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The Snow Peak Titanium Spork is extremely versatile
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To select the perfect spork, you need to balance comfort, weight, performance and durability. We go through each metric so you can decide what combination of those qualities are essential to you.


It may sound petty, but the comfort of your utensils can have a major effect on your emotional state. With a spork that reminds you of home, it's easier to forget that the quarter-bowl of dehydrated mash potatoes you're eating represent the last of your food for the next four days. With elegant cutlery, it's easier to convince yourself that your butler, Livingston, will come shuffling into your tent bearing a roast turkey, complete with fixin's, any second.

When buying comfortable cutlery, begin with materials. Metal is best- sporks like the Snow Peak Titanium Spork are thick enough to hold comfortably and have a mouth-pleasing texture. That being said, manufacturers often make metal utensils much thinner than their plastic counterparts. The Alpha Light is thin enough to cut skin. Plastic utensils are tacky.


There are some choices to be made when considering durability. Material is the most significant factor- Plastic does not bend, but it can snap or melt, whereas Metal will not melt or snap, but can bend. If you plan on using your spork for cooking, buy metal. It takes a lot to melt Polycarbonate, but cast-iron can do it. Design is another factor to consider. Titanium might be stronger than aluminium, but the Alpha Light's design renders it stronger than the Snow Peak Titanium.


When considering a spork for purely utilitarian purposes, look for a design that separates the spoon and fork entirely, like the Light My Fire Spork. Otherwise, look for long prongs and a deep bowl, to allow for maximum pasta-twirling soup-slurping action.

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