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All Mountain Skis for Women Ratings Summary

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Editors' Choice Award
An incredibly versatile ski which shines in powder.
Top Pick Award
An absolute ripper ski, but you don't have to yet be a ripping chick to fully enjoy them.
Top Pick Award
If you're a hard-charging woman who loves to arc swift turns on groomers, but wants a ski that's also fun off-piste and in powder, the Great Joys could be for you.
This is an aggressive option for an expert chick; if you're willing to be an active pilot at all times, you can take it anywhere.
This stable ski will be reliable in all environments; it is only lacking a little spring to its step.
The Legend does well in all conditions mountain-wide, but we felt it was lacking the excitement of its older sister, the Cham.
Best Buy Award
Beautiful graphics top off this very fun ride on a skinnier ski which is handmade by an independent company in Colorado.
This ski loves fresh snow, but also performs fairly well in other snow conditions.
A good and managable option for an intermediate skier interested in broadening their horizons to include off-piste skiing.
This ski is difficult to ski, and not rewarding even when you stay on top of it.