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Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Review

A fantastic lightweight option for those that like to pack their rope in their cragging pack
Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito
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Price:  $30 List
Pros:  Ridiculously easy to pack your rope, large volume, super light, easily packed into larger packs
Cons:  Fabric is not as durable, no extra features
Manufacturer:   Black Diamond
By Graham Williams and Steven Tata  ⋅  Sep 30, 2019
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  • Packability - 30% 3
  • Carrying Comfort - 25% 3
  • Rope Protection - 25% 6
  • Ease of Use - 20% 6

Our Verdict

Although not very durable or complex, the Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito serves its own purpose as a lightweight and minimal option for those who pack their rope into a separate backpack. The Full Rope Burrito has a medium-size tarp, simple design, and malleable construction for no-hassle packing into larger bags. The elastic band around the opening of the pack is all you need to secure your rope in a quick and efficient way. The soft construction of the bag further allows for it to be packed into a larger pack without any dead space in the bag, allowing for even distribution of your gear. The full rope burrito shines when used as an auxiliary to a larger pack, but not as a standalone rope bag. It is a great option for those who always pack their rope bag inside of a larger pack but has few features and on its own is impractical for cragging further than a stone's throw from your car.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Performance Comparison

Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Fully Packed
Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito Fully Packed


When it comes to packability, the Full Rope Burrito performs very poorly as a standalone rope bag but is a great option if you plan to put it inside a larger backpack for cragging. It has an elastic cord running through the mouth of the bag. This simple closure makes it easy to tie your ends into the colored tie-in points on the tarp, fold it up, and then stuff it into the bag itself. Although the bag doesn't pack as tight due to the lack of compression straps, our testers didn't find any major issues with tangling or bunching when unpacking the rope.

Multi colored gear loops
Multi colored gear loops

Carrying Comfort

The Full Rope Burrito carries well for very short distances but if you're hiking more than five minutes you'll certainly want to carry it inside of a larger pack. It doesn't have any carrying straps and only features two short nylon handles, which force you to carry it like a suitcase. The Full Rope Burrito is built to be packed inside of a larger climbing pack and works very well for this application. If you're looking for a rope bag that can be used as a daypack or carried long distances on its own there are far better options available.

Rope Protection

With a 40" x 40" tarp, the Full Rope Burrito has plenty of space to comfortably fit most ropes. Although this isn't as spacious as some of the larger options, we didn't find it to be detrimental to the overall usability of the bag. Due to the lightweight design of the Full Rope Burrito, we feel that the smaller tarp is well suited for simple usage. This mostly consists of traveling between crags and being stuffed into a larger daypack for approaches.

Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito unpacked
Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito unpacked

Ease of Use

The Full Rope Burrito doesn't have much to offer when it comes to ease of use. It lacks pouches for accessories and is the most stripped-down rope bag in our review. For some climbers this is an advantage, but if you're looking for a rope bag that can be used independently the Full Rope Burrito leaves much to be desired. It features only a tarp and a thin pack with minimalist carrying handles. Although the outer fabric is not durable, our testers found that they only transported the bag within their larger packs or carried it over short distances in between nearby climbs, thereby minimizing the exposure to the abrasive outer world.


The Full Rope Burrito falls at the lower end of the spectrum when it comes to cost. The simple, easy-to-use packing system works well and if you already have a climbing backpack that you prefer, then it's an affordable and lightweight addition to keep your rope safe.


Overall, the Black Diamond Full Rope Burrito is a fantastic lightweight choice for those who always pack their ropes into a large backpack but isn't very functional otherwise. It has a simple, no-frills design but doesn't have much to offer in terms of versatility.

Graham Williams and Steven Tata