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Wild Country Synergy Review

Wild Country Synergy Lite Keylock
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Price:  $11 List
Pros:  Smooth gate, light for its size, easy to handle.
Cons:  Gate takes many spins, small gate clearance.
Manufacturer:   Wild Country
By Chris McNamara and Chris Summit  ⋅  Apr 7, 2010
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Our Verdict

January, 2016: The Synergy locking carabiner is Discontinued
The Wild Country Synergy is a good all-around locking biner at a good price. The closest competitor is the Mad Rock Ultra Tech HMS, which is very similar in size and design. The Mad Rock is $1 less and slightly lighter. However, the Wild Country is a little smoother and has a better shape for belaying in auto-block mode from the anchor with a device like the Black Diamond ATC Guide. Compared to the Metolius Element, it is only a little heavier. Compared to the Petzl Attache it is lighter, bigger and less expensive. This is a high scoring carabiner that should be considered if you are looking for a pear-shaped locking carabiner.

Our Analysis and Test Results

Hands-On Review


This has one of the smoothest gates we tested. With practice (and while the carabiner is new) you can close the gate with just one spin. The key-lock gate is easy to unclip from webbing. It has a nice, medium size which along with the I-beam design makes it easy to handle (you don't feel like you are going to drop it). Fortunately, the spine gets smooth at the end of carabiner so that rope runs smoothly when belaying or rappelling. It is light for its size and is two grams lighter than the slightly smaller Petzl Attache. It scored well for clipping multiple knots and slings due to its large bottom.


Even though the gate is incredibly smooth, it does take a lot of turns to close. This means that unless you get it just right and close it on one go, it can take a few tries to close. When opening the gate there is not a lot of clearance. This means it's not great at anchors if you want to clip lots of ropes in. It scored just slightly worse than other carabiners in its class. But the difference was small so you may not notice it.

Best Application

This is a good belay carabiner for anywhere: gym, multi-pitch, sport climbing.


This biner is a solid value. Only the Mad Rock and Metolius Element are less expensive for a similar carabiner.

Chris McNamara and Chris Summit