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Trailblaze Complete Kit Review

A basic slackline with quality components and beginner friendly features that is mostly limited by its shorter length
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Price:  $70 List | $62.87 at Amazon
Pros:  Great beginner set-up, quality components
Cons:  Not great for advanced slackliners, short
Manufacturer:   Trailblaze Products
By Adam Paashaus ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Sep 20, 2019
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  • Ease of Set-Up - 20% 8
  • Versatility - 20% 6
  • Quality - 20% 6
  • Disassembly - 20% 6
  • Features - 20% 8

Our Verdict

The Trailblaze Complete Kit is a full beginner kit that has everything to get a new slacker up and walking. The overhead training line and arm trainer can be set up for learning the basics and removed when you get the hang of it. The webbing has some grippy texture, but the texture gets worn over time where it goes through the ratchet drum. Our biggest complaint with this slackline is, being the shortest of all tested, the 40' just isn't quite long enough in many situations because you still have to account for wrapping both the ratchet and slackline around sometimes thick trees or other anchors. This slackline is best used for backyard learning. Kids or anyone looking to try slacklining casually would love this line. It makes a fine intermediate line but is on the short side, and others in the same category tend to be more fun to walk.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

This slackline, with its overhead training line, is a great beginner line, but the short length makes it harder to find gaps that work. The overall quality of both the webbing and the ratchet is on par with the more prominent brand names, but we didn't love the color scheme and graphics. The flat, tightly woven webbing is "seatbelt-like", but thicker than a typical trick-line, making for a slightly more lively intro line.

Performance Comparison

The Trailblaze was a basic but fun line to walk.
The Trailblaze was a basic but fun line to walk.

Ease of Set-up

The Trailblaze Complete Kit has all the things needed to open the box up and get slacking in a matter of minutes. The direction booklet, however poorly translated, has good illustrations and written descriptions. The ratchet kept the webbing aligned during the tightening process, which, for the durability of the webbing, is one of the most important things a ratchet can do.

The Ratchet is nothing special  but it does its job well with no issues encountered.
The Ratchet is nothing special, but it does its job well with no issues encountered.


This kit can be fairly versatile since it has the overhead training line, but the short length can sometimes limit where you are able to place it. With the slackline measuring 40' and the ratchet measuring about 8', the average max walking gap is only about 43', the shortest in our test.


The Trailblaze Kit has pretty good quality overall. No red flags, so to speak. The stitching that forms the loops in the main webbing is messy and chaotic looking, but I know it doesn't affect the performance or safety. The ratchet works well and keeps the webbing aligned, so when you detach the line, everything is running smoothly.

Stitching detail.
Stitching detail.


Taking this line down, like with other ratchet systems, can be a bit tense. This one, unfortunately, has more bite than some of the others in the lineup, but isn't too much to handle, just get everything lined up, watch your fingers and hair, and… POP!!!


This kit is complete, and all you need to get out and start slacklining. A two-part overhead training line sets up just like the slackline, and when used with the arm trainer, teaches natural arm movement while you learn the basics. The tree pro, though included, is short and often not long enough to get all the way around many trees. It also came with a ratchet cover, and while cheaply constructed, we thought it was a welcome addition.

The ratchet cover  while a welcome bonus feature  broke on our first use but was still usable.
The ratchet cover, while a welcome bonus feature, broke on our first use but was still usable.


This kit has a good value and has all the features to get you slacklining at a lower investment. A few things limit the line, but overall, if this works for your needs, it has a great value.


Was the Trailblaze Complete the perfect line? No. Not really. Even that person who would love the Trailblaze, the new walker, would be happier with one of the other beginner line options.

The Trailblaze was a great basic line for a casual day out.
The Trailblaze was a great basic line for a casual day out.

Adam Paashaus