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10 Best Slippers of 2024

We've tested all the top slippers from Sorel, Olukai, Birkenstock, UGG, Teva, Chaco, and more to find the best pair to keep your feet comfortable and warm while outside or in.
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Best Slippers Review (Slippers come in every shape, size, color, and design purpose you can imagine. Allow us to help you hone in on the...)
Slippers come in every shape, size, color, and design purpose you can imagine. Allow us to help you hone in on the perfect pair!
Credit: Justin Simoni

Our Top Picks

By Amber King, Justin Simoni  ⋅  Jun 10, 2024

The Best Slippers for 2024

The workday can't end soon enough! Are your tired feet simply aching for the TLC only a good pair of slippers can provide? How do you figure out which pair would be the best fit for you? And what's the difference between a loafer, a clog, and a slider? Should you get a pair in natural or synthetic materials? Since 2020, we've tested dozens upon dozens of pairs of slippers in both men's and women's styles to compile a list of stand-out options that we think are worthy of gracing your feet to deliver comfort, warmth, and relief. No matter if you need a pair of slippers for simply going from the bedroom to the bathroom or you're in search of a pair to take for a weekend of camping, we've got you covered with an excellent spread of suggestions so you can get down to the serious business of relaxing.

We've spent many years seeking out the best mens slippers and best womens slippers from among all top-sellers on the market so that we can hone in on the perfect pairs to meet varied needs. We tested slippers for comfort, insulation, breathability, construction quality, walking performance, packability, and more to better understand where each shines and where there may be features lacking. Not all slippers are made the same, and our combination of real-world and in-depth lab testing ensures we are delivering expert insight into which among them stand out above the rest.

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Best Slippers for Men

Olukai Moloa

Liner is genuine shearling
Insole provides excellent cushion, heel, and arch support
Quality stitch work
Hard-wearing yet supple leather upper
Need to follow care instructions carefully
Weighs more than other slippers
Not the best choice for indoor use
Measured Sole Thickness 14 mm
Measured Weight (size 12) 13.3 oz
Interior Material Shearling
Upper Material Nubuck leather
Outsole Material Gum rubber
"Stylish" is the perfect way to sum up the Olukai Moloa Hawaiian-influenced loafer. Each step you take in them exudes coolness - so much that it has become one of our favorites slippers in the men's category, especially for casual outdoor use. We were taken aback by the excellent use of quality natural materials, like the leather upper and genuine shearling liner found inside. The stitchwork is exquisitely executed and indicative of sturdy construction that should last for years to come, assuming the proper care as specified by the manufacturer. We found they're best worn on casual days out wandering a new-to-us seaside town, family barbecues in the backyard, or an evening jazz concert in the park. They keep you warm but do not overheat when enjoying brisk nights out.

The Olukai Moloas aren't going to be our go-to slippers for dedicated inside use. They have too much structure in the upper and too much support built into the insole to make them our preference for dedicated lounging. The outsole is too rigid to curl up with on the couch, and it feels too heavy and makes too much noise to wander downstairs for a midnight snack if you're hoping not to wake the kids or other light sleepers in the house. These men's slippers also demand that you treat them well. It's best not to get caught in them during a rainstorm as water could damage the fine, supple leather upper. But conditioning products are available to keep the upper of these slippers looking gorgeous for years to come, which is great because you'll want to extend their life as long as possible, given they cost a good deal more than most slippers we've tested. The Zigzagger Moccasin makes a much better indoor-ready slipper and it costs far less while still looking and feeling great.

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Walk with confidence and style in the exceptionally comfortable Olukai Moloa.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Best Slippers for Women

UGG Tasman

Inner lined with plush sheepskin
Wears well both indoors and out
Excellent quality in construction
Midsole foam is supportive
Chunky sole makes noise on hardwood floors
Bulky for travel
Upper Material Suede
Interior Material Sheepskin
Outsole Material Rubber
Midsole Material Foam
Measured Weight (ounces per shoe, size 9) 9.6
The women's UGG Tasman clog scored extremely well in almost all the metrics in our testing, dominating the women's slippers category. We found them to be incredibly soft, comfortable, and warm because of the plush sheepskin that lines the upper and the warm wool-lined insole. The exterior of the upper is made of natural leather paired with a thick rubber outsole that features just a hint of tread, while the overall construction appears sturdy, demonstrating a keen attention to detail that implies they will last for many years to come.

Although ideally suited to indoor pursuits, this versatile design is prepared to head outside whenever you need to grab the mail, water the garden, or pull out the trash. However, we found the stiff outsole to be a bit heavy in hand and on foot, with the bulk of each slipper's weight distributed unevenly to the bottom of the slipper. This makes the Tasmans a bit clunky to walk in and also stiff and weighty enough that they don't pack well — the biggest Achilles heel we found in the design. In our opinion, this is a pair best left at home when traveling even if they are a welcome sight when you return. For something a bit more suitcase-friendly, take a look at the Glerups Slip-On with Leather Sole, which has an altogether softer design, including an outsole made of calfskin, and proves more packable overall.

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We think the UGG Tasman oozes with an excellent sense of style to go with its quality construction.
Credit: Amber King

Best Value in Slippers for Men

Zigzagger Moccasin

Warm and cozy
Upper protected by wrap-around outsole
Microsuede upper is soft
Synthetic fur liner
Breathability suffers
Sizing is limited
Faux materials aren't as durable as the real thing
Measured Sole Thickness 21 mm
Measured Weight (size 12) 10.3 oz
Interior Material Faux fur
Upper Material Microsuede
Outsole Material Rubber
The Zigzagger Moccasin certainly surprised us with how comfortable and warm they were for how inexpensive the slippers are, and we found them perfect for all-day relaxation sessions when lounging around the house, particularly when the weather turned to its worst outside. The faux fur lining kept us warmer than most any other slipper tested in our lineup, and the creamy soft microsuede upper is super supple, allowing us to move our toes freely. The wraparound outsole also means you can take these outside for light use and not worry that the somewhat delicate upper will get roughed up in exposed areas, like around the base or across the toe. They may also be one of the best-looking men's slippers we've found if the moccasin style is your jam — and they come at an incredibly reasonable price.

Although warm, they don't prove as breathable as what we saw in some of the more expensive men's slippers we tested, either made of natural materials or those made of synthetics that employ less fluffy lining materials. If you run warm, these won't be the best option for you. But if you're like some of us who seek a slipper to combat chilly winter temps, they may be the perfect thing. Durability could be a bit of a concern — especially in the upper if you plan to spend a lot of time indoors and out. But for exclusively inside use, they should have no problem getting you through many game nights and long winter weekends. For something a little more lavish and made of more durable materials, the Ugg Ascot is going to be hard to beat.

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The rugged good looks of the Zigzagger Moccasin are an excellent budget buy.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Best Value in Slippers for Women

HomeTop Curly Fur Loafer

Excellent construction
Good value for your money
Memory foam insole
Fleece can act as a magnet to hair and other debris
Sloppier fit
Upper Material Polyester
Interior Material Polyester
Outsole Material Rubber
Midsole Material Memory foam
Measured Weight (ounces per shoe, size 9) 4.4
The HomeTop Curly Fur Loafer could be one of the best indoor womens slippers that we've ever had the pleasure of testing. Weighing in at just 4.4 oz, they're perfect to wear inside all day straight out of bed. The fury brushed fleece upper acts just like your favorite mid-layer, cradling your feet and trapping heat while still being durable and breathable enough for daily use. The memory foam insole was a godsend after a long day working on our feet, and the outsole feels plenty sturdy in hand to ensure we won't be looking for a replacement just as quickly as we settle into our new favorite slippers. For the price, we're extremely impressed with the whole package.

Although we appreciate the cozy warmth the materials deliver, the brushed fleece upper does seem to attract crumbs and dog hair. Thankfully, these women's slippers can be machine-washed to combat the problem. But you may just be washing them more often than you'd think. The upper does lack somewhat in rigidity, so expect a somewhat loose fit that may not be exactly the support you'd want when outside walking the dog. For slippers that are uber-warm with an upper that resists picking up dirt and an outdoor-ready base, the Chaco Ramble Puff would be a better choice.

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These lightweight loafers are perfect for indoor duties.
Credit: Amber King

Most Comfortable Men's Loafer

UGG Ascot

Suede upper is gorgeous as well as durable
Warm lining
Supportive upper suede panels enhance walkability
Not as breathable as others
Indoor comfort suffers from narrow fit
Liner is not 100% wool
Measured Sole Thickness 18 mm
Measured Weight (size 12) 12.7 oz
Interior Material 17mm UGGplush™ 80% upcycled wool, 20% TENCEL™ Lyocell sockliner or 17mm UGGplush™ 60% upcycled wool, 40% TENCEL™ Lyocell sockliner
Upper Material Suede
Outsole Material Rubber or TPE
We have to admit that we felt a certain panache when wearing the UGG Ascot as if we should also be sporting a dinner coat and smoking a pipe. Something tells us this is intentional by the designers. These finely made masculine loafers have a gorgeous suede upper that looks just as in place while running errands downtown at our favorite haunts as they do on our favorite recliner back home. The blended lining, a mix of warm natural fur and synthetic materials, did an excellent job of pampering our feet and particularly favors those who want a bit of structure around the foot. These slippers hold their somewhat narrow form well and have enough support to make them excellent shoes for walks outside.

That same narrow fit won't work for everyone or for all occasions. If you run wide or just aren't looking for a loafer-style slipper, the Ascots won't be for you. We were also surprised that the liner is made of a synthetic blend rather than 100% wool — for the price, we would have assumed the latter. If you're going to spend the money and prefer a men's slipper with a more relaxed fit and a superb genuine shearling liner, the Olukai Moloa should not be ignored.

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We can't deny we feel a little fancy in the UGG Ascot, even if we're just starting the second season of our favorite show while eating takeout past our bedtime.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Best Women's Slipper for Support

Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling

Stabile and supportive cork platform
Liner and footbed covered in cozy shearling
Grippy latex outsole
High-quality construction
Breathable upper
Limited warmth
Very slippery on ice
Upper Material Wool felt
Interior Material Shearling wool
Outsole Material Latex
Midsole Material Cork
Measured Weight (ounces per shoe, size 9) 6.8
The Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling clog comes with many of the trappings of a perfect lady's summertime slipper. The signature cork outsole provides a ton of stability for walking around due to its embedded heel cup and arch support. The upper is made of thin wool felt and is extremely breathable, in addition to being quite plush with a genuine shearling liner to wrap your feet in softness. The width is generous, and the anatomical shape allows tired toes to splay out after long days crammed into dress shoes or out pounding pavement or trail. And, the latex outsole is pleasantly quiet enough to use on hardwood floors unnoticed but still has decent traction for outdoor use.

If you plan to wear the Birkenstock Zermatt Shearlings in colder climes, be warned that these women's slippers don't come with overly thick insulation in the upper, and you'll find the outsole is somewhat on the thin side. So pairing them with a set of cozy wool socks would be the best move to play. Also, the cork outsole doesn't fair quite as well as a rubber design might when faced with outdoor activities, especially ice. So it's advisable to be cautious in such conditions. For a warmer clog-style slipper, the UGG Tasman will wrap your feet in sheepskin and is one of our favorite women's slippers.

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The substantial, cushioned, and removable cork insole of the Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling is one of its most signature and compelling details.
Credit: Amber King

Best Slip-On Slippers for Men

Sorel Falcon Ridge II

Strong stitch work and excellent high-quality construction
Insole has good arch and heel support
Comfortable wool-polyester inner liner is very warm
Concerns about outsole durability
Not appropriate for outdoor activities
Lacks weather resistance
Measured Sole Thickness 12 mm
Measured Weight (size 12) 10.1 oz
Interior Material Wool/polyester
Upper Material Suede
Outsole Material Crepe rubber
An extremely attractive slipper built of all-over suede, with beautiful decorative stitch work, a gum rubber outsole, and plush wool/polyester liner spilling out from the collar, it's hard not to crush on the men's Sorel Falcon Ridge II slip-on. It wears as beautifully as it looks, surprising us with not only its all-over coziness but also with how the insole's heel cup and arch support assist in cradling our foot. The outsole is quiet indoors, with a wonderfully grippy base on hardwood floors that delivers a ton of confidence for walking late at night when lights are low. The outsole is pliable and thin, perfect for a house slipper, while the memory foam insole takes on the job of cushioning each sneaking step.

The Sorel Falcon Ridge II is best to wear indoors, as the pliable, natural gum rubber outsole has a reputation for degrading faster than the harder synthetic rubbers you'll find on other slippers. The suede upper won't win out any fights against harsh conditions and would likely be damaged in a downpour. Like all slippers made of natural materials, you will want to invest their proper care to prolong their life and make good on the steep upfront investment. If these princely slippers are too lux, the Zigzagger Moccasin makes a perfect budget stand-in, balancing solid good looks with a quality performance, including keeping your feet toasty warm.

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We enjoy lounging around the house in the pliable upper and extremely warm liner of the Sorel Falcon Ridge II.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Favorite Minimalist Design for Women

Glerups Slip-On with Leather Sole

Feather light
Superior construction
Compact and easy-to-pack
Good ventilation
Not water resistant
Little built-in support
Durability issues in outsole
Upper Material Lanolin wool
Interior Material Lanolin wool
Outsole Material Leather
Midsole Material Lanolin wool
Measured Weight (ounces per shoe, size 9) 4.2
The Glerups Slip-On with Leather Sole fills the niche for those looking for an indoor footwear solution that is more than a sock yet far from the size and weight of a whole shoe. If you desire a slipper that is hardly even there, this is the one. The amazingly thin sole is akin to the bottom of a ballet slipper, while the top is slightly more substantial than a thick sock. They are the perfect pair to wear indoors — if you fall asleep in bed while watching a movie, you probably won't even notice they've stayed on. The thin wool upper offers natural odor resistance and nice ventilation, making these a favorite choice for those who run hot or travel often. They are perfect for whenever you embark on overnight visits with family and friends or settle into a hotel room on an extended stay.

Their utility out of doors may be limited, as the thin leather outsole provides little protection from uneven terrain or rocks in your way. Small debris can even embed itself into the leather, and wearing them too often — we tested them over 5 miles of walking — may result in holes developing in the thin design. Plus, the natural materials make care and cleaning a bit of a pain since you cannot just pop them into the laundry when needed (prepare to do some hand washing). If that's too much hassle or these slippers seem just a bit too simple in structure, consider the highly packable and easy-to-launder HomeTop Curly Fur Loafer, or take a look at the women's Birkenstock Zermatt Shearling, which have excellent support but are not exceedingly heavy.

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The natural wood upper and thin leather outsole of the Glerups Slip-On is perfect for those that a looking for a super-flexible slipper that breathes better than most.
Credit: Amber King

Best Outdoor-Ready Slipper for Men

Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons

Distinctive, retro-modern design
Shoe-like midsole and outsole
Collapsible heel to slip on quickly
Firm sole lacks comfort
Quilted upper is not as warm as it looks
Measured Sole Thickness 24 mm
Measured Weight (size 12) 10.1 oz
Interior Material Recycled polyester microfiber
Upper Material Nylon ripstop
Outsole Material Rubber - 50% recycled
For casual outdoor wear to hang with friends, it's hard to beat out the Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons, the stylings of which are reminiscent of the sneakers we see in photos featuring Appalachian Trail hikers back in the day — retro-hip is back again! Several excellent colorway options perfectly complement the quilted triangle stitching across the upper, which delivers just enough insulation to add a layer of warmth around your foot. Reinforcements have also been added to protect the toebox and ensure general durability when faced with outdoor hazards, just as the outsole provides minimal tread to ensure you can safely move between indoor and outdoor lounge locations as needed. But the ReEmber is, at its heart, still a men's slipper. So we particularly appreciated the collapsible heel that flips down for easy slip-on access and eliminates the need to tie them on with laces.

For indoor use, the ReEmber Slip-Ons may prove just a little too much for some loungers. The tread will certainly pick up dirt just like any shoe you take outdoors, which you certainly don't want to then track on hardwood floors or rugs. Even though the quilting pattern looks really cool and seems similar to some of our favorite really jackets, it didn't test out to be quite so warm. For cold-weather dog walking, we think a better option will still be just your regular boots. But for a pair of car camping, campfire hang-out shoes in summer, these excel. If your primary needs are indoor, most any of the other men's slippers we've tested will probably be a better fit, including the cozy, soft Sorel Falcon Ridge II or the Zigzagger Moccasin.

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The Teva ReEmber Slip-Ons feature a collapsible heal, allowing them to be worn either as slip-ons or conventionally, as well as tread on the gum rubber outsole for walking around the neighborhood.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Favorite Outdoor-Ready Slippers for Women

Chaco Ramble Puff - Women's

Great to wear outdoors
Feet stay comfortably warm
Walkable, even for long distances
Cushioning packs out from long-term use
Not the best for indoor lounging
Upper Material Ripstop nylon and polyester
Interior Material Fleece
Outsole Material Rubber
Midsole Material Foam
Measured Weight (ounces per shoe, size 9) 6.8
If you've spent any time in a chic mountain town, you know puffy jackets are a fashion statement, not just a mountaineering staple. The Chaco Ramble Puff now channels this same styling and performance but in the form of a slipper, with a quilted nylon upper perfectly at home running errands around town, enjoying a little après-ski, or kicking back by the lodge fire. In keeping with the brand's reputation for exceptional walkability, Teva has paired the puffy slipper exterior with a sturdy sole that has the same footbed, fit, and performance as their well-known line of sandals. And a wrap-around strap keeps your feet securely in place for more vigorous walks.

Like many slippers, outdoor utility comes at the cost of indoor comforts. The Chaco Ramble Puffs booties are less plush than most indoor-focused slippers we tested and prone to carrying dirt and debris as we moved between the two worlds. We think they'll serve you best if they come inside sparingly. But if you need a reliable slipper to carry along on adventures, they make a great choice. One of our testers found them so comfortable and used them so often in lieu of other shoes that the midsole cushioning eventually became packed down, cutting into their useful lifespan. But if you aren't planning to log 50+ miles out of the gate, you ought to have plenty of time to maximize their value. For a slipper with better indoor performance, take a look into the ladies Glerups Slip-On with its leather sole or the super cozy HomeTop Curly Fur Loafer.

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The Chaco Ramble Puff booties are perfect for keeping your feet toasty while outside -- so much so, you may displace you wanting to wear most anything else, outside or in!
Credit: Amber King

slippers - a selection of slippers is put in the freezer to test how warm they...
A selection of slippers is put in the freezer to test how warm they all stay after being exposed to controlled cold conditions.
Credit: Amber King

How We Test Slippers

For over four years, Gearlab teams have tested over 60 different pairs of slippers in search of the very best pairs for you to don on your own feet. Our current selection of two dozen slippers across both the men's and women's categories represent some of the very top products we've found currently out there. We've worn all these slippers inside and outside, both on our downtimes after an adventure or after particularly difficult work weeks standing on our feet.

We've put them on after waking up, while making breakfast, and when running outside to catch the bus to deliver a forgotten lunch. Dogs were walked, and neighbors were visited to deliver mail received in the wrong mailbox. We walked miles in each pair, and some lucky pairs went along with us as camp shoes on backpacking trips. We researched fabrics and outsole materials to better understand their limitations and the ongoing care that might be required to make the most out of each pair purchased. As always, we also took our lab testing very seriously to ensure we understand everything there is to know about slippers. To better understand the insulating warmth offered by each pair, we implemented an objective Freezer Test. Utilizing a controlled environment (the freezer) and an infrared thermometer, we measured the starting air temp in each pair before sealing the foot opening to mimic the presence of a foot. After chilling the slippers for a period of 5 minutes, we then removed them from the freezer and re-measured the interior air temperature once again. From there, we slipped them back on while still frigid to observe just how fast they warmed back up again, as well as how breathable they stayed once we were on the move. By testing each slipper's insulative qualities in this combined manner, we enhance the useful yet subjective data provided by tester experiences with real-time data, allowing us to better understand exactly how well insulated each slipper is based on the material construction and design.

Showing off our dance moves while putting on and taking off the slippers while testing is all part of the job.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Slippers were tested across 5 performance metrics:
  • Comfort
  • Insulation
  • Breathability
  • Construction Quality
  • Walking Performance
  • Packability

By using a infrared thermometer, we're able to take warmth retention...
By using a infrared thermometer, we're able to take warmth retention measurements.
These slippers retained less heat than many other slippers we tested.
These slippers retained less heat than many other slippers we tested.
These slippers retained a fair bit of heat and landed somewhere in...
These slippers retained a fair bit of heat and landed somewhere in the middle of our pack.
We employed an infrared thermometer to measure heat retained after leaving the slippers inside the frozen for a set amount of time.

Why Should You Trust Us

Our slipper GearLab testers go hard on their adventures but also come back home for solid recovery time. A great pair of slippers is one of our secret weapons for exceptional R&R. Amber King is in charge of the women's slipper test team, bringing over a decade of experience working as a gear tester across numerous outdoor gear categories and specializing in several footwear-related categories. King examines each new pair of slippers with a critical eye, only accepting the very best for her own feet while working at home or at co-working spaces. Justin Simoni leads up the mens category. He is an avid trail runner, backpacker, and climber who dependably abuses his poor feet in any number of rugged outdoor environments. Once back home, he spoils his feet with a good pair of slippers in preparation for the next adventure. He's been leading gear testing duties on many outdoor and ultralight GearLab categories for the last few years, mostly in the ultralight arena.

How to Choose Slippers

Slippers come in a surprisingly wonderful variety of styles and materials: everything from heavyweight super warm shearling loafers to sock-like, pocket-packable memory foam slides and even glitzy, bedazzled accessories to match your most extravagant loungewear. All these colorful styles are accompanied by an equally broad range of sales prices to match. When choosing a pair of slippers, consider what you'll be doing in them, how warm you would like them to be, if you want to wear them indoors or outdoors — or even both — and how much support you'd like them to have. You will also want to think about materials — what would you like them to be made out of, and how much energy you are willing to invest in their care? — and the budget you are working with, as each will help direct your search.

These synthetic slippers won't be damaged when getting a little snow...
These synthetic slippers won't be damaged when getting a little snow on them.
Slippers that easily can be taken on and off are one of the features...
Slippers that easily can be taken on and off are one of the features we loved to see.
These inexpensive slippers have a comfortable collar and are all...
These inexpensive slippers have a comfortable collar and are all around adorable.
Our tireless testers wore each pair of slippers morning, noon, and night — sometimes going the extra mile wearing them to bed!

Slippers come in both men's and women's styles, with women's styles sometimes being more fashionably bold while men's styles stick to more traditional looks. Some slippers also are sold as unisex, the fluid chameleons of the footwear world. There are no limits when it comes to the whimsy, utility, and extravagance in styles. Feel free to have fun! But be sure they fit. Our testers found those pairs that were most welcoming and cozy were often coveted by their partners, often ending with them trying to steal the slippers for their own use or going out to purchase a look-alike pair of their own.

Men's Slippers

The GearLab experts on the men's side weren't just lounging around on the job. They threw a barrage of tests at our quiver of options, deeply assessing and scoring the performance of each pair to determine the best men's slippers from among the bunch. The chart below summarizes their overall findings.

Women's Slippers

Not to be outdone, our women's GearLab experts took the job of wearing their own collection of comfy slippers very seriously, running the full lineup of top-selling women's models through the same rigorous testing and thorough review process as the men's. The following chart captured the comparative performances among them that then produced our final recommendations for best women's slippers.


Savvy shoppers will find themselves sifting through a plethora of slipper models representing every possible style, from traditional, modern, cozy, and trendy designs to even downright unexpected, creative, and silly ones. Why such a spectrum? While form and function can vary extensively, we may not all be targeting the same balance between the two. Undoubtedly, the common goal is to provide relative comfort and convenience, particularly if you are just shuffling about the house. But with such a tremendous variety on the market, shoppers can select an option that exactly meets their personal needs, goals, and sense of fashion.

slippers - our sundry collection shows off just some of the different styles of...
Our sundry collection shows off just some of the different styles of slippers you'll find.
Credit: Justin SImoni

Let's talk about a few of the most common styles. Moccasins are heel-less, soft all-around, and are made of (or made to look like) leather, with a sole that's brought up the sides to meet the upper. They can work well inside and out. In contrast, clogs are slip-ons that usually feature a thick, firm sole made of rubber or cork that works well on hardwood floors or on short trips outside on sidewalks to the mailbox or pulling in the trash. Booties wrap your feet in warm insulation and can come up quite high around your feet. They're great as camp shoes on backpacking trips or between burns on the bouldering wall. Loafers have a traditional lounge-around-the-house style that works well propped up on an ottoman or while playing chess at a coffee shop. Slides are open-backed and open-toed, making them probably the easiest slippers to get in and out of for most. They work great on warmer days when making breakfast or walking the dog. Slip-ons can be thought of as closed-toe slides and may have a minimal heal to keep the slipper a bit more securely fastened to your foot. They're perfect all-rounders.

slippers - clog-style slippers can be found made of wool, leather, suede and in...
Clog-style slippers can be found made of wool, leather, suede and in this case: rubber!
Credit: Justin Simoni


Generally, you'll find slippers that come in either natural materials like leather, suede, and wool, or you'll find them built of synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, and faux fur. By and large, slippers made of natural materials can last a long time, are extremely comfortable once broken in, and have amazing breathability. Some natural material slippers utilize shearling as a lining material. Shearling is dense and trimmed wool that's still attached to the suede. It's extremely soft and makes for an opulent liner. To ensure natural material slippers have a long life, you will need to follow the manufacturer's guidelines to care for them correctly. Many slippers made of natural materials won't do well in a sudden downpour and probably can't be thrown in a washing machine if you get them dirty. They're also usually more expensive.

slippers - tightly shorn sheerling makes an incredibly soft, dense liner...
Tightly shorn sheerling makes an incredibly soft, dense liner material found in more luxury-minded slippers.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Slippers made of synthetic materials often look just as good as their synthetic counterparts when new and can feel just as warm and cozy. Vegans can rejoice, as even the glue of slippers is usually synthetic. Oftentimes, a synthetic slipper can feel very similar to its natural material counterpart, even if it may fall short sometimes when it comes to absolute softness and breathability (although it can be very close!). Synthetic slippers also tend not to break the bank so much, as the raw materials themselves are cheaper to source. What's more, many of them can be machine-washed, which is perfect if you plan to get down and dirty in them.

slippers - slippers made of synthetic materials can be vegan friendly...
Slippers made of synthetic materials can be vegan friendly, washable, and competitively just as warm and cozy as their natural-fiber cousins, while usually costing a lot less. Quality and durability sometimes suffer.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Some synthetics may not last as long as others, although you benefit from a lower price tag with each purchase. By and large, our testers found cheaper slippers are just not as durable as their naturally constructed counterparts. So we would recommend most of those designs for in-house duties only.

slippers - the memory foam in the sole of these slippers can help them mold to...
The memory foam in the sole of these slippers can help them mold to your feet, but the foam may in time crush out.
Credit: Amber King

Some slippers have more cushion underfoot than others. For example, memory foam is often used in soles to add more comfort with every step, reforming itself easily to match the shape of your foot. But, while this feels soft and cozy straight out of the box, such inexpensive slippers may also be prone to losing such responsive cushioning with regular use, packing down, and reducing overall support fairly quickly. In many cases, soft outsoles are also paired with memory foam core, a combination we've seen perform poorly over time. So, although they often come in fun shapes with inexpensive price tags, memory foam-exclusive designs are not likely to prove long-term success stories.

slippers - some slippers are so spartan that they come with no insole at all...
Some slippers are so spartan that they come with no insole at all, while others have a high-quality padded insole with arch support and a heal cup that helps to make them more comfortable to walk around in for long periods of time.
Credit: Justin Simoni

Similarly, a more expensive slipper may be structured more like a shoe rather than a cozy foot wrap, with a sturdy, treaded sole made of a hard EVA foam material. This design can, in turn, make the slipper less packable, yet it may also ensure a long and healthy lifespan and potentially more versatility in use.

slippers - highly packable and breathable, the glerups slip-on with leather...
Highly packable and breathable, the Glerups Slip-on with Leather Sole are some of the lightest slippers in our entire collection.
Credit: Amber King

Some slippers are soft, flexible, and constructed in a way that makes them easy to pack down. These can make good choices for travel and/or camping. Usually, the sole, upper, or both are made of a lighter, thinner, and/or more compressible material that is often synthetic so that they can take a little more abuse when crammed in a suitcase or shoved in the bowels of a backpack.

slippers - these sliders feature a wool/synthetic liner, and a soft and supple...
These sliders feature a wool/synthetic liner, and a soft and supple suede upper.
Credit: Justin Simoni


Generally, size your slippers the same as your shoes. A too small slipper isn't very comfortable, so if you're between sizes available, size up. Most slippers don't come with laces to secure them to your feet but may have a stretchy opening to keep the slipper from flying off. Most of the slippers we've tested are very easy to get on and off. This is one of the hallmarks of what makes a slipper a slipper!

slippers - slippers -- especially for indoor use -- can be sized a little...
Slippers -- especially for indoor use -- can be sized a little looser than dress or active shoes. Too-tight of a slipper won't be as comfy, and may be harder to slip on and off.
Credit: Amber King

Slippers made of natural materials with unlined uppers may stretch slightly, so don't worry if they come out of the box feeling a little tight: they'll soon conform to your feet. Some slippers are narrower than others, which we note in our individual reviews. Narrower styles usually include moccasins and loafers. Wider slippers usually include clogs and slides.

slippers - some slippers have a looser fit which may be attractive for purely...
Some slippers have a looser fit which may be attractive for purely indoor use to allow your toes to spread out.
Credit: Nolan Anderson


Some slippers are warmer than others. Slippers that cover more of the foot are going to be warmer, while slippers with open toes will allow more air to contact the front of your feet. Slippers with low or no heel coverage also allow the back of your feet to breathe. Some slippers — especially booties — have a generous amount of insulation that can cover all but the bottom of your foot. Liners in the upper and footbeds made of wool, shearling, or fleece can also add a good amount of insulation to help keep you warm on cold winter nights.

slippers - liners make all the difference when it comes to how warm a slipper...
Liners make all the difference when it comes to how warm a slipper can feel against your feet. Some come with an overwhelming amount of lining material that literally overflows from the collar of the slipper!
Credit: Amber King

Indoor or Outdoor?

Some slippers work best indoors, while others are almost shoe-like to serve you well in the outdoors. Indoor slippers are usually much softer, with less form and support in the insole. They're perfect to curl up on your couch or even your bed, as there aren't too many acute angles to get in the way of your comfort.

slippers - slippers made to wear indoors may feature an open toe, and some more...
Slippers made to wear indoors may feature an open toe, and some more fun, playful stylings.
Credit: Amber King

Slippers made to be worn outside may have a rubber outsole to help with durability and grip so that simply walking around the neighborhood doesn't put a hole in them. Slippers that are geared for outdoor-first use will have a stiffer upper and may look and feel almost shoe-like, many feature arch support and a heel cup, with an outsole that may even have a slight tread on them. They'll work great for patio hangs, but you probably don't want to wear them under your freshly washed duvet.

slippers - rubber outsoles with substantial tread are a good indication that a...
Rubber outsoles with substantial tread are a good indication that a slipper makes a good outdoor slipper.
Credit: Amber King


You may have a budget in mind when shopping around for the perfect pair of slippers, and you may notice that the price tags cover the gamut. Many of the more expensive slippers are more fashionable and use natural materials. They'll also, by and large, last longer. If you're wearing your slippers to make the scene, a more expensive outdoor-oriented pair may be where you should put your hard-earned money.

More expensive and fashionable slippers like these head-turners are a great pair to wear out of the house.
Credit: Amber King

Worthy, budget-minded slippers do exist, and our testing found many pearls. These slippers tend to use more synthetic materials to lower the cost. Most of these slippers still retain a ton of warmth, even if they may not have that extra amount of softness that natural wool will provide. Inside, we may not worry too much about impressing our social circles with the fanciest indoor slips — and the chances the dog will grab ahold of a single slipper to bury in the backyard isn't zero — so one suggestion is to go with a high-value slipper that doesn't exhaust your paycheck for curling up on the couch to binge watch your favorite series.

slippers - some of our favorite slippers aren't necessarily the most expensive...
Some of our favorite slippers aren't necessarily the most expensive, especially for indoor shoes we may be getting a little dirty and want to be able to throw into the wash without fear they'll fall apart.
Credit: Justin Simoni


Slippers keep your feet feeling comfortable and warm when your shoes come off, and having a pair to wear is one of the easiest ways to help you relax after a hard day's work at the office or out on the slopes. Our survey of the best slippers out there is now complete, and it's time for you to decide on the pair that's right for you. We've walked miles and miles and watched an innumerable amount of movies to bring this selection to you so you can enjoy similar pampering footwear.

Amber King, Justin Simoni