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Jones Twin Sister Review

The Twin Sister is a responsive, hard charging board for consistent all-mountain riding and surpreme powder surfing.
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Price:  $500 List | $424.93 at REI
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Pros:  Great in all conditions, strong edge hold, floats in powder
Cons:  Slightly stiff
Manufacturer:   Jones
By Amelia Traynor ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 20, 2017
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#3 of 7
  • Edge Hold - 25% 10
  • Float in Powder - 20% 9
  • Stability at Speed - 20% 8
  • Playfulness - 20% 6
  • Pop and Jumping - 15% 7

Our Verdict

The Twin Sister is the ladies twist on the men's Mountain Twin. Built for the steeps and deeps, this board is surprisingly playful and ready for a variety of conditions and objectives. The directional twin shape has a slight setback and is paired with a blunted nose, designed for smooth, switch-friendly powder cruising. Magne-traction edge tech ensures unparalleled edge hold in even the iciest conditions. The Twin Sister is an all-mountain destroyer for hard-charging riders that want to take their riding to the next level.

Product Updated Since Testing

The Twin Sister is updated! Read on for comparison photos and details about the new model which is displayed in the main photo above.

October 2018

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Updated Twin Sister

The Twin Sister prototype gets an upgraded Mastercore, a topcoat makeover, and some new edge traction technology. The core, a combo of poplar and paulownia, is re-profiled to be more responsive from edge to edge but maintains play in the rocker zones on the tip and tail. Despite the tinkering, the board keeps the price tag of $500. See the comparison photos below (the latest model is on the left).
Jones Twin Sister

Here are the updates:
  • New Graphics — The topcoat mountainscape design has been updated yet again with a fresh mountain scene by artist RP Roberts.
  • Updated Core — According to Jones, the core is updated to be stiffer and more responsive.
  • New Edge Technology — This board now employs Traction Tech 2.0, intended to provide an improved edge grip on hard snow.
  • Topsheet Material Updates — The topsheet is made of eco-plastic in order to provide an even flex.

The review below depicts findings from our hands-on review of the 2017 Twin Sister.

Hands-On Review of the Twin Sister

For the freestyle lady that wants one board to take on the whole mountain, the Twin Sister is a perfect solution. Inspiring creativity and confidence in powder or on groomers, this board is a great option for big mountain ladies that want to rip up the whole resort.

Compared to other boards we tested, the Twin Sister had the best edge hold of the group. Perfect for carving in powder or hard-pack, this board is responsive and versatile. At only 5.2 lbs (~83 oz.) the Twin Sister is the second lightest women's snowboard we tested, but has the dampness and stability of a much heavier board.

The Jones Twin Sister is a perfect hike companion.
The Jones Twin Sister is a perfect hike companion.

While the Twin Sister is one of the stiffer boards we rode, we expect it would gradually become more flexible with use.

The Jones Twin Sister has an incredible topsheet graphic painted by artist RP Roberts.
The Jones Twin Sister has an incredible topsheet graphic painted by artist RP Roberts.

Edge Hold

Scoring a flawless 10/10 in this category, the Twin Sister can lock in some serious turns, holding an edge in hard conditions with ease. Carving feels precise and deliberate. Although the Magne-traction edge performs brilliantly in ice, the aggressive edge tech is unnoticeable in soft powder. Ladies that are riding primarily icy conditions may prefer a slightly less forgiving board, like the Never Summer Aura which scored a high 9/10 in edge hold, but was a little too grippy in softer snow. That said, the Twin Sister can easily transition through variable conditions and guarantees a consistent, responsive high-performance ride.

Magne-traction edge tech gives the Twin Sister multiple contact points along the running length of the board, counteracting the edge lost with its rocker profile. Company founder Jeremy Jones says Magne-traction is a "critical feature" for rockered boards.

The Twin Sister makes riding through trees an effortless breeze.
The Twin Sister makes riding through trees an effortless breeze.

Float in Powder

The Twin Sister is a directional twin, set back 2cm to give that classic surfy feel of a Jones board. Scoring an impressive 9/10 in this category, this board is super powder friendly, whether you're in fresh snow or Sierra cement. It was outperformed only by the impeccable Arbor Swoon, which alone scored a flawless 10/10 due to its slightly more dramatic propensity to stay above the snow.

Jones' "CAMROCK" profile is a hybrid — cambered between the bindings, with a rockered tip and tail. While a rocker board glides more smoothly through mixed conditions, a turned up tip and tail means decreased edge contact. This shape makes cruising through deep snow a breeze. The Twin Sister beat out even our Editors' Choice, the Gnu Ladies Choice, in this category, since its directional twin shape allows a smoother and more effortless float through the deep stuff.

The Jones Twin Sister surfs through the soft stuff.
The Jones Twin Sister surfs through the soft stuff.

Stability at Speed

While this Top Pic isn't the dampest board we rode, it holds stability at most speeds, in any conditions. Scoring an 8/10 in this category, this board yet again outperformed the Editors' Choice, the Gnu Ladies' Choice (7/10). Chatter, crust, powder, ice — the Twin Sister provides a predictable yet powerful ride all over the mountain, and it doesn't wash out at speed like the Rome Lo-Fi Rocker, which received an unfortunate 5/10 in this category.

And, with a high-grade sintered base, it feels smooth even weeks after a wax.


Jones says the Twin Sister has medium flex, but we felt this board offered more stiffness than most of the others, second only to the Never Summer Aura. Presses are possible if that's your thing, but this board doesn't flex easily, causing the Twin Sister to receive its lowest score of 6/10 in this category. She can take on jumps and jibs, but felt more solid in the pipe than anywhere else park-side. This board is ultra-light, thanks to Jones' dual-density full premium wood poplar and paulownia core, which is designed to maximize dampening and reduce weight.

Ladies looking for something more park-centric should check out the Gnu Ladies Choice, which scored a perfect 10/10, or the Rome Lo-Fi Rocker, which received a 9/10.

The Jones Twin Sister won our Top Pick for Powder
The Jones Twin Sister won our Top Pick for Powder

Pop and Jumping

The hybrid rocker profile of the Twin Sister gives a moderately poppy ride, giving it a 7/10 in this category. This board lifts off jumps with ease but can be a little unforgiving during landings. Although the Sister can definitely hang in the park, it would rather launch off side hits on a long, big mountain run.

If you're looking for a powder-friendly board with a little more pop, check out the Arbor Swoon Rocker, which received an 8/10 in Pop while maintaining high cross-category performance. The Gnu Ladies Choice received a perfect 10/10 in this category, yet isn't directionally set, so remember to consider your riding preferences when selecting a board.

Base graphic on the Jones Twin Sister.
Base graphic on the Jones Twin Sister.

Best Applications

It's no surprise that this Jones board belongs on big mountain runs. Scoring highest in edge hold with a perfect 10/10, and a competitive 9/10 in Powder, the Twin Sister reaches its full potential floating through fields of fresh snow, weaving through tight trees, or carving down groomers. While she can hang in the park, this board is for ladies that prefer fresh powder.


At $500, the Twin Sister is an impressive, take-charge powder board that will challenge you to become a better rider. While this board is a little on the pricier side, it's got the high quality we've come to expect from Jones, along with a three-year warranty.

All in all, the Jones Twin Sister is a playful, reliable board for all-mountain charging, but it truly sings in the deep stuff.

The Jones Twin Sister isn't afraid of a little hiking.
The Jones Twin Sister isn't afraid of a little hiking.

Amelia Traynor