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The 6 Best Slippers of 2023

We tested men's slippers from Sorel, Ugg, Amazon Essentials, and more to find the best models
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Best Slippers of 2023
All our test slippers lined up. Top to bottom then left to right: NDB, RockDove, Amazon, Acorn, HomeIdeas, Ugg, Isotoner, Sorel, Zigzagger
Credit: Rosie De Lise

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By Jediah Porter ⋅ Review Editor
Friday November 11, 2022
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Ready to get cozy? We researched 30 models and bought the 9 best for in-depth testing. Our slipper review and testing covered a wide range of styles, prices, and applications. Whether you're new to the slipper world, just looking for something to wear during a temporary convalescence, or are shopping for your tenth pair and looking to upgrade, our fleet offers a wide selection. Our testing regimen included a battery of both objective and real-world examinations, and we evaluated for ease of getting on and of, walking security and comfort, lounging comfort, laundering simplicity, and durability.

See our in-depth testing by female reviewers in our women's specific slipper review. We've also tested other ways to stay comfy around the house, including the coziest sweatpants and pajamas.

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Best Overall Slippers for Men

Sorel Falcon Ridge II

Heel Cup Height: Mid | Main Lining Material: Faux Fur
Slips on with no hands
Stays on while walking
Faux fur is sweatier than sheepskin

We came to love the overall design of the Sorel Falcon Ridge II. Its best attribute is also the best example of a compromised solution working as intended. When a compromise is as good or better than either extreme, a product has succeeded. The heel height on the Sorel is almost exactly halfway between the low and "normal" options out there. With this mid-height heel cup, you get slip-on convenience and walking security. Why aren't all slippers like this? Beyond that, the Sorel fits as advertised, comes in whole number shoe sizes, and has a sticky, rubber outsole.

The primary drawback of the Falcon Ridge II is the price. They're expensive, and at their price point, you can find slippers with real sheepskin lining, which is more comfortable than the faux fur lining of the Falcon Ridge. For extended, against-the-skin wear, real sheepskin is way better at managing perspiration and temperature compared to synthetic fibers. We don't expect budget products to have sheepskin, but others are delivering real sheepskin for a similar price.

slippers mens - the sorel falcon ridge slipper strikes a number of excellent...
The Sorel Falcon Ridge slipper strikes a number of excellent balances in competing demands. It slips on and off easily, while also staying secure for short walks.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Best Natural Sheepskin Climate Control

UGG Ascot

Heel Cup Height: Shoe-height | Main Lining Material: Sheepskin
Real sheepskin lining
Shoe-like security
Great traction
Require hand or hands to get on

We love the Ugg Ascot as an extended wear, all-climate, work-from-home option, and it's easy to justify the expense of these premium house shoes. The natural sheepskin portion of the lining covers most of the foot, moderating temperature and wicking moisture better than synthetic options. Over hours of wear, you will surely notice the advantages. In testing head-to-head for hours and days, we appreciated the natural sheepskin.

Choose your size carefully. We found our test pair to be a bit small, but that might differ with the natural variances in the depth of nap in the sheepskin lining. These are also very expensive slippers. Finally, unless you size them way up (somewhat negating many of the benefits), you will have to use a hand or two to get them on. For many, this is a dealbreaker for a slipper, especially when there are competitive alternatives that don't require bending down. With the trickier on and off, these are best for those that will only use them occasionally or wear them for extended periods of time.

slippers mens - the ugg ascot slippers are deluxe and very comfy against your skin...
The Ugg Ascot slippers are deluxe and very comfy against your skin. They're worth every penny, but usually require two hands to get them on.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Best Bang for the Buck Slip-On

RockDove Birdseye Knit Two-Tone

Heel Cup Height: Low | Main Lining Material: Low Nap fleece
Cushioned insole
Smooth lining
Machine washable
Slippery outsole

The RockDove Birdseye Knit Two-Tone slippers are truly slip-on and offered at a very affordable price. If you just need slippers for short shuffles through the house, these will do the job. The lining is smooth for even easy on and off. The insole, when new, offers nearly the most squishy cushioning in the entire review. Only one other pair had a softer initial feel.

Extended use of squishy sole slippers will break them down. That soft initial padding will pack down with time and "mileage". Further, the outsole of the RockDove is the least grippy of any in our test. In side-by-side testing (literally, different models on different feet), these had the poorest traction on carpet, linoleum, and wet boards on our outdoor deck. We recommend taking care when walking on these surfaces.

slippers mens - the rockdove two-tone slippers are comfy, warm, slip-ons at a great...
The RockDove Two-tone slippers are comfy, warm, slip-ons at a great price.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Best Affordable Shoe-Style

Amazon Essentials Leather Moccasin

Heel Cup Height: Shoe height | Main Lining Material: Faux Fur
Unobtrusive style
Low insulation value
Tough to get on

The Amazon Essentials Leather Moccasins offer an excellent value for their above-average walking performance. The full-heel design stays on your foot better than low-heel options, but it's harder to get on. The faux fur lining is forgiving and smooth against a bare foot or sock. The outsole is a little grippier than average.

These slippers are low on insulation, not machine washable, and require a hand for most people to get them on. None of these should be "dealbreakers" if you want budget slippers for extended wear around the house. Still, if you're hoping for a pair you can quickly slip on and off, look to a different option.

slippers mens - if you know that you will spend time walking and standing in your...
If you know that you will spend time walking and standing in your slippers, the Isotoner is the best. It has more support and security than other slippers in the review.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Ideal for Extended Walking

Isotoner Whipstitch Gel Infused Moccasin

Heel Cup Height: Shoe-height | Main Lining Material: Low nap fleece
Excellent sole cushioning and support
Above-average traction
Machine washable
Minor durability issues
Light insulation

If you spend a lot of time walking around in your house slippers, we recommend the Isotoner Whipstitch Gel Infused Moccasins. These offer more cushion and support underfoot than any other model in our review. They're nearly as supportive as basic street shoes. The insole is contoured with rudimentary arch support and a ridge "toe rest". Both of these attributes are unlike any other in our test. Sized properly, you should be able to slip them on without a hand, but they're not as easy to get on and off as kick-style slippers.

The Isotoners are expensive, and after walking around the neighborhood, we noticed the beginning of a failure on a significant seam. No other pair in our fleet experienced such a dramatic failure. This particular failure is small, but it shouldn't show up so early in use. If you need the foot support, you'll likely overlook such construction deficiencies. If you need long-lasting ease of use, look elsewhere.

slippers mens - for walking security and comfort, the additional support of the...
For walking security and comfort, the additional support of the Isotoner is worth a few compromises. They are definitely more suited to walking than any others in our test.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Simple, All-Fleece Option

Homeldeas Woolen Anti-Slip House Slippers

Heel Cup Height: Low | Main Lining Material: Low nap fleece
Slip-on and off
Machine washable
Poor traction

The Homeldeas Woolen Anti-Slip House Slippers are simple, slip-on house footwear, but we found the model name curious because there is nothing woolen about them. Aside from the rubber sole and some sort of foam hidden within, they are made entirely of synthetic fleece. The fleece is smooth and kicks on and off from bare or socked feet. Instructions indicate that you can machine wash these slippers. We like that.

Like any kick-style slipper, the HomeIdeas slipper isn't made for extensive movement up and about. Their best use is for things like short trips to the bathroom or to keep your toes warm beneath your desk. Those with difficulty reaching their own feet will appreciate the easy on-and-off of this footwear. In terms of warmth, the two layers of fleece are insulating, but the bare heel lets cold air circulate freely, so you may want to use these with socks.


Affordable and Soft

Zigzagger Fuzzy Microsuede Moccasin

Heel Cup Height: Shoe-height | Main Lining Material: Mid-nap fleece
Very cushy insole
Insulating all-fleece upper
Good all-surface traction
Heel doesn't hold on

One tester summed up virtually everyone's first impression of the Zigzagger Fuzzy Microsuede Moccasin with the observation that "they feel like walking on a pillow". These have the softest, squishiest insole. It's made with fleece and foam and will certainly compress with time and use, but enjoy the luxurious padding in the meantime. In extended testing, we have come to appreciate that the Zigzagger slipper can be used with the heel up for warmth and some security or with the heel folded down for easy on and off.

We wish the Zigzaggers were better for walking. The full heel coverage suggests that they should walk okay, but that heel slips right off while striding. This is sort of the worst of both worlds — the heel requires a hand to get them on, but they don't stay on very well while walking longer distances. On the other hand, the heel cup does provide some insulation while at rest. Overall, we like the layout and wouldn't suggest that these slippers lose the heel cup. Since you can fold it down for slip-on convenience, this design is sort of the best of both worlds.


Wear With Socks for Optimum Comfort

Acorn Moc

Heel Cup Height: Shoe height | Main Lining Material: Low nap fleece
Great underfoot cushioning
Full heel coverage
Seam and logo inside are noticeable
Below average traction

The Acorn Moc scores very well in other reviews, and we can back up these claims. We only include excellent products in our fleet, and the Acorn is a superb and aesthetically pleasing model. It's warm, easy to get on, and made with robust materials and tight tolerances.

On the other hand, the interior of the Acorn Moc felt lumpier than any other model we tested. Unfortunately, they have placed an Acron logo right under the heel, interrupting an otherwise smooth and cushy footbed. Just behind each big toe is a prominent seam that you can feel distinctly without socks on. With socks on, both of these annoyances are lessened, but not gone altogether.


Basic Slip-On for Short Visits Outside

NDB Memory Foam Suede Slipper

Heel Cup Height: Low | Main Lining Material: Low Nap Fleece
Smooth outer
Easy on and off
Poor traction
Missed stitches and loose threads

The NDB Memory Foam Suede Slipper is the only low-heel model in our test that has a slightly "hardened" outer. This outer layer is a synthetic suede that sheds grass and leaves better than the fleece outers on the other budget and slip-on models tested. If your slipper requirements include minimal walking, a wallet-friendly price, and the ability to occasionally go out in the yard, this is a good choice.

The overall quality is pretty low, with missing stitches and stray threads visible right out of the package. The insole is foamy, but not nearly as cushioning as other options available. In head-to-head traction testing, the outsole tied with two other models for the least traction in our entire test.

Why You Should Trust Us

We researched the slipper market before settling on the products shown here, which we bought at retail cost to eliminate bias from our review. We tested in the cold and blustery spring climate of Idaho's Teton Valley. As usual, our testing was objective, repeatable, and comparative between products. We balanced "real world" use and testing with a formalized investigation of each pair of slippers. We also tried to test beyond typical usage to bring out the subtle differences. Notably, we walked around the neighborhood outside to investigate both durability and walking support/comfort.

We enlisted mountain guide and professional rest-day aficionado Jed Porter to lead the quarantined slipper testing charge. His attention to detail is matched only by his enthusiastic and authoritative belief that happy, healthy, and comfortable feet are the key to all kinds of success.

The right slippers enhance both ends of every day, and sometimes the...
The right slippers enhance both ends of every day, and sometimes the part of the day in the middle.
One of the most effective traction tests we did was head-to-head...
One of the most effective traction tests we did was head-to-head comparisons on a damp, spring morning outside deck.
Testing slippers meant hours of changing one out for another. We...
Testing slippers meant hours of changing one out for another. We alternated many, many times to get the best possible comparisons.

Analysis and Test Results

We dove deep to arm you with the best information on these top contenders before your purchase. There are plenty of excellent options here for you to consider. With slippers, we tried to balance competing demands and acknowledge the importance of value. The choice is now up to you.


Note that we didn't score these products on fit, as doing so with slippers is especially challenging. When shopping for, comparing, and reviewing traditional footwear, you can usually rely on the marked size and make comparative fit generalizations. Some slippers are sized the same way as regular shoes, but some are not. About half of the slippers we tested are sold to fit a range of whole men's shoe sizes. Further, not all of them "break" sizes at the same point. We purchased all slippers in a size 8.5 to 9 to fit our lead tester's feet.

With the Isotoner Whipstitch, this meant buying a pair of size medium that's intended to cover a range from 8-9. On the other hand, the RockDove Two-Tone medium covers sizes 9-10. The Isotoners were a little tight, but the RockDoves were just right. Making direct comparisons of all the available size choices you have would be infinitely complicated. In short, if you have a choice, we generally recommend sizing up. Most people prefer loose slippers rather than tight ones.

Ease of On and Off

Easy on and easy off is what defines slippers. They aren't called "slippers" because you'll slip across the linoleum — though you might, in some cases. You certainly won't fuss with laces, and in some cases, you might absolutely need your slippers to go on and off without the use of your hands. All the models that we tested can be forced on without your hands, depending on your socks and the fit you end up with. However, models with a low heel are much easier to slip on.

The NDB Memory Foam Slipper, Zigzagger Men's Fuzzy, and the RockDove Two-Tone are all heel-less slip-on models and are definitely the easiest to get on and off. Close behind is the Sorel Falcon Ridge, which has a mid-height heel cup. You can readily slip it on and off, with only occasional readjustments to get your foot seated.

slippers mens - slip on shoes are truly "hands free" and are best for short trips...
Slip on shoes are truly "hands free" and are best for short trips around the house and for people that can't reach their feet for one reason or another.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

Next, in terms of the ease of getting them on and off, is the slippers with more rigid heel cups. The Ugg Ascot, Isotoner Whipstitch, and Amazon Essentials slippers all, if sized appropriately, have stiffened heel cups that stand up while you shove your foot in. Depending on your socks and such, you will often have to hold the heel back with a finger to get your foot inside.

The trickiest to get on and off are the soft-backed, full-heel slippers. This describes the HomeIdeas and ZigZagger options. The good news with these is that, for very short wear, you can simply step on the heel to press it forward and largely out of the way. Your footing will be a tiny bit lumpy, but the result is slippers that mimic heel-less slip-ons.

slippers mens - the main criteria that determines a slippers ease of getting on is...
The main criteria that determines a slippers ease of getting on is its heel height. On the left, RockDove slip-ons and on the right, Ugg Ascot.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

Lounging Comfort

Sedentary comfort in your slippers is a function of their insulation and materials. Most people want their slippers to provide at least a little bit of insulation. All can do that, but some do it better. The all-fleece, heel-cupped, soft construction of the Acorn Moc and Zigzagger are the warmest. Next comes the real sheepskin of the Ugg Ascot. Sorel, befitting their winter boot pedigree, makes pretty warm slippers too. The rest, with either low heels or thinner materials, do not insulate as well as these.

slippers mens - for cold conditions and lounging and keeping your toes warm, soft...
For cold conditions and lounging and keeping your toes warm, soft and fleecy slippers are the warmest. Here, the Acorn Moc matches that description.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

Materials also influence moisture management. Essentially, natural fibers manage sweat and clammy feet better than synthetics. In our test, only the top dollar Ugg Ascot features natural sheepskin in its lining. It is definitely the most comfortable for extended, sock-free wear. Your feet won't sweat or gather moisture the same way in Uggs as they do in all the synthetic options.

slippers mens - much of the time your slippers will be worn to keep your feet warm...
Much of the time your slippers will be worn to keep your feet warm and cozy in this sort of context. Beneath table or desk, slippers keep your feet warm and ready for short trips up and around the house.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

Walking Security and Comfort

You shouldn't choose slippers for extended walking applications. That being said, any piece of footwear should offer at least some security and dexterity. You can shuffle around the house in any of these models, but there are some important differences. All three heel-less models are good for no more than short visits to the bathroom or something similar.

slippers mens - the amazon essentials slippers are basic, affordable full-heel...
The Amazon Essentials slippers are basic, affordable full-heel slippers for day-to-day use when walking security is a priority over easy on and off.
Credit: Rosie De Lise

The mid-heel of the Sorel Falcon Ridge walks better than the slip-ons and better than even some of the full heel cup models. Among those with full heel cups, those with stiffer versions provide the most walking security. The Isotoner Men's Whipstitch Gel Infused earns its award for walking support and comfort. Its underfoot padding is the most robust in the test, and the upper can stay with your foot through hundreds of yards of walking.

Laundry and Care

You will want to deodorize your slippers at some point. Those that scored highest in this category include laundering instructions from the manufacturer. The RockDove, HomeIdeas, Zigzagger, and Isotoner all come with instructions for machine washing, which we appreciate. The remaining slipper didn't include washing instructions. We'd also like to point out that Ugg's use of natural wool sheepskin will reduce foot odors compared to synthetic linings.

slippers mens - the rock dove two-tone, among others, is marked for machine washing...
The Rock Dove Two-Tone, among others, is marked for machine washing. This is a nice attribute.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


Once you break in a pair of comfy slippers, you want them to last. All fleece construction seems to be the most flimsy, while real leather outers will usually last the longest. The Sorel and Ugg Ascot have real leather outers and are the most robust. They are also the most expensive. The Isotoner Whipstitch seems rugged at first, but we experienced a notable failure in some of the main stitching. The all-fleece options, like the Zigzagger and RockDove, will likely wear out faster than the rest. Thankfully slippers don't usually have to withstand abrasion or extensive abuse.

slippers mens - this seam in the isotoner slippers failed in just a couple days of...
This seam in the Isotoner slippers failed in just a couple days of testing. Their performance is great, but this durability issue is alarming.
Credit: Rosie De Lise


We brought our characteristic, thorough testing regimen to comparing slippers, evaluating them for on-and-off ease, walking security and comfort, lounging comfort, laundering simplicity, and durability. We trust that our deep and broad review will help you get straight to the best pair of men's slippers for you. Comfort, at home, is king. Good slippers are an easy way to greatly enhance your at-home comfort.

Jediah Porter

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