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Feathered Friends Eos - Women's Review

Rose quickly to the top for its incredible warmth-to-weight and remarkable comfort
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Price:  $339 List | $339.00 at Feathered Friends
Pros:  Very warm for the weight, highly compressible, durable, versatile, comfortable
Cons:  Less stylish, harder to layer underneath a hardshell jacket
Manufacturer:   Feathered Friends
By Lyra Pierotti ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 23, 2020
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  • Warmth - 30% 8
  • Weight - 20% 7
  • Compressibility - 20% 9
  • Features - 15% 5
  • Durability - 10% 8
  • Water Resistance - 5% 5

Our Verdict

The Feathered Friends Eos, named for the goddess of the dawn, brings the warmth of those first rays of sunlight every time you put it on. We loved wearing this jacket after the sunset in the mountains, on the short cold days of fall in the desert, and especially on crisp mornings on the coast. It feels like your favorite sweatshirt but is as light as a cloud and a ready companion for even the most technical mountain adventures. The 900+ fill down is remarkably light for the weight, and there's quite a bit of loft, making it one of the warmest jackets in this review without feeling too bulky—and it still compresses small enough to compete with the smaller jackets in this review.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The Feathered Friends Eos is a phenomenally light and compressible down jacket. It looks very outdoorsy, so it may not be your first choice for date night, but if you are looking for a very lightweight jacket that will keep you as warm as possible in most mountain conditions, this is your best bet.

Performance Comparison

The Eos was an excellent lightweight down jacket for a variety of conditions.
The Eos was an excellent lightweight down jacket for a variety of conditions.

The Eos is a streamlined and straightforward jacket with minimal features, but thoughtfully designed to be highly versatile. We loved this jacket for everything from mountaineering and ice climbing to cragging and multi-pitch rock climbing, hiking, and even for casual days around town. Feathered Friends has been making high-quality down products for a long time, and we enjoyed the opportunity to test this one on our adventures in the field.


The Eos wraps around you like the soft warmth of the rising sun. With ultra-lofty 900+ fill power down, this is one of the warmest jackets for its weight. It's also pretty puffy, in part due to the lofty down, of course, but it is one of the warmest in our fleet.

A common misconception of down jackets is that higher fill power means more warmth. This is sort of true; there's just an important detail missing. The higher fill power down does describe more loft, and this translates to more insulating capacity (more air trapped in the down). However, the amount of down used is also relevant. A super thin jacket with 900 fill power down may not be as warm as a Michelin-Man mega puffy jacket with 750 fill down.

The Eos has both high-quality down and is puffy. The quality down makes it exceptionally warm and compressible for the weight, and the puffier look means it is warmer than most of the jackets in this review that appear svelte, slim, or thin. The baffles on the Eos are relatively large. This reduces the number of seams in the jacket, which in turn limits the amount of potential cold spots in the jacket. It gives the down more space to loft, thus providing more insulating power.

The Eos is very warm for the weight  and highly compressible  plus it comes with that awesome yellow stuff sack.
The Eos is very warm for the weight, and highly compressible, plus it comes with that awesome yellow stuff sack.

Part of what contributes to this extra puffy look is the Pertex Quantum fabric. This is specifically designed to trap still air and add to the insulating properties of the high quality down inside. The fabric is made of tiny, tightly woven fibers, which also repels wind and light precipitation to keep you warm and dry.


The weight of this jacket is directly related to the high-quality 900+ fill power down and the use of excellent, light, but durable fabrics, as well as simple and streamlined (and very thoughtful) features. At 9.5 ounces, it's not the lightest in our fleet, but it's pretty darn close.


Another benefit of the 900+ fill power down in the Eos is its compressibility. A jacket with good down goes a long way. This high quality down is the warmest for its weight, so it gets high marks in both preceding metrics. It also scores well for compressibility because its high loft squishes down into a tiny ball, then puffs back up into one of the puffiest, loftiest jackets in this review. It's truly impressive!

The quality of this jacket runs right from one metric into another; it's warm, lightweight, and compressible; it's also highly durable and able to handle a lot of stuffing and unstuffing. The Eos is an excellent investment for all your outdoor needs.

With 900+ fill down  the Eos is a highly compressible and warm down jacket.
With 900+ fill down, the Eos is a highly compressible and warm down jacket.


The Eos is a relatively well-featured lightweight down jacket. It's fairly simple, which keeps it lightweight, but it is missing one of our favorite features: the chest pocket. If you've been following this review over the years, you'll know that this is by far our favorite feature in jackets. It is a great place to stash a phone to keep the battery from dying in the cold and is a great place to keep snacks warm, too. But most of all, it's a place to stash small things so you can keep the handwarmer pockets open and free for, well, your hands.

This jacket doesn't have a drawcord adjustment for the hood, but it does at the bottom hem, which effectively keeps drafts out where they belong. We didn't miss the adjustment on the hood because the elastic ensures a good, comfortable fit.

The comfy and low profile cuffs on the Eos.
The comfy and low profile cuffs on the Eos.

There is no fleece in the pockets or on the upper zipper, where the jacket often touches your face. This can be a nice feature, but the fabric of this jacket is very soft to the touch, so this also doesn't detract from the features score. There is a cap on the top of the zipper so that the zipper itself doesn't hit your chin or lip.

The hood on the Eos is very simple yet highly functional.
The hood on the Eos is very simple yet highly functional.

The zipper has a flap that helps keep wind out, which is thoughtful, and it is well designed; many jackets have a flap that is too soft and catches when you zip the jacket closed. Everything on this jacket operates reliably and smoothly, and the Eos is an absolute pleasure to wear daily.

The two hand pockets are cozy and user-friendly.
The two hand pockets are cozy and user-friendly.


When we think about the durability of jackets, we often think first of the quality of the shell material. This is very important, of course, because it is what protects the jacket from abrasion and puncture, which is important when you have pokey down feathers to keep in and a world of sharp objects ready to snag you.

Consider also that the quality of the downplays a considerable role in the jacket's long-term durability. Higher quality down has fluffier, softer, more spherical feathers. If well cared for, this down will compress and re-loft many more times than a lower quality down (that might look more like a feather with sharper points and fibers that tend to clump rather than re-loft with ease) will. So, as it goes, you get what you pay for!

Time tested  Feathered Friends.
Time tested, Feathered Friends.

This is a marvelous jacket to take with you on all your fast-and-light missions. It stuffs into a tiny space and will quickly re-loft to keep you warm - and it will do so for years if you treat it well. The Eos is durable and ideal for avid backpackers and climbers who stuff their jackets into the tiny recesses of their backpacks, as well as for commuters who want a warm jacket for the winter without having to carry a bigger messenger bag or backpack to work every day.

Water Resistance

The Pertex Quantum fabric is made of very tightly woven, exceedingly thin yarns which are designed to keep still air inside, and also makes it very effective at blocking the wind. This is not designed to be a waterproof layer, however, and it's important that down stay dry to retain its loft (and therefore its warmth). The jacket does feature a durable water repellent (DWR) finish, like all modern down jackets, which helps it repel light rain and snow, but if you're out in the rain or heavy snow, be sure you have a good hardshell jacket that comfortably fits over the top.


The Eos is a little more expensive but well worth it for the warmth, low weight, and excellent manufacturing. This is a jacket that will last for years if you take good care of it.


On crisp, cool fall mornings, we loved to don the Eos to greet the sunrise on the coast, in the desert, and in the mountains. This jacket is so light, soft, and warm that it made us feel like a goddess at dawn, as the name suggests. Feathered Friends nailed it with this jacket, using high-quality materials and excellent manufacturing to make one of our favorite down jackets.

Greeting the dawn in the Feathered Friends Eos.
Greeting the dawn in the Feathered Friends Eos.

Lyra Pierotti