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Editors' Choice Award
If you truly need more performance features than this lightweight binding provides, you fall into a tiny sliver of skiers at the hard-charging end of the spectrum.
Solid, simple ski bindings that cram some unique attributes into a reasonably priced package. We only wish they were lighter, included brakes, or both.
Top Pick Award
If your backcountry binding criteria list extends no further than “do they hold the ski to my boot?”, the Helio is for you.
Reliable, proven ski mountaineering bindings for all around use by expert backcountry skiers with a somewhat out of date overall design.
Best Buy Award
Through all the turmoil, Dynafit's Speed Turn lineage remains reliable, simple, and affordable.
You want your backcountry ski bindings to virtually disappear on your feet and skis; these do exactly that, most of the time.
Top Pick Award
For a big and fast riding subset of the backcountry ski population, or those looking for a look similar to their resort gear, the Fritschi Tecton is just what the doctor ordered.
Top Pick Award
Incredibly light ski bindings; for moderate (for your abilities) backcountry skiing, these bindings could be just the ultralight ticket you need.
Marker is an established company, and their Kingpin has a proven reputation; some iterations have had reliability and recall issues, but we and many others have had excellent experiences with these bindings for hard and fast backcountry skiing.