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VOORMI River Run Hoody Review

Not the most durable or protective hooded sun shirt out there, but it sure will make you look good
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Price:  $129 List | $129.00 at Amazon
Pros:  Attractive-looking, wool blend is unique, good lifestyle piece, comfortable
Cons:  Not very durable, breathability could be better, expensive
Manufacturer:   Voormi
By Justin Simoni ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 3, 2020
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  • Comfort and Fit - 30% 9
  • Sun Protection - 25% 5
  • Breathability - 20% 7
  • Versatility - 15% 6
  • Durability - 10% 4

Our Verdict

A sensationally comfortable and attractive casual lifestyle piece, The VOORMI River Run Hoody is a great all-day hooded sun shirt for low-intensity activities. It stands out simply because it's the only shirt we've tested that's made of a 52% wool, 48% polyester blend, rather than being 100% polyester. As sumptuous as it is, this comes at the cost of durability: this shirt's fabric is easily damaged, and longevity over the long haul is a big question simply because wool shrinks when mistreated. But, if you like the idea of having a less synthetic option that's really comfy, check this one out.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

The biggest strength of the River Run is just how plush and cozy it feels while wearing. A medium-sized fit our 5'11" athletically-built tester perfectly and complemented his body well. But its utility as a sun shirt is somewhat hindered just by the fact the 52% wool, 48% wool blend warmed us up quickly, causing us to perspire and that perspiration noticeably made the fabric darken. The fabric itself is less durable than any other sun shirt we've tested by a country mile, giving us pause to recommend this shirt for activities ranging from hiking to fishing, or even for travel where temperatures can warm up.

Performance Comparison

The River Run hoody works well in sunny  high altitude  cooler settings. It has similar qualities to a light thermal layer and is comfy enough to sleep in.
The River Run hoody works well in sunny, high altitude, cooler settings. It has similar qualities to a light thermal layer and is comfy enough to sleep in.

Comfort and Fit

The River Run is a great looking shirt, hands down. The fit is a little more athletic than most, but we'd still consider it a similar cut to other hooded sun shirts we've tested. The sleeves are a bit more constricted — to the point that rolling them up over our elbows wasn't possible. Thumb loops at the end of the sleeves help with keeping them in place but don't do much to facilitate covering your hands more than without wearing them, which is a big difference from every other thumb loop-equipped sun shirt we've tested. The hood is generously sized to cover as much of your head as you'd like or have the ability to be worn under/over a helmet.

The shirt's seam length is also on the shorter side by an inch or two when compared to other sun shirts in this review. All these little tweaks make the River Run complement the wearer's body a little better than a looser fit, but they also impact its breathability.

The River Run is made from a 52% wool/48% polyester fabric blend. This is the real standout that makes this sun shirt unique from all the others we've tested. If you prefer the feeling of wool over polyester, you'll love the feeling of wearing this shirt. Although for those that perspire easily, using wool during high-intensity activities in very sunny/warm conditions raises questions.

Sun Protection

The soft and comfy fabric also has a visibly more relaxed knit than any other shirt we've tested, and its UPF rating of 30 reflects that. The thumb loops are extremely minimal and don't help with extending the sleeves of the River Run past the wrist to cover up your hands. The hood is large and usable with or without a helmet. A simple button by the neck is very welcome, as it helps protect the neck from exposure, but also helps keep the hood from flying off your head if things get windy. The overall seam length of the shirt appears to be shorter than other sun shirts we've tested. If you're bending down a lot or have your shirt ride up from wearing a pack, this could contribute to exposure of your lower back to the sun more than you may want.


The River Run is by far made from the airiest material of any shirt we've tested, which we hoped would equate to incredible breathability, but it becomes a mixed bag. Yes, breezes seem to be able to come through the shirt, but the wool blend of the fabric itself seems to make this shirt act similarly to a very light thermal base layer by trapping body heat. If you naturally run cold, this could be a blessing. For those that perspire easily, you may not even be able to sit in a slightly warmer than normal room without creating wet areas around your pits.


Because of durability issues, it's hard to imagine the River Run in a large spectrum of applications. Any activity where you may snag a sleeve on something — be it hiking, climbing, fishing, or gardening just won't be the most welcoming application for this sun shirt. As an all-day travel shirt, it has some potential. The wool blend seems to be naturally funk-immune, but if your travel plans consist of hot and humid locales, the shirt may just visually accentuate your perspiration. As a casual lifestyle piece, the River Run probably finds its best home. It looks good, but consider tougher gear for the heavy liftin'.

Intense actives such as running may not be realistic in sunny conditions
Intense actives such as running may not be realistic in the River Run hoodie. Sleeves are slim enough to not allow them to be rolled up past the elbow.


Durability is the weakest link for the River Run. The stitching is sound, but the wool/polyester blend is easy to damage, and long-term durability is questionable simply because wool needs more care when washing. One of our testers was able to visibly damage the fabric just under normal use.

Damage to the River Run's fabric is already very apparent after only moderate use.
Damage to the River Run's fabric is already very apparent after only moderate use.


The 52% wool/48% polyester blend is the most standout feature of this hoody, as it's fairly unique when compared to other sun shirts — unfortunatley, at the expense of durability, breathability, and sun protection. On the bright side, the wool blend appears to have a natural ability to ward off stank, far better than any untreated polyester garments, and that's a very welcome feature.

The River Run's hood is generous enough in size to cover your entire head  as well as wear a helmet.
A small button keeps the River Run hood cinched up  protecting the neck

Most usual features of a hooded sun shirt are present in the River Run, including the hood, thumb loops, and long sleeves. The thumb loops certainly need work, as they don't necessarily help with covering up the hands. The hood doesn't have a drawstring, but a simple, single button keeps it in place and your neck covered.

The River Run's simple thumb loop keeps the already slim sleeves from rolling down  but does little to help protect the hands.
The River Run's simple thumb loop keeps the already slim sleeves from rolling down  but does little to help protect the hands.

Don't expect any additional pockets or hidden features - the River Run is somewhat minimal, down to its low-key logo.


This is one of the most expensive sun shirts we've tested — you can find other options that are almost a tenth of the price! Is the comfort and style of the River Run worth its price tag? Although it looks good and feels great, it's simply too easy to damage by wearing and washing. Plus, it seems too warm for high-intensity activities and too delicate for travel. If you also need a base layer, however, this could be a good piece to consider to serve some dual purposes in your wardrobe.


As attractive as the VOORMI River Run Hoodie is, it falls short at its job as — first and foremost — a sun shirt. Using a wool blend for the material gives it both its best and worst qualities. This shirt could find a great niche for itself in high-altitude, sunny places, with cooler overall temperatures, or where water both reflects the sun's intensity, but also keeps the overall temperatures low. If you spend much of your summer on high alpine lakes, for example, this might be your new best friend. If you're trail running in the desert, not so much.

Justin Simoni