keepsake Ice Angel.
Photo: Amber King

The BOBs Ice Angel is another we like. The super durable outsole is bound to keep going throughout the years. It seems to be well constructed, and since the platform isn't super cushioned, there's not much to pack out. The Amoji Garden Clog is a plastic clog that hasn't worn or torn after our use period. Some report that they might shrink with significant changes in temperature, but we didn't observe this, even after wearing them into a hot tub, and putting them in the freezer, just to see if the size would change.

The super warm Mitcon slipper also features a more rigid sole that...
The super warm Mitcon slipper also features a more rigid sole that offers decent protection on this hiking test.
Photo: Amber King

The Mitcon Slip-On is an uber cushioned clog that didn't demonstrate wear or tear, even after walking a mile on gravel roads. While the outsole isn't as durable as the BOBs Ice Angel or UGG Ansley Moccasin, we're still impressed. The Dearfoam Velour seems to be well constructed with excellent performance across the board, but know that it does stretch out quite a bit. To counter this issue, we recommend sizing down. These are the most durable options of the lower-priced options out there.

Weight & Packability

Do you like to take your slippers with you when you travel? Do you prefer that they feel weightless on your foot? Sometimes a heavy construction doesn't feel the most comfortable to lounge in or wear all day. To test this metric, we brought out the scale and tried to roll each up to see how small it could get. The lighter and more packable options score higher in this category.

The Isotoner Ballerina House slipper is incredibly lightweight and...
The Isotoner Ballerina House slipper is incredibly lightweight and packable, making it a goto choice for travel.
Photo: Amber King

Of all contenders tested, the Isotoner Ballerina is the lightest (1.8 ounces) and the most packable. It is our favorite for travel. While it's not the coziest, it'll fit amongst the smallest things in your suitcase. Another lightweight and packable option is the Amoji Garden Clog(2.9 ounces). It easily transcends into the sandal category, making it a versatile model to wear out on the streets or while lounging around the house. Instead of bringing a bunch of footwear on a trip, you can take this clog, and use it for all uses in warm weather, including the beach, hot tub, around the house, or in the garden. It's completely versatile and takes up little space in the backpack.

We weigh all the shoes tested. Turns out this is one of the lightest...
We weigh all the shoes tested. Turns out this is one of the lightest tested, after the Isotoner Ballerina slipper.
Photo: Amber King

Of the super cozy footwear options, the Dearfoam Velour Clog (4.5 ounces) and Ultraidea Comfort (6.1 ounces) are two other softer soled options that roll and pack away quite nicely. The Halluci Cross Band (4.5 ounces) is quite light, but because of its thicker foam sole, it doesn't squish or roll as well as other softer soled contenders. We were also surprised at how well the UGG Ansley moccasin rolls up and packs away, despite its much heavier weight.

Style & Fit

Some women love a stylish option, while others couldn't care less about what they might look like, instead focusing on how they feel and fit. Some ladies like to wear them everywhere, including the grocery store, so we accounted for style in our rating. We also note the relative fit to help provide you with appropriate recommendations.

Our main tester has a wider forefoot, narrow heel, and low arches. It's important to note that we don't assign a score for fit, but simply note how each fits on the foot.


The UGG Fluff Yeah was our most stylish slipper. While it's uber fluffy and its city-like look is designed for a unique taste, it's by far the most stylish option tested. It has a 1.5-inch heel that'll look good with any sexy or conservative night slip.

A look at the super stylish UGG Fluff Yeah Slide. Which some might...
A look at the super stylish UGG Fluff Yeah Slide. Which some might salivate over its flair, others might choose a slipper that doesn't have a high heel.
Photo: Amber King

If you're not looking for a slipper with a high heel, but seek a cute style, the BOBs Ice Angel receives many kudos for its cute knit upper. The HALLUCI Cross Band is another notable mention with its criss-cross patterned upper that frees your toes and looks cute on any pair of feet. For those that appreciate a regular look, we like the Dearfoam Slip-On, which caters to anybody's style, thanks to its plethora of color and pattern options.


Fit is probably the most crucial consideration to make when buying a sandal. We recommend reading many reviews on the product you're thinking about, so you're able to learn how it's going to fit. From our experience, most of the products in this review will fit a medium to wide foot without a problem.

The Isotoner (right) is best for narrow feet while the Halluci...
The Isotoner (right) is best for narrow feet while the Halluci (left) works for foot sizes from narrow to medium. Be sure to do a little additional research if you have special sizing needs.
Photo: Amber King

Options with a more narrow profile include the UGG Ansley Moccasin, HALLUCI Cross Band, and Isotoner Ballerina. All will stretch out if you have a wider foot but expect your foot will be squeezed towards the front. If you have super-wide feet, the Dearfoam Slip-On stands out for how much it stretches and will accommodate super wide feet. That said, those with narrow feet may find it too loose, and many want to size up.

If you need plenty of memory foam cushioning, take a gander at the Ultraideas Memory Foam or Micolin Faux Fur Slip-On. Both have lots of underfoot cushioning. The Ultraideas will pack out much faster than the Micolin Faux Fur, though, and both feel low to the ground. The rest of the contenders tested will accommodate a wide range of feet, with most being true to fit.

There are a lot of different slippers out on the market for women...
There are a lot of different slippers out on the market for women. We hope this review helps you in your search for the perfect pair. Which one will you order?
Photo: Amber King


We all know that a cozy pair of slippers is a worthwhile investment, especially if you like warm feet when the floors are cold underfoot. While it might seem there are endless options on the market, we've done the leg work to at least narrow down the options. We hope that you find the slipper of your dreams, with the help from this review.

Amber King