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Altra Superior 5 - Women's Review

A lightweight shoe with moderate cushioning, built to provide an intimate experience with the trail
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Altra Superior 5 - Women's Review
Credit: Altra
Price:  $130 List
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Manufacturer:   Altra
By Amber King ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Mar 6, 2022
  • Foot Protection - 25% 6.0
  • Traction - 20% 6.0
  • Sensitivity - 15% 8.0
  • Stability - 15% 9.0
  • Comfort and Fit - 15% 5.0
  • Weight - 10% 7.0

Our Verdict

The Altra Superior 5 is an airy and light trail shoe, with the protection to take you over most types of trails. Built with a wide forefoot and a zero-drop design, it offers 21mm cushioning for a protected yet intimate trail experience. It stands out for its race-ready weight, and we wore it for 60 miles while running technical singletrack, county roads, and steep mountain trails. In all conditions, it performed beautifully, except when the trails got super muddy. Overall, this is a choice option for a runner who is looking for a shoe that is lightweight trail-specific with a wider forefoot and light cushioning.
Very lightweight
Wide forefoot
Intimate trail experience
Durability issues
Newest iteration has a less specific fit

Our Analysis and Test Results

What's new with the Altra Superior 5?

We inspected and researched the differences between the newest version of the Altra Superior and the last version, the 4.5. Here's what we found:
  • Updated lugs on the outsole
  • Less porous mesh on the upper
  • Drainage holes have been removed
  • No gaiter loop attachment at the base of the shoelaces
  • Stiffer upper materials around the laces and collar
  • New wider base for better stability (same forefoot width)
  • A clunkier and less specific fit than previous models, causing toe bump on steeps

altra superior 5 for women - a look at the new altra superior 5 (right) with the previous altra...
A look at the new Altra Superior 5 (right) with the previous Altra Superior 4.5 (left). This update has a very different fit, with a few changes that some love.
Credit: Amber King

The Altra Superior 5 offers a light level of cushioning with a low-profile design. The wide toe box allows you to stretch your toes and fly down the trail. We tested it on hard-packed roads and steeper terrain, where it feels right at home. If you're used to the previous iterations of this shoe, note the revamp in its fit is significant and doesn't have that glove-like fit anymore that many Superior lovers know and appreciate.

Performance Comparison

altra superior 5 for women - the altra superior 5 is a lightweight shoe that offers a sensitive...
The Altra Superior 5 is a lightweight shoe that offers a sensitive ride on the trail. While it takes some getting used to for long runs, it's a favorite for its stability and flexible construction. The new update has a wider fit that isn't as glove-like as it once was.
Credit: Amber King

Foot Protection

The Superior 5 offers a low level of foot protection. It has 21mm of Quantic foam from toe to heel for a responsive and cushioned ride. It comes with a removable rock plate that you can insert when trails get rocky and rough. In addition, the new upper is impervious to silt and fine particulates, making it a good option for dry, sandy trails. While the shoe does dry out quickly, it is far from water-resistant, and the lack of drainage in the newest iteration makes it a little less ideal for river crossings. During a 16-mile run on rocky, sandy terrain, our feet felt noticeably sorer than if we had been wearing a more protective shoe.

altra superior 5 for women - the uppers are burlier than they've ever been, doing a great job...
The uppers are burlier than they've ever been, doing a great job keeping out pesky particulates that you might kick up on the trail. The cushioning is minimal (just 21mm) so it doesn't offer the most cushioned ride underfoot.
Credit: Amber King


The MaxTrac outsole is made with rubber composite that offers an even ride on smooth pavement with the stickiness to bite down on technical trails. The lugs aren't super aggressive but offer versatile use across a myriad of surfaces. On our hill tests, the Superior 5 slipped just a bit on kitty litter over rocks but did a great job clinging on to slickrock and alpine conditions. It doesn't shed mud well, but it'll work just fine for light rain or snow. Overall, while it doesn't have the best traction for softer surfaces, it's a versatile shoe that can easily take on smooth singletrack, roads, and steep mountain terrain.

altra superior 5 for women - a sticky rubber sole with just enough grip to stick well on steeps...
A sticky rubber sole with just enough grip to stick well on steeps, while drifting breezily over county roads.
Credit: Amber King


With only 21mm of cushioning underfoot, this shoe is sensitive, and it may be the closest you'll get to the ground without wearing a barefoot shoe. It was noticeable that rocks underfoot could be felt with each step, but the welcome layer of cushioning offered just enough protection. Additionally, you can slip in an ultra-thin rock guard to ensure sensitivity isn't lost if you want more protection. While this isn't the shoe we would choose for ultra distances over super harsh terrain; we love it for shorter distances where we want to go fast.

altra superior 5 for women - we love the sensitivity of these shoes. you can feel most rocks...
We love the sensitivity of these shoes. You can feel most rocks underfoot, which takes a little getting used to, especially if you crave long distances.
Credit: Amber King


Loaded with a wide forefoot and a low to the ground feel, the Superior 5 feels incredibly stable. This newest iteration offers a little more room between the laces to lock your foot down, ultimately contributing to better stability. The shoe's sidewall slopes outwards and isn't as steep as the previous iterations, making rolling events feel less probable.

altra superior 5 for women - the improved outsole collar has a nice, sloping sidewall for a flat...
The improved outsole collar has a nice, sloping sidewall for a flat, well-balanced base. We also love the wide forefoot that allows you to spread your toes for better balance and stability on the trail.
Credit: Amber King

Comfort and Fit

We appreciate the comfort and fit of this flexible shoe. It offers a low amount of cushioning in addition to a broader profile for toe spread. The lacing system allows you to optimize the lacing design for a fit that works best for you. The zero-drop from the heel to the toe pushes you onto your forefoot as well. Keep in mind that for heel strikers who aren't looking to change their stride, this shoe may not be the right fit simply because there is no additional cushioning in the heel compared to the forefoot.

altra superior 5 for women - a look at the wider construction which offers a little more toe...
A look at the wider construction which offers a little more toe splaying freedom than other shoes tested in this review.
Credit: Amber King

This shoe doesn't earn the highest points in this category simply because it's not stacked with cushioning. It is not a “cloud-like cushioned” ride and is best for runners that prefer a close to the ground experience, feeling the intimacy of the trail as you move. It's best for those seeking a low-profile experience with just enough cushioning to be worn all day or during their next 50K.

Another important note is the omission of the gaiter loop that many Superior lovers appreciate. This loop has existed through all iterations to make gaiter attachment easier. We aren't sure why this was omitted, as it's a nice touch for those running in super sandy or wet places. That said, the velcro at the back of the heel lives on to make attachment easy.

Historically, the Altra Superior has been renowned for its glove-like fit, low profile design, and a minimal amount of cushioning. The fit in this update has changed significantly. The heel cup is wider, which (for our tester's foot) meant our foot slid to the front on the downhill, where this was never a problem before.


This race-ready shoe is very lightweight (just 7.9 ounces for a size 9), adding its overall appeal. It is our go-to top choice for high-paced training runs and trying to set new personal records. The latest iteration slimmed down a few elements to save ounces.

altra superior 5 for women - this is a super lightweight trail shoe that feels light and easy on...
This is a super lightweight trail shoe that feels light and easy on the trail, with construction elements balanced so there are no bulky or clunky components. A great choice for those aiming to set a new personal record.
Credit: Amber King

Should You Buy the Altra Superior 5?

The Altra Superior 5 is ready to be slipped on and taken out on the trail. Any Superior lover will notice the significant changes to fit in this iteration, with it being a little less glove-like than it has in the past. Historically, the Superior has only lasted 200-250 miles (depending on the trail conditions), making it less durable than most shoes tested in this review. However, we think this is an excellent option for runners who appreciate a close-to-the-ground trail experience with a wide forefoot and lighter construction.

altra superior 5 for women - we test the altra superior 5's on the rocky trails around fruita...
We test the Altra Superior 5's on the rocky trails around Fruita, Colorado. We love this shoe for its great fit, wide toe box, and excellent level of sensitivity.
Credit: Amber King

What Other Trail Running Shoes Should You Consider?

If you're seeking a lightweight shoe with moderate cushioning and a wide toe box, you will see the value in this contender. That said, it is not the highest-scoring shoe in our review, and you may want to check out your other options before committing to this trail runner. The Altra Lone Peak 7 earned a much higher rank thanks to its additional protection and comfort points while maintaining the zero drop and roomy toe box that many users love. We love the comfort of the Hoka Torrent 3, which has a 5mm drop if a zero-drop shoe isn't exactly a match for you.

Amber King