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10 Best Winter Boots of 2024

We've tested the best boots from The North Face, Baffin, Kamik, Merrel, and more.
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Best Winter Boots Review
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

Our Top Picks

By Liz Chamberlain and Jeff Dobronyi  ⋅  May 6, 2024

The Best Winter Boots for 2024

Do you like warm toes? Our top-tier gear experts have been testing winter boots for 10 years, searching for the best footwear available when the weather gets chilly. We've put over 100 pairs of boots through our comprehensive and objective testing, putting each option in a head-to-head analysis to find the best models for you. Our testers have collectively spent hundreds of hours hiking through snow, ice, and mud to explore each pair's merits and flaws. We've stood in icy rivers and have braved winter storms, all in the name of finding the top winter boots for men and best women's winter boots on the market.

If you live in wetter climates, we've found the best options for men's rain boots and best rain boots for women, which are sometimes insulated. For the warmer months of the year, our team has unearthed the top men's hiking boots and best hiking boots for women. Regardless of the season or the type of footwear, everyone needs socks, so make sure to check out our roundup of the best socks.

Editors' Note: We updated this review on May 6, 2024, to include more information on our testing process and background on our expert reviewers.

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Best Overall Winter Boot for Men

The North Face Chilkat V 400

Toasty warm
Grippy traction
Noteworthy versatility
Less waterproof
Measured Shaft Height 11"
Measured Weight 3.86 lbs (size 13)
Maximum Puddle Depth Before Major Leaking 8.5"
Fit Details True to size
Appropriate Activity Town, errands
The North Face Chilkat V 400 boasts incredible warmth and unparalleled comfort, taking its rightful place at the front of the pack for men's winter boots. These boots are luxurious for cold weather, with bountiful synthetic insulation and a cozy lining keeping your feet happy as the temperatures plummet. Impressively, The North Face kept the Chilkat light while offering a great tread pattern that's effective around town or on a slick trail. The durability of these boots is also noteworthy, maintaining top-notch performance throughout our rigorous testing.

The North Face Chilkat V 400 isn't the most waterproof option available, with a tongue that goes down lower than other options. This design leads to water sneaking its way into the boot if stepping in a deep puddle or crossing a stream, though it kept the snow out just fine. While we were happy with the warmth of the Chilkat, the Baffin Impact is even better, though its bulkiness is not as ideal for hiking. Despite a few setbacks, the Chilkat V 400 is a worthy, award-winning option and will likely be the best boot for the colder months of the year.

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The Chilkat is capable of keeping your toes warm while tackling mud, snow, and puddles.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi

Best Overall Winter Boot for Women

Baffin Chloe

Impressively warm
Hearty outsole
Stormworthy waterproofing
Effective traction
Liner can be removed
Heavier than others
Style is an acquired taste
Measured Shaft Height (from bottom of sole to top of shaft) 10"
Maximum Puddle Depth Before Major Leaking 9"
Measured Weight (per pair, size 7) 2 lbs 8 oz
Type of Boot All-around winter wear
Fit Details True to size
The Baffin Chloe earned top marks in every testing category, solidifying its position at the top of the podium. This winter boot's quality is apparent, with Baffin's B-Tek Heat and Polywool insulation keeping your feet warm on those bone-chilling days. Breathability is excellent with the Diamond Net layering, keeping your feet dry from the inside out, and the suede upper coupled with a 10-inch shaft will keep the storms at bay. If your wintery adventures include hikes, this boot is a worthy companion, with a generous outsole offering great traction. Bottomline, the Chloe is the best overall winter boot we've tested for women and is worthy of your consideration.

The Chloe isn't the lightest boot tested and is a bit bulkier than other options, making for a relatively clunky boot if you're searching for more casual winter footwear. While we didn't mind the look of this option, some may prefer a more stylish boot such as the UGG Adirondack III, though you'll have to pay a premium for the UGG branding. These considerations are ultimately nitpicky, and the Baffin Chloe is still an incredible women's boot that effortlessly takes first place in this category.

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The Chloe Baffin is incredibly warm, so you won't have to spend too much time in the warming hut.
Credit: Briana Valorosi

Men's Best Bang for Your Buck

Columbia Bugaboot III

Super comfortable
Less traction than others
Not as stylish
Measured Shaft Height 10.5"
Measured Weight 3.69 lbs (size 13)
Maximum Puddle Depth Before Major Leaking 8"
Fit Details True to size
Appropriate Activity Hiking, town, chores, errands
The Columbia Bugaboot III offers great winter performance in most settings without breaking the bank. This lightweight package provides plenty of warmth for chilly days spent outside, with enough traction and weatherproofing for most adventurer's needs as they venture further and further from town. The Bugaboot is among the comfiest boots we've ever had the pleasure of putting on our feet, with a fleece-lined insulation that molds to your foot over time. Unlike other winter sports that require more painful footwear, these boots we actually look forward to putting on.

While the Bugaboot III may lack the style of other options, the biggest consideration is the traction reduction in deep snow. During testing, we were impressed with this option's performance on slick surfaces, but as the trails got deep, we had to be more careful about slipping and sliding. If warmth is less of a concern, the Merrell Thermo Chill Mid truly excels at winter hiking. For the money, the Bugaboot III offers incredible value, and we'd strongly recommend this boot to the budget-conscious shopper seeking a warm boot with top-tier comfort.

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Shoveling snow is an easy task for the chore-ready Bugaboot III.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi

Best Bang for the Buck

Kamik Momentum 3

Phenomenal value
Friendly slip-on design
Cushy interior
Dependable waterproofing
Loosely fitting
Casual use design
Measured Shaft Height (from bottom of sole to top of shaft) 10"
Maximum Puddle Depth Before Major Leaking 6"
Measured Weight (per pair, size 7) 2 lbs 4 oz
Type of Boot Casual winter wear
Fit Details True to size (wide)
The Kamik Momentum 3 is a no-brainer as a high-value winter boot and is among our most comfortable options. This Canadian brand uses a plush faux fur interior lining to keep your feet cozy and warm, even in arctic temperatures, and the bungee lacing system gifts a slip-on entry. The Momentum 3 was a delight to use for lighter-duty outings and kept us from sliding on most surfaces besides ice. The nylon upper is DWR-finished and sheds snow effectively, with the faux fur collar further gifting protection from the outside elements.

The Momentum 3 isn't the best choice for more adventurous pursuits, with a naturally loose fit keeping your foot comfortable rather than secure. If you're seeking a tighter fit, take a look at the Columbia Minx Shorty III, which comes in at a similar price point as the Momentum but offers less warmth. Ultimately, the Kamik Momentum 3 is a favorite comfort boot among our testers, and when considering its price, it is a worthy budget option for most shoppers.

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The Kamik Momentum has no trouble tackling the deep snow, even with our pants tucked in.
Credit: Briana Valorosi

Best Winter Hiking Boot for Men

Merrell Thermo Chill Mid

Very comfy for hikes and walks
Top-notch traction
Relatively warm
Amicable price point
Lower profile
Minor durability considerations
Measured Shaft Height 7.5"
Measured Weight 2.74 lbs (size 13)
Maximum Puddle Depth Before Major Leaking 6.5"
Fit Details True to size
Appropriate Activity Hiking, town
The Merrell Thermo Chill Mid is an excellent option for winter hiking. This isn't the warmest boot in our lineup, but it's warm enough for most cold-weather days, and when you're on the move, you'll likely have happy toes. With a stellar footbed and a low weight, this model is a joy to hike in for outings of any length, and it even comes in at an approachable price point. Our testers came to appreciate the more adventurous tests conducted in the Thermo Chill, and it is an excellent option for the winter hiker.

The Thermo Chill doesn't provide the most warmth or height for the coldest, snowiest days of winter. If you're looking for a more durable construction, we'd steer you towards the Salomon Quest Winter, which is more hefty but provides less traction. At the end of the day, the Merrell Thermo Chill Mid is a phenomenal boot for the activity-focused hiker who spends their winters in more temperate climates.

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We took the Merrel Thermo Chills out for a series of tests to make sure they were top-tier boots.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi

Women's Best for Winter Hiking

Keen Revel IV Polar - Women's

Decent warmth and breathability
Great support and stability
Secure fit
Hiking-specific design
Clunky materials
Stiffer than others
Measured Shaft Height (from bottom of sole to top of shaft) 7"
Maximum Puddle Depth Before Major Leaking 7"
Measured Weight (per pair, size 7) 2 lbs 6 oz
Type of Boot Winter hiking
Fit Details True to size, wide
The Keen Revel IV Polar is a great women's winter hiking boot that's bound to keep your feet happy all day long. The Revel IV Polar offers some of the best-in-class traction and protection when the trail gets icy and uneven. These boots easily allow you to don snow grips, snowshoes, or gaiters without sacrificing the exceptional comfort this model offers. The versatility of this option is a favorite aspect of our testers, given that these are equally at home in the snow, rain, or mud as your outing's terrain or season changes.

The Keen Revel IV Polar has a technical aesthetic that some may find less fashionable for everyday wearing. While your typical fashion show is less likely to feature winter boots, options such as the Danner Inquire Mid Insulated boast more style if your winter walk ends up at a social gathering. Simply put, the Revel IV Polar belongs in your shopping cart if you prioritize hiking capabilities in your winter boot search.

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The Keen IV Revel Polar is a great hiking boot for colder days, thanks to its warm build and excellent traction.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

Best for Extreme Cold

Baffin Impact

Warm in extreme conditions
Inviting inner fabric
Inspiring traction
Lacks waterproofing above the foot
Very pricey
Cumbersome and heavy
Measured Shaft Height 15"
Measured Weight 6.42 lbs (size 13)
Maximum Puddle Depth Before Major Leaking 4"
Fit Details Roomy
Appropriate Activity Chores
If you need the warmest option out there, the Baffin Impact is the boot for you. These massive, heavy-duty boots have a synthetic liner that's removable, in addition to another layer of insulation fixed on the inside of the shell. These soles are thick, and the honeycomb pattern of the footbed traps warmth beneath the foot. Every aspect of this model's design is meant to provide warmth to its wearer, and Baffin has truly excelled at this. This is the warmest in-class boot we've tested at GearLab.

The Baffin Impact is best for short distances and long days spent in very cold weather, due to its substantial weight and bulk. These are also not the most waterproof, with water entering the boot at the seams in testing. This model lacks the versatility of other options we tested, but they are almost guaranteed to keep your feet warm on the coldest of days. If you're looking for a more versatile boot with less warmth, the Bogs Bozeman Tall is worth a gander.

The synthetic insulation of the Baffin Impact makes this boot warm enough to handle the coldest of days.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi

Best Versatility for Women

Forsake Patch Mid

Four season use
Solid traction
Great breathability
Decent style
Less effective in severe weather
Loose fit
Measured Shaft Height (from bottom of sole to top of shaft) 5.5"
Maximum Puddle Depth Before Major Leaking 5"
Measured Weight (per pair, size 7) 2 lbs
Type of Boot Casual winter wear
Fit Details True to size
The Forsake Patch Mid is a highly versatile boot that can dance across all four seasons with ease. The modern aesthetic of this model works well even in urban settings while still boasting great scores across our various testing metrics, whether in the snow or on the dirt. We hardly ever feel like we can rock a pair of winter boots with jeans on a night out, but this pair breaks the mold. Even when we tested its water resistance, the Patch Mid rose to the occasion, keeping our feet dry. A high-performing boot that also looks great is a rarity in the outdoors, but this model truly gifts versatility unlike any other in our lineup.

The Patch Mid isn't as dependable in deep snow or extremely cold weather, but this is to be expected in a boot that can literally be used year-round. If you enjoy the style of this model but want to explore your options, the Vans Standard Mid Snow MTE also gifts a more urban look while still packing a performance punch outdoors. If you want a do-it-all boot from summer to winter to social engagement, look no further than the Forsake Patch Mid.

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The Patch Mid kept us warm and stylish for our strolls around town and on moderate trails.
Credit: Briana Valorosi

Men's Insulated Rain Boot

The Original Muck Boot Company Arctic Sport

Most insulated rain boots tested
Very protective
Best in-class traction
Cumbersome to take on or off
Too warm in many settings
Flood Height (inches from bottom of sole to lowest point at top of shaft) 17.60"
Weight per Pair (size 13) 5.35 lbs
Mouth Circumference (inches) 15.25"
Lining/Insulation Fleece
Upper Material Rubber
The Original Muck Boot Company Arctic Sport is an insulated rain boot that provides warmth and extremely effective waterproofing. For some, an insulated rain boot will be the most effective option for the winter season, especially if weather-proofness is a priority. This burly model can handle most winter scenarios outside of lengthy hikes and will keep your feet warm and dry in anything from intense rain to sideways snow.

The Arctic Sport doesn't offer much in the way of versatility, especially on warmer days. The breathability of this option is almost as bad as it gets, and you'll likely wet out your feet from the inside out above freezing level. For a slightly more casual pair, look at the Bogs Classic Ultra High, which is easier to take on and off and can be used in more settings. If stormproofing and warmth are your priorities, look no further than the Arctic Sport.

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The rainboot that can handle much more than the rain. These insulated boots are ready to tackle those powdery winter days.
Credit: Richard Forbes

Best Insulated Rain Boot for Women

Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Mid

Fleece and neoprene insulation
Robust construction
Phenomenal traction
Slightly heavy
Lacks some versatility
Specific workboot style
Flood Height (from bottom of sole to lowest point of shaft) 11.0 in
Weight per Pair 3.0 lbs (size 8)
Mouth Circumference 13 in
Lining/Insulation Fleece Lined Neoprene
Upper Material Rubber, Neoprene
The Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Mid is a great women's rain boot that has enough insulation for winter applications. The neoprene is 5mm thick and includes a fleece lining that can handle arctic temperatures, all the while offering supreme waterproofing. Our testers literally kept dry, whether standing in an icy stream or dry land. We were impressed with the traction of the Arctic Sport II Mid, gifting some of the best grip we've seen yet on a variety of surfaces and terrain. This option has a workboot aesthetic that's very fitting for its durability, and it's likely to handle whatever weather you throw at it, especially if it involves snow or rain, but we'd keep your hiking on the shorter side.

The Arctic Sport II Mid lacks the versatility of other options, with the classic trade-off of waterproofness and breathability. On warmer days, you're likely to develop foot sweat quickly, making this model more of a cold-weather-only pair. If you're looking for a comparison, we'd steer you towards the Bogs Neo-Classic Tall, which is a similar class of insulated rain boot. The Arctic Sport II is a great option for cold, wet climates where the priorities are focused more on inclimate weatherproofness rather than hiking capability.

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The Muck Boot Arctic Sport II Mid have fleece lined neoprene that keep them warm and dry.
Credit: Sara Aranda

How We Test Winter Boots

Year after year, we set out to find the absolute best winter boots on the market. Our gear experts performed exhaustive testing on every pair of boots in our review, purchasing every single model ourselves to ensure biases didn't influence a product's score.

We deliberately stood in icy rivers, braved snow hikes in record-setting cold temperatures, and quested into winter storms to investigate the merits and setbacks of each product. Using buckets of icy water, we were able to determine the exact point at which water seeped into each boot. This process also allowed us to measure the exact temperature of the boot's interior. We focused on each boot's warmth, comfort, weather protection, traction, and durability. Our testers kept detailed notes along the way, immediately making notations after each testing session before ultimately creating an informed final score. We tested women's winter boots, winter boots for men, and even investigated the best rain boots and best hiking boots, which can sometimes be used as wintery footwear.

Testing the internal temperature of each boot while being soaked in...
Testing the internal temperature of each boot while being soaked in an ice bath after being worn.
Whether it be a trek in the snow or an ice bucket temperature evaluation, we tested each boot to make sure they were the best for your winter needs.

Why Trust GearLab

Our testing teams here at GearLab have put in thousands of hours testing boots across all four seasons for over a decade, from hiking to skiing to climbing footwear. For the winter boots category, we've researched and purchased over 100 pairs of the industry's best options before performing thorough and objective testing to find the best models for your various needs. We're obsessed with gear and have made it our life's work to conduct the highest quality analysis available today.

Leading our incredible review team for women's boots is Liz Chamberlain. Liz is a self-proclaimed winter enthusiast based in Truckee, CA. Her background in functional design and material sourcing provides her with a keen eye for detail, which is supplemented by many years of using and selling outdoor gear for bike and ski shops around Lake Tahoe. While many of her winter hours are spent in a pair of ski boots, when she's not doing laps on the mountain, she's probably wearing snow boots.

Snowshoeing is a great way to travel cross country through the snow...
Snowshoeing is a great way to travel cross country through the snow in the mountains, especially if the snow is too shallow for skiing. Here we're exploring the San Juan high country on Red Mountain Pass in the Chilkat 400 boots.
Testing waterproof boots through immersion.
Testing waterproof boots through immersion.
Our team comes far and wide to bring you this extensive review of winter boots.

Our top-tier reviewers for the men's category, Jeff Dobronyi. Rain, snow, or shine, Jeff spends the majority of his days outside. He is an IFMGA Mountain Guide who practically lives in winter boots when he's not skiing or climbing across North America or Europe. Based in Wyoming, he has experienced some of the coldest winters in the continental U.S. and demands the best of the best out of his winter footwear.

Our hands-on testing included trekking through the snow, doing chores around the house, and finding out how waterproof they truly were.
Credit: Briana Valorosi

How to Pick the Best Winter Boots for You

Winter boots are a category that can sometimes feel vast, but rest easy knowing we can help you navigate through the sea of warm boot options. The crucial first step is identifying what you plan to do in your boots, from long hikes to hanging around town to shoveling your driveway. Some may prioritize warmth, others may prefer traction, or some may need a blend of it all, but you'll need to size up your winter ambitions before putting a pair in your cart. After figuring out your footwear demands, it's time to go shopping.

winter boots - winter boots serve a variety of different needs from snowshoeing to...
Winter boots serve a variety of different needs from snowshoeing to walking around town, so take time to consider your intended uses.
Credit: Jared Vilhauer

Men's Winter Boots

After countless hours of testing, we've determined the best winter boots for men. The following chart offers a summary of the overall scores of the best options available today.

Women's Winter Boots

We conducted an exhaustive testing process to find the best women's winter boots on the market. Below, you'll find bottom line scores for the top options available in this category.

Types of Winter Boots

Footwear for wintery conditions varies greatly in design depending on the intended use. Manufacturers offer everything from lighter-weight hikers to bulky, warm boots best for standing around in the cold. We've broken down the main categories to aid you in your quest to find the best pair of winter boots.

General Use Boots

Many companies offer options that meet multiple demands, gifting warmth and walkability so you don't have to purchase multiple pairs of boots for cold weather living. This class of footwear generally provides ample warmth for most people and are comfortable enough to enjoy hikes, whether around town or on the trail. If your ambitions involve extreme cold or lengthy distances, we'd steer you toward a more specific category, but many shoppers will be happy with a general use model. As you navigate through our various reviews, you'll find that some of our award winners excel as a true do-everything boot with hardly any compromises.

winter boots - options like the north face chilkat v 400 can handle most winter...
Options like The North Face Chilkat V 400 can handle most winter demands.
Credit: Sam Willits

Winter Hiking Boots

Many enjoy the serenity of winter hiking and may be seeking an option that prioritizes comfort and performance over warmth. While many boots in this category will keep your toes happy, the traction and walkability stand out the most. In an effort to keep weight down, this class of boot (similar to general use) typically avoids using extensive rubber or neoprene on the upper, which boasts superior waterproofing but adds weight. We would recommend another category if warmth and weather resistance are your top priorities, but in temperate climates, these types of boots might be a great choice.

winter boots - keen's revel iv polar offers excellent walkability in more wintry...
Keen's Revel IV Polar offers excellent walkability in more wintry conditions.
Credit: Liz Chamberlain

Insulated Rain Boots

Rain boots manufacturers often include a model that has insulation underneath the tough, waterproof exterior, which can qualify as a winter boot. Options in this category excel in durability and waterproofness, making for great footwear at work and in wet, muddy environments. While these aren't comfy to walk in for long distances, they are easy to slip on and off, which makes them convenient for winter chores around the house for a quick shovel or to take out the trash.

winter boots - muck boot is a leading brand in rain boots, and with their insulated...
Muck Boot is a leading brand in rain boots, and with their insulated options like the Arctic Sport, they can be used in colder environments.
Credit: Richard Forbes

Extreme Cold Boots

In the harshest winter environments, some designs keep your toes happy regardless of the thermometer. These boots are likely to be heavy and clunky, but in that below-zero storm, your feet are bound to be toasty and warm. However, they often don't have the flexibility or responsiveness needed to tackle big day hikes. The most substantial consideration with this category is the lack of versatility, as with more pleasant days, your feet are likely to sweat, so the usefulness of these boots will depend on your local climate.

winter boots - the baffin impact is insanely warm, keeping your toes happy even in...
The Baffin Impact is insanely warm, keeping your toes happy even in the coldest of places.
Credit: Jeff Dobronyi

Stylish Footwear

As the chilly weather descends upon your city or town, warmer clothes are not only for functionality; they can offer some winter fashion. In this category, these boots can still gift warmth and weather protection, but they also provide style. For heavy around-town use, this category might be worth looking into if you prioritize aesthetics first in your winter boots shopping. If you're seeking more performance-focused designs, we'd recommend investigating the other categories.

winter boots - while style is subjective, the forsake patch mid boots offer fashion...
While style is subjective, the Forsake Patch Mid boots offer fashion and functionality.
Credit: Briana Valorosi

Tips for Keeping Your Feet Warm

While tips and tricks for keeping your extremities warm are unique to your needs and locale, there are a few universal recommendations to keep in mind. Keeping your feet dry is among the most crucial components of toasty toes, so consider a fresh pair of socks when transitioning from your home to the outdoors in your winter boots. Many find this tip surprising, but it's common for socks to be slightly damp from foot sweat while hanging around the house, and once that moisture is introduced to your outdoor footwear, it can cause your feet to get chilly. We also recommend taking the time to warm up your boots before wearing them. This one may seem obvious, but if your boots are ice cold (if they were left in the garage, for example), your foot heat now has to warm the entire boot, which can be an impossible task depending on your activity level once outside. Another common mistake is over-tightening the boot laces, which can restrict blood flow to your feet.

winter boots - if your feet are getting cold, consider loosening your boot laces...
If your feet are getting cold, consider loosening your boot laces, as they may be too tight.
Credit: Elizabeth Riley

Next, be proactive with your feet if they start to get cold. Rather than waiting until your toes are completely numb, consider shaking, stomping, or swinging your feet the second they start feeling cold. It's a lot easier to get your feet warm again when they're only slightly chilly. If they feel like blocks of wood, it can take substantially longer to bring back the feeling. Lastly, experiment with your sock layering if your feet get cold easily. Try out your full sock quiver from thin to thick and even a layering system of a thin “liner” sock and a larger sock over it. Interested in pairing some socks with your boots? Check out our extensive reviews on the best socks on the market.

winter boots - don't settle for cold feet, finding the best sock for you is a...
Don't settle for cold feet, finding the best sock for you is a crucial part of any winter footwear.
Credit: Amber King

Boot Features

Although we've done the hard part for you with our exhaustive testing and scoring, we recommend some key features to consider while you're shopping. Firstly, determine whether you prefer laces, velcro straps, a combination of both, or no tightening system. This will significantly impact the walkability of your footwear and may impact the ease of putting on or taking off your boots. Also, the tread of each model is crucial, as it directly impacts the amount of traction you have while on icy, firm surfaces. Next, consider how tall of a boot you need. While you may be able to get away with a low-cut tennis shoe on pleasant days, most winter footwear will go above the ankle for support and to ward off the snow, but boot heights vary wildly and can go all the way up to your knee. Ultimately, each review will unpack these features and more, so be sure to read all the way through the review of your prospective purchase.

winter boots - gear is our passion, rest easy knowing we've thoroughly tested every...
Gear is our passion, rest easy knowing we've thoroughly tested every boot in our review to ease your purchase decisions.
Credit: Amber King


Winter boots have come a long way in the modern era. They can be fashionable, functional, warm, waterproof, and comfortable. While compromises may need to get made, frequently these concessions are minor, allowing you to find the exact boot for your needs and budget.

Liz Chamberlain and Jeff Dobronyi