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GuruGrid Eco-Friendly Premium Review

Features a grid for alignment; a great mat for a new or experienced yogi looking to improve their yoga
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Price:  $92 List
Pros:  Grid for alignment, non-slip, eco-friendly rubber
Cons:  Expensive, slippery when too wet
Manufacturer:   GuruGrid
By Bo Outland ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 16, 2019
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#5 of 17
  • Comfort & Stability - 15% 8
  • Portability - 10% 5
  • Durability - 15% 9
  • Traction Dry - 20% 9
  • Traction Wet - 20% 6
  • Ease of Care - 20% 7

Our Verdict

The GuruGrid is an excellent option for the new or experienced yogi looking to improve their practice. The numbers and grid help you gauge where your practice is and where you can take it in the future. This grid can be beneficial to any level practitioner, but especially those who are trying to set goals in their practice. It's easy to care for after any yoga class thanks to its slick Polyurethane top. The traction is excellent if the mat is dry or wet, but sometimes gets a little slippery if you're an incredibly sweaty person; we recommend keeping a towel close by for those intense practices. It's one of the heavier mats in the lineup but provides plenty of cushion and support without jeopardizing balancing postures. The GuruGrid is durable and showed no wear and tear after our rigorous testing.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

If you are looking to get specific about your practice, the GuruGrid is a top recommendation. It's similar to many non-stick mats, specifically the Lululemon Reversible, but utilizes eco-friendly material and a grid that helps with alignment. Rubbery smells aside, this mat is super easy to care for, and you'll only need to wipe it down after practice. The traction is excellent when dry or wet (unless it gets too wet, then grab a towel), and we have no doubts that it's durable.

Performance Comparison

Ease of Care

The GuruGrid has a distinct rubber smell with first use but quickly fades away after a couple of uses, unlike other mats that use Polyurethane.

The GuruGrid is easy to clean after a sweaty class. Wipe it down with a mix of vinegar and water, let it hang dry when you get home, and it'll be ready within the hour. Its slick Polyurethane top ensures ease of cleaning.

Water on the GuruGrid puddles and it's easy to wipe away. You can see on the left that the mat has already started to dry!
Water on the GuruGrid puddles and it's easy to wipe away. You can see on the left that the mat has already started to dry!

Traction Dry

Traction is what this mat is all about. Whether it's wet or dry, the traction is solid.

The Polyurethane material helps provide a lot of grip right off the bat - even when the mat is dry. While the mat does get a little sticker when it is wet, if you have a non-heated practice, this mat will work just fine.

The Grid before practice in a yoga studio. Such a beautiful mat!
The Grid before practice in a yoga studio. Such a beautiful mat!

Traction Wet

Traction on the GuruGrid gets even better when this mat is wet; however, a word of caution - if the mat becomes excessively sweaty, it can become slippery. We recommend keeping a towel nearby, just in case!

Polyurethane is a commonly used material in the yoga mat world nowadays. The GuruGrid is easily compared to the Lifeform mat, which is the same concept in that it features lines for alignment and uses the same material, but it is twice the price.

Comfort and Stability

The GuruGrid is one of the most cushiony mats we tested; it has the perfect balance of cushion and firmness. When moving to a floor practice with intense knee poses (half splits and camel), the padding was enough to keep your knees safe and comfortable. If you have extremely sensitive knees, this mat is easy to fold over, providing twice the amount of cushion. During balancing poses, this mat was stable enough and did not affect our stability.

The mat lies flat on the floor and does not roll up during practice. The weight and material allow it to roll out with incredible ease. With other mats, you sometimes have to roll it backward for it to lay flat; this is not the case with GuruGrid. The material is flexible and has no problem being rolled up for days and then laying flat right away.

The comfort is not affected by different surfaces; the cushion and stability are perfectly balanced when on hardwood, grass, and carpet. The GuruGrid is unique in that it's an alignment-based yoga mat that allows you to explore and determine your best body placement. All poses require proper foot and hand placement, which is crucial for a safe practice.

The numbers are specifically placed and allow you to find personal alignment in each of the poses. With either the lines or the numbers, you can fold the mat over and measure it against your body so that you'll have a more accurate and presonalized alignment in your poses.

The 4s on the mat are four feet apart from each other, the 3s are three feet apart from each other, and the 2s are two feet apart from each other. Such sizing allows for any size person, from a small kid to a large man and everything in between, find the proper placement for their practice. The numbers also allow you to gauge your progress in your practice; for example, when you first start practicing down-dog, your feet and hands might be on the 4s. Once you have a more advanced practice, they may be on 4s in the front and 3s in the back.

It is easy to align your feet on the grid to find "hips-width distance apart".
It is easy to align your feet on the grid to find "hips-width distance apart".


The GuruGrid is super durable. After testing, the mat did not have any staining or durability issues, such as detoriation.

This mat was one of the newest looking after testing all models in our fleet. It had no visible wear and tear on the top or bottom, and the material held together without any issues after several consecutive yoga classes.

It is easy to measure the GuruGrid next to your body to get to see where to place your hands and feet!
It is easy to measure the GuruGrid next to your body to get to see where to place your hands and feet!


The GuruGrid rolls up easily and stays together without a strap. One downside is that it weighs four pounds, five ounces and is just a little lighter than the heavier mats in our review. If you live in a city, or have a long commute via foot, bus, or bike, we recommend you look elsewhere.


While the cost of this mat is a little more than average, we highly recommend this mat to the new yogi looking to advance their practice, specifically if you primarily practice hot yoga. The grid is GuruGrid's real selling point, as it helps you figure out a baseline for all of your poses when first starting out. Are you starting to get serious about your yoga practice? This mat may be worth a second look.


The GuruGri offers something to every yogi. We love the grid, which helps adjust alignment, and the mat is high quality and easy to clean. The eco-friendly rubber bottom does not have a lasting rubber smell and the traction is excellent when wet or dry. After rigorous testing, the mat was in the same condition as when we unrolled it for the very first time and there were no signs of wear and tear. It's the perfect balance of cushion and stability, making it versatile for various types of yoga.

Bo Outland