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Patagonia Pack Out - Women's Review

The coziest hiker tight you’ll ever need.
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Price:  $90 List | $89.00 at REI
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Pros:  Infinite mobility, soft and cozy, excellent pockets, highly versatile
Cons:  Heavy, no water repelling technology, not ideal for hot days
Manufacturer:   Patagonia
By Meg Atteberry ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 15, 2019
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Our Verdict

When it comes to hiking tights, it can be tough to find just the right balance between comfort and function. The Patagonia Pack Out is the closest thing we've been able to find. The silky soft fabric is so cozy you won't want to take them off! Patagonia also put thought into the design, with useful pockets and durable material that doesn't stretch out and sag. This combination made these tights a clear favorite among our testers. We were disappointed to learn that these don't come in many colors and we wish that the weather resistance was a bit more robust.

The Pack Outs have a simple, no-frills design. If you want something more fashion-forward that can transition well from town to trail, check out The North Face Utility Hybrid Hiker Tights.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Pack Outs come in a no-frills sizing option that runs from XS through XL with a 39-inch inseam. These are meant to be a bit higher waisted and sit just below your belly button, offering plenty of coverage. The 87% polyester and 13% spandex blend is silky and soft.

Performance Comparison

The Patagonia tights have just enough warmth to perform well on cool mornings.
The Patagonia tights have just enough warmth to perform well on cool mornings.

Comfort & Mobility

When we first pulled the Pack Outs out of the bag, we couldn't believe how soft they felt. Seriously, we wanted to buy up the fabric and sew up a blanket they were just that soft. Ever since we put them on, we didn't want to take them off, and our primary tester is not a tights person, so that's saying something.

Softness aside, the Pack Outs offer infinite mobility. Tights are often far more mobile than pants, and the Pack Outs are no exception. The thick waistband keeps you from spilling out of the top, and also keeps the pants from sagging or bunching. Even after days of wear, they still maintained their shape, unlike the TNF Utility Hybrid Hikers which were itchier and sagged a little.

We loved the soft feel of the Pack Outs. These are perfect hiking tights for any body type that you'll also want to wear around the house  at the yoga studio  or at the crag.
We loved the soft feel of the Pack Outs. These are perfect hiking tights for any body type that you'll also want to wear around the house, at the yoga studio, or at the crag.


Although tights typically aren't super versatile, since you can essentially only wear them one way, the Pack Outs still managed to get high scores here. This fact is largely in part because they are so comfortable you can do anything in them. Wear them to yoga, lounge around the house (or camp); they are so cozy you wouldn't mind sleeping in them either. We had our doubts when we took them climbing since softer pants tend to be less durable, but they tackled abrasive sandstone with ease.

We were also on the fence about how well these hiker tights would transition to town. On the one hand, they look like athletic tights but pair them with the right shirt, and you might be able to pull off a casual look. However, if you're looking for a hiker tight that will transition from town to trail, then check out The North Face Utility Hybrid Hiker Tights.


Although we can't test the pants for years on end (otherwise, our reviews would be outdated), so we can't say for certain how the Pack Outs will last over time. However, we can head to harsh environments and rough up the pants a bit, which is what we did when we took the Pack Outs on a multi-pitch climbing adventure in the desert. Much to our surprise, we encountered zero signs of wear and tear as we beat these up on abrasive sandstone. Whatever voodoo magic Patagonia has done to make these pants so soft, yet so durable gets two thumbs up in our book.

If you're looking for an ultra-durable pair of hiking pants, tights might not be the way to go. This lack of durability is due to the stretchy material's tendency to wear out over time, and typically, the softer the pant, the more susceptible it is to piling. If you want a pant that's durable, take a look at our Editor's Choice winner, the Outdoor Research Ferrosi's.

Weather Resistance

The one area where the Pack Outs fell short was weather resistance. Most of our hiker tights didn't perform well in this category. The Pack Outs were the first to absorb water and the last to let it dry, right alongside the cotton-based Kuhl Spire Roll-Ups and the TNF Utility Hybrid Hiker Tights.

Most of the time, hiker tights get knocked for being too cold. Although the Pack Outs didn't keep us as warm as our Top Pick for Wet Weather, the Arc'teryx Gamma LT Softshell, they still did a pretty decent job for a tight.

The Pack Outs immediately absorbed water and took hours to dry in our water resistance tests.
The Pack Outs immediately absorbed water and took hours to dry in our water resistance tests.


Comparing the features of a convertible pant to those of a hiker tight is like comparing apples to oranges. We thought that we should consider what a hiker tight should be and what important features it should have, instead of comparing it to pants that convert into shorts. For a tight, the Pack Outs have an excellent balance between function and a streamlined look you want in a tight.

If it's one thing we are a stickler for, it's pockets. What good is a pocket if it can't carry anything? The Pack Outs have one deep, rear-ish zipped side pocket that sits right near the boniest part of your lower hip. You can fit a variety of things in there, including your hands, which we appreciate. Along each side of the pant is a super-deep, stretchy pocket that can easily hold a phone, a snack and then some. What we love about this is you can keep your valuables close and quickly grab your phone for a photo or munch on a small snack on the go.

The Pack-Outs not only feature a zippered pocket  but they also have two deep side pockets perfect for stashing your phone.
The Pack-Outs not only feature a zippered pocket, but they also have two deep side pockets perfect for stashing your phone.

We also considered the waistband in our features category for hiker tights. Thin bands lead to spillage and sagging of the pant, while a thicker band helps keep you in the pant and worry-free. The Pack Outs had a perfectly sized waistband that kept the tights up and comfortable, giving us a feeling of confidence when hiking. We also loved that the waistband didn't stretch out too much after multiple days of use.


These pants are thick (and thus heavier, weighing in at a little over 10 ounces). On the one hand, we appreciated the thicker material because it makes the pants more durable, not see-through when you bend over and provides a little extra warmth when tights typically run on the cool side. However, we felt that these pants might end up being a little too warm in the heat of summer and not as breathable as we would have liked. With that said, we feel that the Pack Outs are less suffocating than the TNF Utility Hybrid Hiker Tights, but we aren't confident that the Pack Outs would be the ideal choice on a sweltering summer day.

Best Applications

If you're hiking in dry weather, over mostly dry terrain in cooler to mild temperatures, the Patagonia Pack Outs are hands down our favorite choice. The thicker material adds to the durability, making them a great option for backpackers and climbers too. The Pack Outs are beyond suitable for a variety of activities from an evening of Netflix and chill after a tough hike to a day out on the crag, complete with a burly approach.

The Pack-Outs truly deliver in mobility  as we discovered in our climbing test.
The Pack-Outs truly deliver in mobility, as we discovered in our climbing test.


The Pack Outs aren't a budget-friendly option, coming in at $89. It's hard to justify spending that amount of cash on a pair of hiking tights. But if you love the Patagonia name and are looking for a high-quality hiker tight with the perfect set of features that are well suited for a variety of activities, these might be the tights for you.


Patagonia hit the nail on the head with the Pack Outs we are excited to see a hiker tight with pockets in all the right places. These pants can spread a wide range of activities and are some of the most comfortable technical pants we've ever worn.

Meg Atteberry