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Last Update: Thursday January 13, 2022

Help Us Create the World's Best Product Reviews

We are committed to a bold mission: creating the world's best gear reviews. To get a sense of the kind of reviews we create and publish, please look at our website. Our recent reviews show the level of detail and depth we strive for. You can also read about our company philosophy on our About GearLab page.

We currently have one open position:
  • Review Editor for In-House Testing Categories

We are accepting applications for two future positions:
  • In-house Product Tester (Starting Spring 2022)
  • Freelance Reviewers (Starting Spring/Summer 2022)

Review Editor for In-House Testing Categories

We're looking to add a talented, detail-oriented editor and project manager on a full-time basis to help us manage over 50 tech and home product review categories (i.e., everything from headphones, blenders, vacuums, speakers, and more). As a Review Editor, you'll be part of our core team in producing our world-class product reviews. This role involves managing key freelance writers and collaborating with our in-house testing team and in-house photographer.

Testing coffee makers
Testing coffee makers

Our ideal candidate has at least five years of writing and editing experience, at least two years of project management experience, and is a detail-oriented person with strong management, writing, and analytical skills. The ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and maintain deadlines is crucial. A technical writing background is a major plus. Excellent working knowledge of Google Drive, Docs, and Spreadsheets is required. Prior experience with blogging systems and/or web content systems will give you a leg up over other candidates (but isn't strictly required). A high level of effective communication across multiple platforms is a must.

Surrounded buy vacuums
Surrounded buy vacuums
Photo: Laura Casner

  • Oversee the most detailed reviews in the industry
  • Research and stay up-to-date on the competitive bar for each category
  • Collaborate with our in-house testing team and photographer
  • Manage freelance writers
  • Edit and publish reviews

  • Strong interest in home tech categories
  • Strong analytical skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Strong organizational and multi-tasking skills
  • Technical writing background is a big plus
  • Experience in popular technology writing or tech journalism is a big plus
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and projects
  • College degree required
  • Experience in team or highly collaborative environments.

This full-time position is in our brand new 8000ft testing facility in Zephyr Cove, NV, which overlooks Lake Tahoe and is just minutes away from South Lake Tahoe proper. The position offers competitive compensation, benefits, and vacation time. The position starts full-time in the office and offers flexibility to work from home after a few months. The ideal candidate will live within a one-hour drive of Zephyr Cove. If you are interested in applying, please send your resume and examples of your writing to:

Just another day in the office.
Just another day in the office.

In-House Product Tester (Starting Spring 2022)

GearLab seeks applications for a Product Tester familiar with consumer electronics and related products. This part-time, year-round position is in our new 8000-foot testing facility and office on the Nevada side of South Lake Tahoe.

We are accepting applications now for an anticipated start date of Spring 2022.

The Product Testers' main job is our rigorous hands-on product testing of just about any product you see on TechGearLab, BabyGearLab, and some products on OutdoorGearLab.

  • Hands-on testing of 30+ categories
  • Work closely and communicate effectively with a team that includes the Sr. Research Analyst, the Review Editor, and the Review Writer.
  • Write detailed test findings, rate products, and manage large spreadsheets of test data
  • Model products in photoshoots

  • Some familiarity with and passion for consumer technology products (including electronics, appliances, small office equipment, and some outdoor items)
  • Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously with shifting priority levels
  • Background in science, technology, or kitchen-related fields preferred
  • Experience managing multiple spreadsheets with linked fields
  • Proof of Covid vaccination

This part-time position in Zephyr Cove, NV, starts at $25 per hour and requires at least a 20 hour per week commitment. There are opportunities to grow in both pay and responsibility. To apply, send your resume to:

Learn more about GearLab here and here

Freelance Reviewers for GearLab

GearLab is currently seeking Freelance Reviewers for upcoming projects spanning a wide range of product categories, from everyday items to kitchen gadgets to electronics, and much more. We seek talented writers whose gear expertise spans beyond outdoor products and into the home, the office, and the gym. We hire discerning consumers who like to sweat the details and pore over product specs to put their skills to work. Whether you're an experienced cook, photographer, fitness enthusiast, or a parent running a busy household, we need your critical thinking abilities and knowledge to help us create the world's best reviews. Due to the costs and logistics of shipping gear, reviewers must live in the United States.

Current openings in the following areas of expertise:

  • General Freelance Reviewers

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You are an ideal freelance reviewer candidate for GearLab if you have deep experience in your areas of expertise, are a critical judge of products, and have strong writing skills. Qualities we seek: your expertise provides you with the domain knowledge you bring to bear in the categories you cover. You are quite critical about choosing your own gear, and your friends value your advice on what gear they use. You firmly believe it is better to buy a product of quality, one that will deliver lasting value, than a product that happens to be on clearance sale. You have strong analytical skills and may have experience doing writing of a more technical nature. If you have an educational or work background that is strong in science, academic, or technical areas, we consider that a major plus.

Additional Qualities of Successful Applicants: You are self-motivated, college-educated, and can write in clear, simple language. You read online reviews frequently and have a habit of doing extensive review research to assure you buy just the right product for your own needs and budget. Your extensive experience as a reader of reviews gives you an intuitive appreciation of what separates a great review from a good one. You value most the reviews that helped you to make fully informed purchase decisions that, to this day, you still feel confident about and do not regret.

We seek to write the best reviews in the world for the purpose of guiding our readers to purchase just the right product to suit their individual needs and budget. We base our work on extensive testing, and we are looking for people with the skills and mindset to help make that kind of side-by-side comparison testing and analysis happen. Does your background provide you with the expertise to come up with a great way to test a whole product category side-by-side? Do you have the analytical skills to gather the data to rate and rank the products you test? And, do you have the writing skills to break it down for our readers in clear, friendly language to help guide them to the right purchase for their needs and budget. If so, please send us an application, and tell us about yourself and your areas of expertise.

Our freelance reviewers work remotely as independent contractors on a part-time basis.

The general scope of work involves working testing all the products we select for a category (like air fryers or wifi extenders), rating each, capturing a library of engaging images of the products in use, then creating a detailed written and visual (via photos) review of each product.

Note that unlike a lot of other websites, we don't review just one product. Instead, our reviewers take on an entire gear category and test products side-by-side. You will use and test each product with a critical eye toward scoring it against four to six rating criteria. Our reviews are detailed and extensive. We will provide you with the products to test.

Photo: Jenna Ammerman

Your job as a GearLab reviewer is to familiarize yourself with the category and each product, research existing user-reviews, create and execute a thorough test plan, rate each product, take photos of the products in use, help select the award winners, write up the review for each product, write the best-in-class award overview review, write the buying advice article, and write a description of how we test.

Compensation is competitive, with potential bonuses awarded based on timeliness and quality.

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Conflict of Interest Notice

Our gear review ethics are crucial to us. We cannot hire anyone who has a conflict with the interests of our readers who expect objective and unbiased reviews. If you receive any form of compensation or sponsorship from gear manufacturers, their agencies, or their representatives or intend to do so in the future, please understand that will disqualify you from working on reviews in related categories.

Photo: Jessica Haist

How to Apply For Freelance Reviewer Position

If you are interested in applying to become a reviewer for GearLab, please send to
  • Your resume.
  • A list of activities and gear categories you are an expert in, the more specific, the better.
  • 2-3 extensive examples of your writing. Longer writing samples are preferred.
  • 2-3 sample photographs. If you have photos that show gear in use, whether a consumer product or outdoor gear, please direct our attention to those since that's our wheelhouse.
  • Please submit all documents in PDF format.

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