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Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's Review

A versatile, comfortable, shoe that does well with heavy lifting but not for running
Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's
Credit: Reebok
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Price:  $130 List
Pros:  Flexible, lightweight, roomy, tons of colors and style options
Cons:  Heel slippage, sock-like sleeve not universal fit, lack of toe protection
Manufacturer:   Reebok
By Brittany Page ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 11, 2019
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Our Verdict

Reebok was one of the first and foremost names when it comes to CrossFit gear and shoes. They capitalized on the CrossFit Games, and their Nano series of shoes have been the CrossFit shoe of choice by many athletes for over nine years. As the years have passed, Reebok has had to evolve and compete with the demand from CrossFit athletes as well as big-name players entering the market like Nike and NOBULL. The Reebok Nano was once THE shoe of CrossFit, and it has lost some steam. Our testers found the Nano 8.0 to have features that work well for weightlifting but lacked when it came to running and flexibility.

New Colors

Though the color we tested is no longer available, this shoe is still offered in a host of other hues. See one current offering in the photo above.

November 2019

Our Analysis and Test Results

Its eighth addition to the Nano family, Reebok restored its faith in decent CrossFit shoes when making upgrades to this shoe over the Nano 7.

Performance Comparison

Seeing how the Reebok Nano 8.0 stacked up against the competition, it does well with weightlifting movements, but we had some issues with performance when it came to WODs with running and loaded carrying movements like walking lunges.

Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's shoes for crossfit - we liked these for weightlifting, but had some comfort and support...
We liked these for weightlifting, but had some comfort and support issues during walking lunges and running.
Credit: Brittany Page


Weightlifting is where the 8.0 excelled, compared to other metrics. The midsole offers overall support that can meet the demands of lifting during CrossFit workouts. The heel of this shoe is rigid and hard and gives the right amount of surface feel during lifts. The 4mm heel drop is minimal, which helps athletes feel stable on the platform or mats while going heavy. Testers noted the wide toe box helped them feel stable and balanced during squats and heavy cleans.

The flexibility of the forefoot caused the toes to begin curling after a few workouts; this was distracting to some testers and caused a loss of connection to the floor on major lifts. Despite the forefoot flexibility, during weighted lunges, the 8.0 lost points as the heel failed to move with the foot. At the rear of the shoe, the thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) heel clip helps cradle the foot and keep it steady during squats and thrusters.

Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's shoes for crossfit - the support of the nano 8 was great during weightlifting. the rigid...
The support of the Nano 8 was great during weightlifting. The rigid sole and low drop helped us feel stable and balanced during squats.
Credit: Brittany Page


When it comes to running workouts, the Nano 8.0 fell down the ranks. Our testers found the shoe to be uncomfortable during most cardio movements. The attributes that make it good for weightlifting, such as the stiff, hard sole, and wide toe box, deterred it from doing well during runs. The shoes felt clunky, and one tester reports making heavy foot strikes while wearing these for running WODs. Athletes looking for a shoe that excels on all types of running, short and long, should consider the NOBULL Knit Runner. Those Reebok fans searching for the perfect balance between weightlifting and running in a shoe should look into the 8.0's newest sibling, the Nano 9.0.

Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's shoes for crossfit - the stiff, hard sole that makes this shoe good for lifting, hindered...
The stiff, hard sole that makes this shoe good for lifting, hindered it in our running tests.
Credit: Brittany Page


The Nano 8.0 was supportive under heavy barbells and pulling movements, but was lacking during running, lunging, and quick changes of direction. The unique figure 8 pattern in the Flexweave technology offers a snug fit over the midfoot. The inner bootie was hit or miss with our testers. Some preferred the bootie and felt it helped keep their foot in place, while others found it too constricting during explosive movements.

Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's shoes for crossfit - the support was great with heavy barbell lifts, but the inner bootie...
The support was great with heavy barbell lifts, but the inner bootie was a bit too constrictive during quick changed of direction during our WOD.
Credit: Brittany Page

Protection and Durability

Athletes want to feel confident in the shoes they wear for CrossFit workouts due to the intense and unique demands that are thrown at them. Protection and durability rank high to meet those demands. Wearing the wrong shoe for your WOD can lead to rips, tears, and even worse - injury. The internal bootie has enough cushion to protect your heels from slippage while keeping them safe from blistering. The outsole of the Nano is made from high abrasion rubber that helps with traction, and the RopePro technology seen on many of their models wraps around the lateral and medial sides of the midfoot for protection. This shoe handles well during aggressive movements but landed in the middle of the pack being beaten out by comparably priced options like the NOBULL Trainer and the Nike Metcon 4.

The RopePro technology helps with traction and bite on rope climbs.
The RopePro technology helps with traction and bite on rope climbs.
The high abrasion rubber outsole stood up against the beating that...
The high abrasion rubber outsole stood up against the beating that shoes take during a workout. The only downside is that they felt a bit sticky on the wall during handstand pushups.


The 8.0 offers enough sensitivity for the athlete to find good positions while doing any sort of weightlifting. The sole of the shoe is hard and does not compress under heavy loads. The forefoot was flexible during movements like burpees and double unders, but the toe box started to curl after repeated use and started to take away sensitivity for our lifting.


Reebok made some notable upgrades to the 7.0 in terms of breathability when they released the 8.0 into circulation. The major updates are on the uppers, where the Flexweave provides a breathable and ventilated experience for the athlete. The gap in the bootie near the midsole did a great job of letting heat out of the foot chamber during our workout. The Nano 8.0 ranked among highest on the breathability scale next to the NOBULL Trainer.

Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's shoes for crossfit - nano's flexweave technology offers the athlete a breathable...
Nano's Flexweave technology offers the athlete a breathable experience during intense CrossFit workouts.
Credit: Brittany Page


The Reebok Nano line is known for its comfortable, wide toe boxes, and the 8.0 has just that. Our testers made mention of it being almost too wide in this version, but if you are an athlete that likes toe space while lifting, or has wide feet, this is a good option for you. The upper features breathable, lightweight Flexweave fabric, and we experienced no hot spots while wearing these for WODs. The bootie design had just the right amount of cushion for a comfortable wear.

Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's shoes for crossfit - reebok stayed true to nano fashion with the wide toe box in the 8.
Reebok stayed true to Nano fashion with the wide toe box in the 8.
Credit: Brittany Page


Reebok is the face of CrossFit, and they mark their shoes at a premium price point to reflect that. Their Nano 8.0 tops the chart on price compared to the higher-ranked Nike Metcon 4 and NOBULL Trainer. If you like the aesthetics of this shoe, it is a decent buy, but understand you will be sacrificing agility and comfort during running, but you'll have yourself a solid weightlifting shoe. If the Nano 8.0 is your style and you don't need to take it out for longer distance runs, it might be a good pick for you.


Reebok has updated their shoes with every new release, and the 8 brings out some better features than its predecessor, the Nano 7. The Flexweave upper is more breathable, and the shoe offers great flexibility and support during lifting but is lacking in features desired for running. Although not the best option, if you are on a tight budget, this shoe performs well for weightlifting during your WOD if you are a fan of Reebok. We do, however, recommend going all-in on the Nano 9.0 if you are in the market for a great overall CrossFit shoe that can handle running as well.

Reebok Nano 8.0 Flexweave - Women's shoes for crossfit - adding some key features as compared to the nano 7, the 8 is more...
Adding some key features as compared to the Nano 7, the 8 is more breathable and flexible.
Credit: Brittany Page

Brittany Page

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