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How We Tested Running Shoes for Women

By Lauren DeLaunay ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Thursday August 8, 2019

Selection Process

Starting with online research, we scoured the market looking for our elite fourteen pairs of women's running shoes. We read reviews on over eighty of the most popular models today, comparing materials, design, and purpose to pick the top products that would make it to our rigorous hands-on testing.

Where We Tested

Over the course of three months, we ran dozens of miles in each shoe. From Yosemite to the Eastern Sierra, from hot desert pavement to the treadmill, we put each shoe through the wringer to see what it could withstand. Our judgment started the moment we took each model out of the box, where we evaluated weight and purpose. We evaluated each shoe both in its specific use, like long distances or speed workouts, as well as how it holds up as an overall, everyday shoe. While some of the competitors we reviewed are specialized to one discipline, we also wanted to answer the question of which model makes for the best single-shoe quiver.

Testing Process

We ran fast and slow in these shoes and started with the more easily judged metrics of landing comfort and upper comfort. Which shoes were the most comfortable right out of the box? Which ones bothered us immediately, and which did we never want to take off? Once we had our initial judging done, we looked deeper. We compared each product on its responsiveness and stability, two features that may matter more to some runners than others. From concrete to the track, we put each shoe through the trial of miles through months of detailed, deliberate, hands-on testing to bring you the most comprehensive women's running shoe review possible.