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Clark Tate

Senior Review Editor

Clark is really into writing and outdoor adventure sports. Lucky for her, her career path combines both. Right after earning a Master’s Degree in Environmental Science and Land Use Planning at the University of Virginia, she ran west to Colorado and all the snowboarding, whitewater raft guiding, and wrangling she could handle. After interning as a journalist with the Summit Daily, she decided to use her degree more directly and worked as river restoration ecologist based in Grand Junction and Durango, CO for the next seven years. This involved tons of field work — e.g. 15-day rafting trips on the Colorado River — volunteer guiding, and *surprise* science writing. It’s also where she started mountain biking. That’s one epic introductory playground: Fruita, Loma, Grand Junction, and Moab with detours to high alpine lines in Crested Butte and the ribs of Phil’s World. Four years ago she started that dream of a dream job, writing. She worked as a freelance writer and journalist covering outdoor recreation, gear and environmental science for over three and a half years before joining the OutdoorGearLab team. Now she’s mountain biking, climbing, river running or sneaking off to the ocean till the mountains turn white and the snowboard and skis call out from the closet.

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