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TAHE Beach Shoreline Review

A lightweight and easy to assemble board with a wider deck and full deck pad that feels balanced in a variety of conditions
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tahe beach shoreline inflatable sup review
Credit: Tahe
Price:  $580 List
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Manufacturer:   TAHE Outdoors
By Jenay Aiksnoras ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 21, 2021
  • Stability - 30% 8.0
  • Glide Performance - 25% 5.0
  • Maneuverability - 25% 4.0
  • Ease of Transport - 10% 8.0
  • Ease of inflation - 10% 4.0

Our Verdict

The TAHE Beach Shoreline paddleboard is produced by a collaboration between BIC Sport and TAHE Outdoors. This is an entry-level board that is lighter in weight and easier to assemble than most other models in our lineup. The wider deck creates a more balanced surface and provides ample room for foot placement. This bare-bones board is easy to launch and land using the front and back grab handles, and the front bungees secure a few items for short tours. It's a straightforward option for those new to the sport who want a durable board that makes it easy to get out on the water.
Secure fin attachment
Full deck pad
Quick and easy deflation
Difficult to inflate
Heavy paddle

Our Analysis and Test Results

The TAHE Beach Shoreline is a shorter board that's big on balance. This 23-pound board measures 33 inches at the center providing ample space for standing and steadiness for moving around. It is an entry level board produced by BIC Sport and TAHE Outdoors with a 3/4 covered deck, moderate rocker profile, and tapered side rails. With two attached and one center fin that locks in securely using a metal screw the time it takes to get from inflation to launch is short.

This board is easy to launch and land using the front and back grab handles, but the lack of a secondary cargo space and limited glide kept our tours shorter. We also felt disappointed by the quality of the pump which had to be held in place to inflate the board. For its 10 foot, 6-inch length, it felt surprisingly stable. We found it steady enough to walk around on and very balanced during a headstand. It is a great board for beginners and those seeking something quick and easy to assemble, inflate, and deflate for casual paddling experiences.

Performance Comparison

tahe beach shoreline inflatable sup review - this is one of the most stable boards for beginner paddlers as well...
This is one of the most stable boards for beginner paddlers as well as for Yoginis.
Credit: Jenay Aiksnoras


We were surprised by how stable and balanced this 10 foot, 6-inch board felt. The glide felt slightly sluggish due to the wider deck, but added a level of confidence for beginner paddlers. At 33 inches wide, it is one of the widest boards we tested. We found it balanced enough to walk from nose to tail as well as for Yoga posturing including headstand.

This board provides a stable platform for beginners, Yoga practitioners, and paddlers who want a shorter board that doesn't sacrifice deck space. The 3/4-length covered deck is long enough for downward dogs and resting on your back. You're unlikely to feel like this board will flip you into the water.

tahe beach shoreline inflatable sup review - we practiced paddling, walking, and yoga postures on the boards to...
We practiced paddling, walking, and Yoga postures on the boards to test their stability.
Credit: Jenay Aiksnoras

Glide Performance

The look of this board indicates that it is not meant for fast paddles or racing. The wider deck creates more drag than boards with a more streamlined shape. It felt sluggish in calm water. Even when we paddled with a stronger stroke it would slow down more quickly than other boards when we stopped paddling.

tahe beach shoreline inflatable sup review - launching the tahe was easy using the front and back handles to help...
Launching the TAHE was easy using the front and back handles to help guide it onto the water while also protecting the fins from damage.
Credit: Jenay Aiksnoras


The detachable center fin on this board is much larger than the attached side fins. It took a few more strokes to turn the TAHE Beach Shoreline when paddling on one side from front to back (4-6) than it did to turn other boards in the same way. However, when paddling from back to front it quickly spun around (3 strokes max).

Beginner paddlers were able to easily maneuver this board. It tracked well for those who are not experienced in paddling technique. Little effort was required to keep it straight while traveling between buoys.

tahe beach shoreline inflatable sup review - the beach shoreline has two fixed fins and one center fin that...
The Beach Shoreline has two fixed fins and one center fin that attaches securely with a metal screw. The center fin provides the majority of the maneuverability and tracking.
Credit: Jenay Aiksnoras

Ease of Transport

The full carrying weight including the board, paddle, and pump in the bag is 32 pounds. The inflated weight of the board itself is 23 pounds. Once deflated, the board can be secured to the interior of the bag using another strap like those found in a suitcase. Everything fit easily back into the bag after use with room to spare. Carrying this board in its bag felt similar to others.

tahe beach shoreline inflatable sup review - the fully loaded carrying pack with the board, paddle, and pump...
The fully loaded carrying pack with the board, paddle, and pump weighs in at 32 pounds.
Credit: Jenay Aiksnoras

Ease of Inflation

The pump features an adjustment for low vs. high pressure allowing for easier pumping as the PSI reading increases. This is where this package left us disappointed. We were not impressed with the function of this pump. It did not attach very well to the inflation valve on the board. After struggling to keep the hose attached to the board, we ultimately ended up holding it in place while pumping which made it difficult to gauge the PSI accurately.

tahe beach shoreline inflatable sup review - inflating the tahe board was difficult due to the hose not attaching...
Inflating the TAHE board was difficult due to the hose not attaching securely and needing to be held in place while pumping.
Credit: Jenay Aiksnoras


This board is reasonably priced for an entry level board. It comes with all that a beginner paddler will need to start practicing paddling in a variety of locations and conditions while developing confidence on a steady board. It's a good place to begin if you are in search of a durable board without all the bells and whisltes.


The TAHE Beach Shoreline stands out as a shorter board that feels stable in a variety of conditions. It's lightweight and easy to assemble. The wider deck creates some drag making it feel sluggish while paddling. It's a good choice for beginners, Yoga practitioners, or those seeking a shorter, lighter weight board for short, casual tours.

Jenay Aiksnoras

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