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Nike Metcon 4 - Women's Review

An improvement over the previous version; the main difference being the flexible soles, which offer higher performance during runs
Nike Metcon 4 - Women's
The Nike Metcon 4.
Credit: Nike
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Price:  $130 List | $139.99 at Amazon
Pros:  Good shoe for lifting and a general CrossFit shoe, great for rope climbs
Cons:  Breathability, squeaking nose
Manufacturer:   Nike
By Brittany Page ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 11, 2019
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Our Verdict

Nike shook up the CrossFit shoe world with the release of their first Metcon in 2014. Since then, they seemed to lose momentum in the race for the best shoe for CrossFit but regained some of that ground with the Metcon 4. Their previous biggest drawback we saw in our review was their performance on runs. Our reviewers felt they were much too stiff for running comfortably. The soles of the new Metcons are flexible enough to handle short runs, yet still a very sturdy option for lifting. We liked their support on our heavier lifting days. The Metcons top the charts when it comes to durability overall in the gym during and specifically during rope climbs. The sticky rubber that wraps up the instep of this shoe will help you climb that rope in no time!

Metcon 5 Available Now

Nike redesigned the Metcon significantly with the release of the 5th generation. We're linking to it now above. Check out the differences between the 4 and 5 below.

April 2020

Our Analysis and Test Results

The New Nike Metcon 5 vs. the Nike Metcon 4

The Metcon 5 is Nike's newest attempt as CrossFit shoe perfection. The new model features a few design elements that separate it from the Metcon 4. The Nike Metcon 4 is a solid choice for lifting metcons, as the name would imply. Short runs are fine for this shoe, but you may want something different for long runs. You will also be hard pressed to find a better shoe for rope climbs. Your feet will not slip on the rope with the sticky rubber soles.

Nike's main focus in the new Metcon was to increase flexibility and running performance on the already stellar Metcon 4. They kept the chain-link pattern on the upper and raised the peak to cover more surface area on rope climbs. Although the Metcon 4 was already good for lifting, Nike widened the heel for added stability on the 5 and included a "Hyperlift Insert" coming in at 6mm to raise the heel for maximum loads. The tongue provides more cushioning, and the outsole rubber is now stickier at the forefoot and reportedly more durable at the heel.

Check out the differences here, with the new Metcon 5 on the left and the Metcon 4 we tested on the right.

The Nike Metcon 4.
The Nike Metcon 4.

Since we've yet to test the Metcon 5, the review below is still our account of the 4.

Hands-On Review of the Metcon 4

Nike Metcon 4 - Women's shoes for crossfit - sturdy toe boxes, tough upper construction, and protection on the...
Sturdy toe boxes, tough upper construction, and protection on the outers. Nike Metcon 4 left, Reebok CrossFit Nano 6 right, Nike Metcon 4 XD X bottom.
Credit: Brittany Page


The Metcon is one of the most solid CrossFit shoes for heavy lifting. Most hybrid style shoes designed to handle CrossFit workouts are often too soft or lack the support to take on heavier loads. We were able to keep the Metcons firmly planted as we screwed our feet into the ground.

Nike Metcon 4 - Women's shoes for crossfit - one of our favorite shoes for heavy lifts. the metcon 4 has the...
One of our favorite shoes for heavy lifts. The Metcon 4 has the right amount of support to keep our feet grounded and stable.
Credit: Brittany Page


The Metcon 4s have been vastly improved compared to the Metcon 3s. A major complaint from users with the Metcon 3 was heel slippage. Nike listened to its customers and made some simple fixes, including adding one more eyelet at the top of the ankle. Nike also delivered a new 3-D print on the upper that helps hold your foot in much better and conforms the shoe to your foot. The drop-in midsole is quite stiff on the shoe out of the box, but give them a bit of time and let them break-in. It is very responsive to any of your explosive CrossFit movements, including sprints. On longer distance runs, our testers report feeling the flatness of the sole slapping the ground. Although the Metcon is designed to be an overall CrossFit shoe, you can tell the bias is still towards weightlifting.

Nike Metcon 4 - Women's shoes for crossfit - an added eyelet at the top of the ankle prevents heel slippage...
An added eyelet at the top of the ankle prevents heel slippage during runs. These will take a few workouts to break in, but they are very responsive during sprint style WODs.
Credit: Brittany Page


We aim for a shoe with good "sensitivity" in our search for the best shoe for CrossFit. This measure describes how easy it is to feel your weight balanced on your feet. In the battle for the best CrossFit shoe, one category that helps the Metcons stand out is their sensitivity. The Nanos have a wider toe box that can feel sloppy and make it hard to keep your body weight strategically positioned where you need it; the Metcons gave us much better feedback.

Nike Metcon 4 - Women's shoes for crossfit - these shoes give the athlete sensitivity in combination with...
These shoes give the athlete sensitivity in combination with support. It is easy to feel where your weight is distributed.
Credit: Brittany Page


The demands of CrossFit require a supportive shoe. The shoes must be able to handle the weight of the athlete plus the additional barbell weight. One of the common problems when lifting in non-lifting shoes is that they lack the support you need to stand up out of the bottom of a squat. The midsole has minimal compression when you are under load, but gives the right amount of pop needed for Olympic lifting and plyometric movements. The Metcon has a tight fit on your foot that offers support without feeling tight and constricted. Our testers noted that the Metcon excelled during shifting movements like sprints and barbell cycling, where the foot stayed stable and balanced.

Protection and Durability

We prefer shoes that will protect our feet and give us a good bang for our buck. A few movements we took into consideration for this metric include rope climbs, double unders, and handstand pushups. These are one of the most indestructible shoes we have seen that can withstand the demands from CrossFit workouts. The friction from rope climbs that often shreds shoes and rubs feet is no problem at all for the sticky rubber sole that wraps up around the middle of the Metcon. You will find that many shoe companies are catering to the demands of CrossFitters by adding protective rope barriers.

Nike Metcon 4 - Women's shoes for crossfit - the added heel protection keeps your shoes safe while effortlessly...
The added heel protection keeps your shoes safe while effortlessly gliding up and down the wall on handstand pushups.
Credit: Brittany Page

The Metcon 4 grip onto the rope better than any other shoe in this review. Our feet felt protected from the friction of rope climbs as well as the sting of double unders in the Metcon.

Nike Metcon 4 - Women's shoes for crossfit - these are one of the most indestructible shoes we have seen that can...
These are one of the most indestructible shoes we have seen that can withstand the demands from CrossFit workouts. The Metcon 4 is our favorite shoe for rope climbs!
Credit: Brittany Page


As we compared our test shoes, we paid close attention to the breathability of each shoe. We know you will be working hard in your new shoes, and the last thing you want to worry about during a workout is your feet being hot. The Metcon ranked on the lower end of breathability in this review; however, they are superior to their close competitor, the Nanos, in their breathability rating.


We can't talk about shoes without addressing comfort. Comfort is rated equally important as sensitivity, durability, and breathability in our metrics. The Metcon 4 has a flexible sole for runs, an added eyelet on the ankle collar, and tongue cushioning. As for standing around in them all day, our testers noted that the Metcons could use more arch support. The Metcons were still more comfortable than the older Nano shoes, which were some of our lowest ranking shoes for comfort.

Nike Metcon 4 - Women's shoes for crossfit - the metcon 4 not only look awesome, they have some major comfort...
The Metcon 4 not only look awesome, they have some major comfort improvements like the flexible sole for running, added eyelet on the ankle collar to prevent heel slippage, and added tongue cushioning.
Credit: Brittany Page


The Metcons are on the upper end of price for the shoes in this review. If you are willing to go with a solid color of the NOBULL Trainers, then the NOBULLs would be a more comfortable, versatile shoe than the Metcons.


Nike has regained some footing in the competition for the best shoe for CrossFit with the Metcon 4. They are a solid pick for moderate to heavy weight workouts, and they are fantastic for rope climbs. If you aren't concerned about longer runs, then this could be a good all-around choice for your workouts. Nike has managed to combine the major features of a lifting shoe and a running shoe into a single CrossFit trainer.

Nike Metcon 4 - Women's shoes for crossfit - moderate to heavy metcon workouts are the wheelhouse of the nike...
Moderate to heavy metcon workouts are the wheelhouse of the Nike Metcons, it will also function well as your general shoe for CrossFit. You will not find a shoe with more grip for your rope climbs than what these provide.
Credit: Brittany Page

Brittany Page

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