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Editors' Choice Award
The Kab is a great all around choice for anyone looking for a solid dependable product that will likely last their entire climbing career.
The Ropemaster HC is a standard upgraded version of the original Ropemaster, that we found to be much more useable than the older version.
The Bolsa is a unique funnel style bag that is easy to pack and unpack your rope.
This bag is a large volume bag that is easy to load the rope into, along with other extras like shoes and harness.
Top Pick Award
The BD Full Rope Burrito is a sleek and stripped down bag that is incredibly easy to pack and unpack.
Top Pick Award
The Speedster does its job as a rope bag extremely well, while also functioning as a basic small cragging pack.
Best Buy Award
The Dirt Bag II is our Best Buy Award because it's incredibly functional and the cheapest model we reviewed.
The Antidote has some great standard features that runs you a little less money than other bags in our reviews.