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Misty Mountain Silhouette Review

A comfortable traditional harness that gives you great all day support
Misty Mountain Silhouette
Credit: Misty Mountain
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Price:  $130 List
Pros:  Padded waist belt is comfortable, made in the USA and customizable
Cons:  Heavy and a little bulky
Manufacturer:   Misty Mountain
By Jane Jackson & Cam McKenzie Ring  ⋅  May 11, 2020
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  • Hanging Comfort - 30% 9.0
  • Standing Comfort - 25% 6.0
  • Features - 20% 7.0
  • Versatility - 15% 8.0
  • Adjustability - 10% 9.0

Our Verdict

Misty Mountain is known for their beefy Cadillac harnesses (not reviewed here) as well as their customizable options. (All of their products are made in North Carolina, and you can create your own harness if you prefer a combination that is not offered as-is or need a different size of leg loops relative to your waist.) We wanted to check out something that was a little less robust than the Cadillac (but hopefully still as comfortable) and chose to test their Silhouette harness. Billed as an all-around model, it has a comfortable and supportive waistbelt in a slightly less burly package when compared to the Cadillac. It's still a great choice for traditional climbing, but it's surprisingly not too bulky for sport climbing either. This harness is for the gal who's mostly climbing long cracks but doesn't mind a "rest day" spent clipping bolts.

As of 2022, Misty Mountain has discontinued the Silhouette harness.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Misty Mountain Silhouette is a comfortable and well-made harness from the heart of Appalachia, the only harness in our test group that is made in the USA. It's a sturdy model that has great comfort and works well for long routes where you might be hanging in your harness at every belay.

Performance Comparison

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - the silhouette is our top pick for traditional climbing, but we also...
The Silhouette is our Top Pick for Traditional Climbing, but we also wore it sport climbing and liked how comfortable it was when working a route and hanging in our harness a lot.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

Standing Comfort

When it came to standing comfort, the Silhouette didn't score so high. The same features that make it comfortable to hang in (see the next metric below) make it a little bulky and sweaty.

This was the heaviest harness in our review (15.4 ounces in size Small), and it felt noticeably heavier than some of the lighter weight harnesses we tested. We also felt hot in this model when testing it in the summer.

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - this harness is well made and uses thick and sturdy materials, but...
This harness is well made and uses thick and sturdy materials, but that makes it a little heavy and it might leave you sweatier on hot days.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

Hanging Comfort

Here is where the Silhouette shines, and it was the most comfortable harness that we tested to hang in.

The waist belt is four inches wide at the back, and then it tapers around the front, contouring the waist and hips and providing ample padding throughout. It's not quite as beefy as a big wall harness, but it's enough so that you won't be crying during your next hanging belay. The leg loops have nice padding as well, which is key since that's where most of your weight is held by your harness. While we appreciate attempts to make gear lighter, sometimes you need a few ounces of padding on your harness!

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - whether hangdogging or at a hanging belay, the padding on the misty...
Whether hangdogging or at a hanging belay, the padding on the Misty Mountain Silhouette will keep your legs from going numb.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

One of the most important things you can do before buying any harness, but particularly one you plan on multi-pitch climbing in, is to hang in it first. Gear stores will often have a powerpoint that you can hang from, or if you purchase it online, you can test it out at your home or a gym first before ripping the tags off and committing to the purchase. Try to spend at least five minutes free-hanging in it, and if you can't handle that amount of time, it's probably not the best one for you.

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - which leg loop would you rather hang in for an hour? the...
Which leg loop would you rather hang in for an hour? The Technician's (top) doesn't have enough padding around the front so you feel the webbing digging into you. The Silhouette's (bottom) is amply padded throughout and protects your entire thigh.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

Discipline-Specific Features

We liked all of the features on the Silhouette — it had almost everything that we want in a trad harness, except perhaps a fifth gear loop in the rear.

There is a haul loop tab that can fit one or two carabiners, but sometimes it's nice to have even more racking options for your shoes, a windbreaker, a water bottle, or whatever you like to clip to your rear.

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - there is a large haul loop at the back of the harness, but it can't...
There is a large haul loop at the back of the harness, but it can't quite hold as much as a fifth gear loop can. Also, note the bulky leg loop straps and buckle. A slightly thinner option there would be nicer.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring

We liked the gear loops on the Silhouette. Sure, they look a little weird sticking up or out from your harness when there is nothing on them, but they can hold a lot of gear. Other than that, this is a fairly simple model. There's an abrasion-resistant material sewn to the outside of the waist belt, but that might be nice over the leg loops too.

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - once you put gear on them the loops lay flat against your harness...
Once you put gear on them the loops lay flat against your harness, but they do look a little funny without anything.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring


The Silhouette is somewhat versatile. It functions best as a trad harness, but we still did some moderate sport climbing in it with no worries. The leg loops are adjustable enough for this to fit over your winter gear, should you want to ice climb in it, though there aren't any ice clipper tools slots.

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - the thick webbing around the leg loops and tie in points bunched up...
The thick webbing around the leg loops and tie in points bunched up a bit on us, and it didn't feel as mobile as some of the thin "tape" style harnesses.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring


The Silhouette received top marks for adjustability. The leg loops can fit a range of sizes comfortably. The rise is high enough to fit those who like to wear their harness on their waist, though the adjusters are a little challenging to lengthen or shorten.

The real thing that makes Misty stand out from the competition from an adjustability standpoint is the ability to order a custom harness from them. Have muscular thighs from years of mountain biking or deadlifting? Some of the other models might not fit you well, particularly if the leg loops aren't adjustable. Misty will let you order different sized waistbelts and leg loops in various combinations, with any of their product lines.

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - the leg loops are fully adjustable on this model, and should your...
The leg loops are fully adjustable on this model, and should your legs run larger or smaller than your waist, you can mix and match the sizes on a custom model.
Credit: Cam McKenzie Ring


The Silhouette is one of the more expensive harnesses in our test group. Only the Arc'teryx brand was more expensive. The price on the Silhouette didn't seem too excessive though, considering the quality workmanship, and the knowledge that you are supporting a small company that does all of it's manufacturing in the States.

Misty Mountain Silhouette climbing harness womens - high up on the monitor wall, colorado in the misty mountain...
High up on the Monitor Wall, Colorado in the Misty Mountain Silhouette. This harness had ample room for the twenty draws we needed for this route, along with our hiking shoes and belay setup.
Credit: Scott Ring


The Misty Mountain Silhouette was our first choice of harness every time we racked up for a gear route, and even for the occasional sport climb too. It is supportive and comfortable, and your body will thank you if you take this one on your next multi-pitch climb as opposed to some thin sport climbing model.

Jane Jackson & Cam McKenzie Ring
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