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Burton Lipstick Review

Burton Lipstick
Price:   $550 List | $549.95 at Amazon
Pros:  Versatile, consistent, stable
Cons:  Expensive, heavy
Bottom line:  This board is a reliable all-in-one option for intermediate ladies who want a little bit of everything.
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Manufacturer:   Burton

Our Verdict

Versatility is the name of the game for the all-mountain Burton Lipstick shred stick. From slack-country to park, this board is ready to charge. It features twin tips, medium flex and a flat-top profile. Fairly forgiving and surprisingly intuitive, the Lipstick is a great versatile ride that instigates progression for every level of rider. This board promises a stable ride in any conditions — from park to powder to parking lot.

Product Update
The Burton Lipstick gets new graphics and glue in the latest prototype, pictured above. Details of the upgrade are outlined below.

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Our Analysis and Hands-on Test Results

Review by:
Amelia Traynor

Last Updated:
October 31, 2017


The latest Burton Lipstick next to its Predecessor

The Burton Lipstick is available in a new shade, so to speak. We've also learned that the board is now made with Super Sap epoxy, which is a resin formulated with bio-based materials. Glance below to see the latest iteration, pictured on the left, next to its antecedent, on the right.
Burton Lipstick
Burton LipStick

For quick reference, here's a sum-up of the update:
  • Super Sap — The Aura features Super Sap epoxy, which is an eco-conscious material preference we can get on board with!
  • Graphics-- New graphics are implemented, diverging dramatically from the original aesthetic.

While we don't anticipate the graphics, nor the epoxy switch-out, will affect the performance of this board, the review below refers to the original model which we hands-on tested.

Hands-on Review of the Original Burton Lipstick

The Lipstick is a "Flat-Top", a flat-rocker-flat profile that combines the powder-friendly float of a rocker with the easy-ride and turning of a flat camber board. This board has medium flex, allowing soft presses yet still maintains stability at higher speeds. This true-twin has identical nose and tail, flowing seamlessly from regular to switch riding.

It is the only board we tested with Burton's Channel mounting system, which uses two rails to mount the bindings rather than standard hole mounts. The downside of the Channel system is it requires compatible EST bindings, offered only by Burton. The upside is it gives virtually infinite stance options for you to customize.

The Burton Lipstick is a versatile all-mountain board designed for intermediate riders.
The Burton Lipstick is a versatile all-mountain board designed for intermediate riders.

Make sure your bindings are Channel friendly if you're going with a Burton board.

Base graphic on the Burton Lipstick.
Base graphic on the Burton Lipstick.

The Lipstick performed well in all categories, yet didn't really "wow" us in any particular area. This board is just solid all-around choice, providing a consistent and reliable ride in a variety of conditions.

Edge Hold

Scoring a 6/10 in this category, the Lipstick had some serious room for improvement. Although the Lipstick's edges provide quick turn initiation, it was washy and unpredictable in icy conditions. For a Vermont-based company, you'd think Burton would prepare for the "Ice Coast." Burton's Frostbite edge adds additional contact underfoot, but didn't hold as much as we would have liked. If you need a strong edge, look at the Jones Twin Sister, which received a 10/10 rating in this category for its unparalleled edge hold technology, or the Never Summer Aura, which received a 9/10 and provides a stable (yet stiff) consistent ride.

The Burton Lipstick cruises through powder and cuts through crud.
The Burton Lipstick cruises through powder and cuts through crud.

Float in Powder

With a moderate 7/10 rating, the Flat-Top's mellow rise at the tip and tail allows the Lipstick to float above powder, but not without some effort. The true-twin shape means you've really got to sit back when pushing through the deep stuff, although you could easily adjust your stance to something set back, especially with the Lipstick's ultra-versatile Channel mounting system. If you're looking for a high-performance board that floats effortlessly through powder, check out the Arbor Swoon Rocker, which scored a perfect 10/10 in this category. Another high performing board in this category is the Jones Twin Sister, which received a 9/10 due to it's directional set up and blunted nose.

Stability at Speed

Burton's Flat-Top profile offers more stability at speed than other more aggressively rockered boards. With a damp core, the Lipstick absorbs chatter like a champ, ripping down groomers without the slightest bit of unsteadiness. It scored a 9/10 in this category, outperformed only by the Never Summer Aura. The Aura scored a perfect 10/10 in this category, offering a slightly more stiff and resilient ride than Lipstick. These boards blew some of the competition away, like the Rome Lo-Fi Rocker, which felt washy at high speeds and squirreled out from underneath you, earning only a 5/10 in this category.

The Burton Lipstick has incredible graphics designed by artist Charmaine Olivia.
The Burton Lipstick has incredible graphics designed by artist Charmaine Olivia.


Scoring a 7/10 in playfulness, the Lipstick is a true twin, and makes switch riding feel like second nature. It's got a medium flex, making presses and jibs easy and controlled. It outperformed the Never Summer Aura in this category, with a dramatically more playful flex than the Aura, which scored a 4/10. The Lipstick felt stable on boxes and rails. However, this board could have been a little more flexible for park play. The Gnu Ladies Choice is a more natural fit for park play, and with an asymmetric shape, it's even easier to ride switch than the true twin — giving it a perfect 10/10 score in this category.


Scoring a solid 8/10 in this category, the Lipstick is one poppy board. The Flat Top shape gives it that extra pop you need in the park, allowing you to launch effortlessly. This board can get some serious air, and gives a stable, catch-free landing every time. It outperformed the two stiffest boards we tested in this category, the Jones Twin Sister (7/10) and the Never Summer Aura (6/10), both of which required some extra effort when trying to leave the ground.

Quick powder-slashes on the Burton Lipstick.
Quick powder-slashes on the Burton Lipstick.

Best Applications

This board is a great all-in-one option for ladies who want a little bit of everything. It's got impressive stability when ripping at speed and provides a poppy, park-friendly ride. The Lipstick is a consistent, stable board that is predictable and playful in any conditions.


All-in-all, this board is pretty expensive for what you actually get. For $550, it seems like you're paying more for the Burton brand and less for the actual product. For a cheaper option that performs better in the park, look at the Capita Birds of a Feather. For a cheaper option that is more suited to powder, we'd recommend the Arbor Swoon Rocker.

Medusa head detailing on the Burton Lipstick. Artwork by Charmaine Olivia.
Medusa head detailing on the Burton Lipstick. Artwork by Charmaine Olivia.


While the Lipstick is certainly a jack-of-all-trades, it's also a master of none. This board is really good at being an all around option — just not great. Honestly, our favorite thing about this board is the stunning graphics designed by artist Charmaine Olivia. This high-contrast, black and light blue design details intricate female silhouettes against a cotton-candy cloud base, adding a delicate feel to an otherwise robust snowboard.
Amelia Traynor

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