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Mountaineering Backpack Ratings Summary

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Editors' Choice Award
This is a comfortable and versatile pack that climbs well on all alpine terrain.
Best Buy Award
Highly versatile and impressively lightweight, the Ascensionist is well designed for technical climbs.
Top Pick Award
If you like longer trips or winter climbs, the Mission 75 is a great pack—and it will still perform well on lighterweight and technical climbs.
Top Pick Award
This pack is light, durable, simple, and comfortable, making it more versatile than most ultralight packs we’ve used.
This pack is extremely comfortable and climbs well, but it is less durable and difficult to get in and out of.
This pack is a quiver-of-one tool: it can handle everything from ice and skiing to cragging and light expeditions.
This pack excels on long rock climbs with short approaches and active urban adventures.
Top Pick Award
This is a great pack for long, cold expeditions; it is comfortable and climbs better than most packs of this size.
This is a reasonable “pack-of-all-trades” but is less comfortable than we would like.