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Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Review

The Full Rope Burrito is a fantastic lightweight option for those that like to pack their rope in their cragging pack.
Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito
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Price:  $30 List | $22.39 at REI
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Pros:  Ridiculously easy to pack your rope, large volume, super light, easily packed into larger packs
Cons:  Fabric is not as durable, no extra features
Manufacturer:   Black Diamond
By Graham Williams ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Feb 23, 2018
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#5 of 8
  • Rope Cleanliness - 25% 8
  • Ease of Packing the Rope - 20% 10
  • Ease of Unpacking the Rope - 15% 10
  • Packability - 15% 10
  • Ease of Transportation - 10% 6
  • Features - 15% 6

Our Verdict

Although not as burly or feature rich as the editor's choice the Petzl Kab, the Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito serves its own purpose as a lightweight and minimal option for those that pack their rope into their crag bags. The full rope burrito has a huge tarp, easy packing system, and malleable construction for no-hassle packing into larger bags. The innovative elastic band around the opening of the pack is all you need to secure your rope in a quick and efficient way. The soft construction of the bag further allows for it to be packed into a larger pack without any dead space in the bag, allowing for even distribution of your gear. The full rope burrito shines when used as an auxiliary to a larger pack, but not necessarily a stand alone rope bag.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The Full Rope Burrito won our top pick for being a great bag to use for those climbers looking for a simple, lightweight, and easy to use rope bag. Although the fabric on the Full Rope Burrito isn't as tough as the Petzl Kab or the Metolius Dirt Bag II it more than makes up for this in it's packability and usability. Additionally, the fabric on the outside of the bag does not need to be as tough, as we felt that the Full Rope Burrito was designed to be packed inside of a larger pack. Although the Petzl Kab won out overall, we felt that the Full Rope Burrito was a much better choice for those who always wanted to pack their rope bag inside a larger pack. The simple operating system also made it a top pick for us, as the elastic around the mouth of the pack made it easy to stuff a folded up tarp inside, and also easy to pull the tarp out of when unfurling the tarp for use.

Performance Comparison

Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Fully Packed
Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Fully Packed

Rope Cleanliness

With a large 40"x40" (101 cm x 101 cm) tarp the Full Rope Burrito had no problem having plenty of space to flake and catch falling ropes. Although this isn't as large as some of the Petzl options like the Kab or the Bolsa(55"x55") we didn't find it to be detrimental to the overall usability of the bag.

In fact, due to the nature of the Full Rope Burrito we felt that the smaller tarp was better for the fast and lightweight usage that we were using it for, and traveling quickly in between crags and stuffing into a well-balanced pack for a long approach.

Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito unpacked
Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito unpacked

Ease of Packing the Rope

This is where our testers thought the Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito really excelled. While most rope bags have a zipper or strap system, like the Metolius Speedster or the Trango Antidote the Full Rope Burrito has a simple elastic cord running through the mouth of the bag. This makes it incredibly easy to tie your ends into the colored tie in points on the tarp, fold it up, and then stuff it into the bag itself.

Multi colored gear loops
Multi colored gear loops

It stretches to swallow up both well folded and messily thrown together tarp and rope. And although the bag doesn't pack as tight due to the lack of compression straps, our testers didn't find any major issues with tangling or bunching when unpacking the rope.

Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Half Packed
Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Half Packed

When you're trying to move quickly, sometimes your tarp and rope don't end up as neatly packed as you would like, and trying to stuff them into a stiff bag can be difficult as we saw with the Metolius Speedster.

Multi colored gear loops
Multi colored gear loops

Ease of Packing the Bag

This is another high point for the Full Rope Burrito. Although the outer fabric isn't as burly as some of the more traditional rope bags you might see such as the Trango Antidote, this ends up being both a positive and a negative. The outer material is more akin to what most rope tarps are made of, rather than denier nylon.

What this does do is allow the Full Rope Burrito to be crammed into any size space within your larger climbing pack. Additionally, the Full Rope Burrito does not feature any compression straps. We found this to be more of a positive thing, as our testers thought that the Full Rope Burrito would be better for long approaches with a larger pack. With bags like the Black Diamond Super Chute's tight packing system, it can create an awkwardly sized mass to pack into your larger pack. This almost "loose" packing system allows for the rope to be spread out evenly throughout the pack so that the load distribution is even. Anyone who's gone out for an all-day excursion knows that an unevenly loaded pack can make approaches absolutely heinous.

Ease of Transport

This Full Rope Burrito transports great over short distances (<5 minutes) thanks to two nylon handles on the outside of the pack.

The only caveat to the Full Rope Burrito is for long distances. This bag was built to be packed inside of a larger climbing pack, as it does not have any other carrying straps aside from the two shorty handles. However, it packs inside other packs extremely well, and our testers loved that feature. So much, that it won the top pick award for lightweight bags. However, if you plan to hike in a long distance just carrying the Full Rope Burrito you're going to have a bad time. For fully featured carrying straps we suggest looking at the Petzl Kab or the Metolius Speedster which both feature nicely padded straps for carrying outside of your climbing pack.

Extra Features and Usability

This is where the Full Rope Burrito didn't score quite as well. Bags like the Petzl Kab had tons of extra features with gear loops and pockets, while the Full Rope Burrito didn't have any. In fact, the Full Rope Burrito is likely the most stripped down rope bag in our review. It features a tarp and a bag to stuff it in, with lightweight material.

Best Application

The BD Full Rope is our Top Pick for Lightweight. Take it anywhere you go cragging and expect ease of use when packing and unpacking.


The Full Rope Burrito rope bag fills a niche for those climbers who only pack their rope inside their pack. It's a simple, no-frills design that takes the struggle out of packing a rope inside a rope bag. At $30, this is a great minimal bag. Everyone has been there trying to cram an awkwardly packed rope tarp inside the rope bag itself. The Full Rope Burrito eliminates this by having the elastic opening on the bag itself. Although the outer fabric is not as durable, our testers found that they only transported the bag within their larger packs or carried it over short distances in between nearby climbs, thereby minimizing the exposure to the abrasive outer world. The simple, easy packing system and overall packability of the bag make it a top pick for our testers for the lightweight category.


Overall, the Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito is a fantastic lightweight choice for those who always pack their ropes into the bags, for long approaches with lots of equipment (so long as you pack the bag inside of your pack), and other fast and light adventures you may find yourself on. Its unique loading system is new for 2017, and we absolutely loved it. It's fast, efficient, and keeps the rope clean. For these reasons, we named the Full Rope Burrito as one of our top picks.

Graham Williams