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Brittany Page is no stranger to CrossFit. After being introduced in 2009, her love for coaching and the community has continued to grow. Owning and operating a CrossFit gym near Chicago, IL for over 7 years, Brittany holds her CrossFit Level Two Certification, Olympic Lifting Certification, Strongman Certification, Movement & Mobility Certification, and Nutrition Certifications. Always following the ebb and flow of the universe, her and her husband made the decision to change their life's course by closing their gym to travel full time with their puppies. After 2 years of van life, 37 National Parks, all of the BLM land, and weeks on end without showers, she found her happy place to plant roots in northern Colorado. Brittany continues to coach and train CrossFit in her new homeland. Not one to stay still, she can be found hiking, climbing, photographing, snowboarding, and doing anything outdoors when she's not training or working.

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