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Justin Simoni
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Justin Simoni

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Justin Simoni is an adventurer, athlete, and writer based in Boulder, Colorado. Known for establishing difficult lines in the mountains by bike and by foot, Simoni carefully balances the line between fortitude and foolishness in his ultra-endurance mountain missions. His first mountain bike race ever was the Tour Divide: a 2,700-mile self-supported race from Canada to Mexico through the Rocky Mountains, which he has now toed the line for twice. Being intrigued to not just ride around mountains but summit the peaks themselves, in 2014 Simoni went about creating his own bikepacking/mountain running challenge of summiting the 58 Colorado 14,000'+ peaks. In 2017, he repeated the feat, but this time doing the highest 105 peaks in the State of Colorado, taking two months to complete it. Simoni also enjoys long and lofty ridge traverses solely by foot, having traversed unsupported and alone the Mosquito/Tenmile Range, and the Sangre de Cristo Range. When not finding the absolute limit to his own personal endurance, Justin enjoys teaching, guiding, drinking good coffee, and petting every dog on the trail.

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