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Evolv Predator Review

Evolve Predator
By: Chris McNamara and Robert Beno  ⋅  Jun 12, 2010
Price:  $115 List
Pros:  Precise edging, sensitive
Cons:  Rubber not that durable
Manufacturer:   Evolv

Our Verdict

If you're looking for a shoe that will allow you to cling to the underside of that bouldering cave like the spider climbing the V100 next to you, or will allow you dance through those single crystal foothold sport routes, these are the shoes for you. But take note that you'll likely be replacing or resoling them in about four months. If you want a more budget shoe, the Evolv Defy or Mad Rock Flash is hard to beat for the money. If you want and ever higher performance shoe, we would look the Five Ten Anasazi VCS or the La Sportiva Solution.

Our Analysis and Test Results



The Predator is a performance sport/bouldering shoe with easy on/off Velcro straps. The radically down-turned profile and super pointy toe allow this shoe to excel at overhanging problems and routes. It also excels where you need super precise footwork. With these shoes you can feel, grip, and stand on all the tiny holds.

Predators are super sensitive, allowing you to feel the details of the rock through the shoe. The unlined synthetic upper keeps the shoe true to its size from day one (little stretch) and you can size them in your street shoe size.


The synthetic upper, however, is far less breathable than a leather upper, which leads to sweeping, incurable, you-can-taste-it-on-the-air shoe stink. While the rubber on the shoe is super sticky and sensitive it also wears out quickly. I burned through two pairs in about eight months (climbing - day per week outside).


It is priced between a budget shoe and a ultra high performance shoe. It climbs more like a high-performance shoe and is a good value in that respect.

Chris McNamara and Robert Beno

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   Oct 26, 2012 - 01:21pm
Noah Gostout · Climber · Colorado

clarification edit: Mad Rock does not make the Anasazi.

Otherwise, this shoe performs quite well on small holds, and maintains the downturn, lending it to performing best on steep climbs.

In response to rubber that wears out fast, as a high performance and agressive shoe, the Predator is not meant to be your high mileage daily climber. Strap it on, finish your project, then get your gym shoes out. The TRAX XT-5 is some of the stickiest rubber out there, but it does come at the sacrifice of durability.

This shoe compares nicely to the La Sportive Solution, having climbed extensively in both, they are very similar. fit wise, the Solutions have a larger volume heal cup, for someone like me with skinny heels, the Predators fit well. As an alternative, the Evolv Tallon is almost the identical shoe in a lace up.

Bottom Line: Yes, I would recommend this product to a friend.

Matt Willhelm psyched to be in the Whitney Group with the Jannu.

Feb 4, 2011 - 09:28pm
the kid · Climber · fayetteville, wv
Dude, hate to say but your review is lame..
this model was redesigned last year and you are doing a review on an old model!!!!!!


Evolv has lots of new models, perhaps you should review new product!

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