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Salomon OUTpulse Gore-Tex Low - Women's Review

This athletically-engineered hiking shoe features all-day comfort, exceptional traction, waterproof performance, and enough support for single day adventures
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Salomon OUTpulse Gore-Tex Low - Women's Review
Credit: Trish Matheny
Price:  $150 List
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Manufacturer:   Salomon
By Trish Matheny ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Nov 3, 2023
  • Comfort - 25% 7.0
  • Support - 20% 6.0
  • Traction - 15% 8.0
  • Water Resistance - 15% 8.0
  • Weight - 15% 7.4
  • Durability - 10% 5.0

Our Verdict

The Salomon OUTpulse Gore-Tex Low offers the lightweight design of a trail running shoe combined with the exceptional traction of a hiking boot. The shoe features out-of-the-box comfort for all foot shapes thanks to a roomy toe box and an OrthoLite insert for additional shock absorption. The waterproof performance never disappointed us on the trails, often beading off the mesh upper when crossing streams. The OUTpulse features a design that falls on the lighter side of all the hiking shoes that we tested and sacrifices a bit of durability along the way. Still, this versatile hiking shoe is perfect for single day missions where you're looking to cover a lot of ground over well-maintained trail systems.
Super comfortable
Excellent traction
Solid waterproof performance
Breathes well
Lacks the stiffness and durability of a traditional hiker
No additional runner's loop eyelet for secure fit

Our Analysis and Test Results

The OUTPulse Low is a modern hiking shoe that seeks to minimize weight without sacrificing too much performance. These shoes are comfortable directly out of the box for multiple foot shapes, thanks to a soft and flexible synthetic upper that effectively repels and protects from moisture encountered on the trail. The chevron-patterned outsole effectively grips a variety of terrain types, though the toe cap is easily impacted by debris. This shoe is perfect for single-day missions, whether you'd like to push the pace or stop to smell the flowers.

Performance Comparison

salomon outpulse gore-tex low for women - the perfect hiking shoe for those seeking an affordable and...
The perfect hiking shoe for those seeking an affordable and lightweight design that doesn't skimp on overall performance.
Credit: Trish Matheny


The OUTpulse GTX Low offers significant comfort for both wide and narrow feet directly out of the box. The synthetic textile upper is flexible and requires no extra time to break in, so you can get right to the trail. The Fuze Surge foam compound within the design provides substantial cushioning without limiting the shoe's breathability.

Our lead tester has a narrow foot with a high arch and found the sizing on the regular-width OUTpulse to run big. That said, this sizing ultimately worked in her favor while navigating steep climbs and descents by allowing enough extra room in the toe box for the toes to splay rather than be cramped within a narrow upper. Overall, this shoe offers comfort for various foot shapes and sizes.

salomon outpulse gore-tex low for women - this shoe offers out-of-the-box comfort with a minimal break-in...
This shoe offers out-of-the-box comfort with a minimal break-in period that will satisfy those with both wide and narrow feet.
Credit: Trish Matheny


The OUTpulse focuses on neutral support and lightweight protection. Designed with the brand's skiing background in mind, the shoe has a reverse camber/curved midsole geometry that helps to maximize energy output and propel you forward on the trail. The lightweight Energy Blade TPU plate aids in a smooth and effortless feel underfoot, and the OrthoLite insert assists with shock absorption.

Though the shoe offers great forward and lateral flexion thanks to the super malleable upper, we sometimes noticed that the fit could be a bit sloppy, especially without an additional runner's loop eyelet to lock the heel into place. And with the shoe hitting so far below the ankle bone, we find it difficult to recommend using the OUTpulse for overnight backpacking trips. That being said, the reverse camber technology and the simple yet functional lacing system make this a versatile shoe for non-technical terrain.

Though the design offers enough support for those looking to tackle well-maintained trails, our testing team would prefer an extra runner's eyelet which would help to lock the heel in place.
Credit: Trish Matheny


The OUTpulse features the same Contagrip rubber outsoles that we've grown to love on other Salomon shoes that we've tested. The chevron pattern that covers the entirety of the outsole (minus a small section below the arch of the foot) offers stability when moving over mixed terrain. This outsole performs well whether wet from multiple stream crossings or while moving through sand and loose granite at lower elevations.

Perhaps our only complaint is that, at times, we would lose our footing when navigating the especially polished and popular granite slabs found on the Falls trail in Yosemite National Park. Outside of that, the OUTpulse improved confidence in our footwork with every step along the trail.

salomon outpulse gore-tex low for women - salomon is known for their chevron-patterned outsole that performs...
Salomon is known for their chevron-patterned outsole that performs exceptionally well in most all terrain.
Credit: Trish Matheny

Water Resistance

This shoe features a Gore-Tex waterproof membrane that remains breathable while shielding your feet from any soggy weather encountered on the trail. Though the mesh upper can retain a bit of water after minutes of submersion, the water never penetrated the upper as long as the 3.25-inch flood level was not exceeded. Oftentimes, water would simply bead off the upper while moving through intermittent streams.

The simple design of this shoe doesn't offer much protection from really cold water encountered on alpine stream crossings, however, our testing team appreciated the thin and breathable synthetic textile when hiking in the heat of summer at lower elevations. Pros and cons of this just depend on what type of hiking you plan to do.

Water beads off this breathable and effective waterproof upper.
Credit: Trish Matheny


The OUTpulse GTX Low is similar to the design of a modern trail running shoe that prioritizes simple yet high-performing technology to minimize overall weight without sacrificing too much performance.

This is one of the lighter hiking shoes that we tested, weighing in at only 1.38 pounds for a pair of US women's size 8.5. Though light, the OUTpulse still offers enough stability and support to navigate mixed and uneven terrain, though perhaps not quite enough to support the additional weight of a heavy backpack.

salomon outpulse gore-tex low for women - the salomon outpulse is one of the lighter shoes that we tested.
The Salomon OUTpulse is one of the lighter shoes that we tested.
Credit: Trish Matheny


Though our testing team experienced no durability issues with the OUTpulse during our testing period, it is obvious that this lightweight hiking shoe does not offer the same robustness you'd expect from a heavier, traditional leather hiking shoe. But for those that prioritize light and airy, this shouldn't be a problem.

The toe cap is perplexing because it extends so far beyond the front of the shoe and is subjected to more abuse from debris on the trail. This toe cap is fabricated from a softer rubber, and we can imagine that it is only a matter of time before it could potentially delaminate from the front of the shoe — though we haven't seen evidence of this so far. Another complaint is the limited reinforcement in the lacing system, which only secures through the mesh upper rather than a metal eyelet. Again, these are just speculations and observations; we have yet to experience anything beyond cosmetic issues after several dozen miles spent on the trail.

salomon outpulse gore-tex low for women - the toe cap is one of the areas of concern surrounding this...
The toe cap is one of the areas of concern surrounding this lightweight design.
Credit: Trish Matheny

Should You Buy the Salomon OUTpulse Gore-Tex Low?

The OUTpulse GTX Low is perfect for those seeking an affordable hiking shoe with a modern and simple design. This shoe is comfortable out of the box for a wide range of foot sizes and profiles thanks to its flexible, waterproof upper and spacious toe box. The breathability will keep your feet comfortable when it's hot out, and the rockered design will help propel you forward with every stride. Confidence underfoot is achieved through the Contagrip outsole and chevron pattern that performs well on mixed terrain. If you're ready to trade in those heavy, traditional leather hikers, this is a great, affordable, and modern option for your day hiking considerations.

salomon outpulse gore-tex low for women - this lightweight design features exceptional traction, immediate...
This lightweight design features exceptional traction, immediate comfort, and waterproof performance that doesn't disappoint, all for an affordable price.
Credit: Trish Matheny

What Other Hiking Shoes Should You Consider?

If you're interested in a lightweight design that combines a traditional hiker with a modern trail running shoe, check out the On Running Cloudwander Waterproof, available for a similar price. We also like the The North Face VECTIV Fastpack FUTURELIGHT, which offers more support while remaining ultralight. If you're interested in investing in one hiking shoe that can do it all, check out the favorite of our testing team, the La Sportiva Spire GTX — it boasts high scores in nearly every one of our testing metrics.

salomon outpulse gore-tex low for women - the outpulse is a great choice for those interested in an...
The OUTpulse is a great choice for those interested in an affordable, lightweight hiking shoe that performs well on maintained trail systems.
Credit: Trish Matheny

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