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Editors' Choice Award
This classic one-inch setup is ideal for the traditionalist looking to build a foundation for future longlines and highlines.
Top Pick Award
Hands down, the most complete, well thought out kit in our test, and is an ideal trick-line and long-line.
Best Buy Award
If you are a beginner looking to try slacklining, this kit has all the features to get you started.
Best Buy Award
If a long slackline is what you are after, but don't want to spend a fortune, this is what you are looking for!
Top Pick Award
This 1-inch longline is quick to rig and great for beginning longliners.
Great for stunts and surfing but is somewhat limited by its length.
If the basic models have lost their allure, this long line will be a new challenge and can also be used for tricks.
This is a basic, but a high quality kit that is great for a casual day out slacklining with friends, or learning on.
This kit is on the short side but otherwise makes a good all around beginner line.
This trickline might have some limitations, but if you want a lot of "bounce for the buck", this is the kit for you.
This basic slackline is okay if set up is done carefully, otherwise the ratchet can lead to premature wear.