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Editors' Choice Award
We loved the Eos for its warmth-to-weight, comfort, and excellent versatility.
Top Pick Award
This jacket is an excellent insulating layer or standalone jacket for milder temperatures, an excellent choice for those who value light weight.
The Cerium LT is an incredibly well-made and versatile down jacket, light enough for layering or useful alone in milder, less rugged conditions.
Top Pick Award
We loved this jacket for winter sports where light weight and warmth really matter, such as ice climbing and ski touring.
We enjoyed the L3 on a variety of adventures; it is well made and warm for the weight.
Patagonia has made this excellent down sweater for a long time, and it continues to be a very useful, general purpose down jacket, appropriate for most uses, but best for none: a true Jill-of-all-Trades.
Best Buy Award
We continue to love the Microlight Alpine hoody for its durability and versatility in our quiver of mountain apparel.
The Illuminate from Outdoor Research is a well made, lightweight down jacket that is warm for the weight.
This is a lightweight down jacket which is versatile enough for many outdoor activities, but not recommended for wet weather.
Best Buy Award
Decent for moderately cool temperatures, it's best viewed as a good down jacket for those unsure if they really need one.
Warm, durable, and plenty stylish, just not versatile enough for most climbing or outdoor activities.
This is a great jacket for around town as it is too heavy and bulky to justify carrying on any backcountry adventure.
An excellent blend of style and function; it is more of an urban jacket that can stand up to moderate mountain use.
The Forge is a relatively versatile and functional down jacket but is not the warmest or most compressible, and is on the heavier side for its size.