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Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket Review

Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket
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Price:  $33 List
Pros:  Made in USA, multi-purpose, step in the right direction, good if space is important (backpack bouldering).
Cons:  Can leak chalk, does not stand up as straight as a real chalk bucket.
Manufacturer:   Organic
By Chris Summit ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 3, 2011
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Our Verdict

The Organic Lunch Bag Chalk Bucket aims to kill two birds with one stone. First it stores and transports your chalk with a similar closure system to a "dry bag" that is more securely closed than just a normal chalk bag with its often leaky drawstring closures. Once at the rocks the Lunch Bag opens up and turns into a bouldering bucket or easily accessible re-chalking station for smaller bags at the crags. It's an innovative approach and one that might appeal to climbers who want an all-in-one solution.

The Metolius Powderhorn has the similar "dry bag" style, roll up closure system but does not function as a chalk bag/bouldering bucket very well. Although the Organic is better than the Metolius because it doubles as a bouldering bucket and also holds more chalk, the Lunch Bag still leaks chalk out of the closure system about the same as the Metolius from time to time if it's not securely rolled up or if it is filled too full to close all the way.

Our Analysis and Test Results


I like the multi purpose aspect of it and think it could be a step in the right direction toward a more perfect bouldering bucket. It could be very good if space is important, maybe for some sort of backpacking bouldering trip. As always, Organic's custom/signature color schemes take it a step above other boringly designed bags as far as looks go. Made in USA.


A little chalk leaked out when we did a "hammer-fist test" to simulate what it could be like inside a pack on a longer, more rugged hike with gear pressing on it and bumping up and down. If the bag is not filled too full with chalk and it is rolled up carefully and properly this usually shouldn't happen. It also does not stand up as straight as a real chalk bucket that is solely designed for that.

Best Application

Minimalist bouldering, backpack bouldering, chalk storage.


If the multi-purpose aspect of this design is something you require, then it is a great value.

Chris Summit