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Durston X-Mid 1P Review

An ultralight, durable, highly adaptable, and fully featured shelter that won't weigh on your wallet
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durston x-mid 1p ultralight tent review
Credit: Durston
Price:  $240 List
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Manufacturer:   Durston
By Chris Greer ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  May 3, 2021
  • Livability - 30% 8.0
  • Weight - 25% 5.0
  • Weather Resistance - 25% 9.0
  • Adaptability - 10% 8.0
  • Ease of Set-Up - 10% 9.0

Our Verdict

The Durston X-Mid 1P combines the luxuries of a double-wall tent and the simplicity of a traditional tarp, making it one of our favorite shelters that we've tested to date. With just four minimum required stakes for set-up, this shelter is simple to pitch and intuitive to adjust. The X-Mid boasts an array of features, including a removable inner that easily clips in and out of place. Doors on either side bring a welcome versatility to the design and interior space. With a slightly heavier-duty polyester material, the fly is extra durable and weatherproof, even if it is at the expense of a few more ounces on your back. All features and metrics aside, at this price point, the X-Mid simply cannot be beaten.
Durable materials
Removable inner
Double doors
Heavy for ultralight
Guy lines can be difficult to tighten

Our Analysis and Test Results

Durston Gear has manufactured a tent that prioritizes premium quality and durability over featherweight bragging rights. Even a small detail like the zippers are notable, which don't feel like they will break if you pull too hard. This distinction stood out for our testers, since the buying decisions on an ultralight shelter are not as simple as choosing the lightest option available. Its design is also impressive, as it pitches fly-first, and the inner and the fly can be set up separately. A total of eight titanium stakes are included with purchase-- four "V" stakes and four shepherd's hooks — though only four are required. The seams come fully sealed upon delivery and are double stitched for extra security.

Performance Comparison

durston x-mid 1p ultralight tent review - the x-mid 1p being tested in the san gabriel mountains.
The X-Mid 1P being tested in the San Gabriel Mountains.
Credit: Chris Greer


The X-Mid 1P is a bipolar mid with offset pole positions, giving you a long 87 inch inner cocoon that places you diagonally across the rectangular footprint of the shelter.

While the sleeping area of the inner is not very wide at 28 inches, it is quite high, and the extra space of the dual vestibule layout makes the bug netting feel simultaneously cozy and spacious, with enough room for your gear and your kitchen on either side. There are two vents at the peaks of each pole for ventilation that can close easily if necessary.

durston x-mid 1p ultralight tent review - the offset position of the poles maximizes the interior space.
The offset position of the poles maximizes the interior space.
Credit: Chris Greer


Depending on the season, the mosquitos, and how you'd like to use this shelter, the total packed weight can be as low as 21 ounces (including stakes) or as high as 31.4 ounces with the entire kit. A compelling case can be made for using the X-Mid with the fly only, essentially making it a more weatherproof, easier-to-use floorless tarp. This would be a great way to transition into something like a flat tarp down the road if you're eyeing those tantalizing low base weights but don't quite feel ready to employ the extra skills needed to properly protect yourself in bad weather.

Two poles are required for set-up, but since there are no collapsable tent poles to stow away, the full packed size of the X-Mid is small enough to store vertically in your pack. The extra room and the no-fuss packing process scored highly with our testers.

durston x-mid 1p ultralight tent review - with all the components in the stuff sack, the x-mid is small enough...
With all the components in the stuff sack, the X-Mid is small enough to store vertically inside your pack.
Credit: Chris Greer

Weather Resistance

Since the walls of the tent extend fully to the ground on all sides, the X-Mid scored highly in protecting from wind and rain splatter during harsh conditions. There are also two additional peak guy lines for added security if the weather turns especially bad. Thankfully, the polyester fabric does not sag during heavy rainfall or require to be re-pitched or tightened from water absorption. When using the removable inner, the waterproof bathtub floor kept our testers and their sleeping system dry throughout the night.

Our favorite design perk from this shelter, in terms of weather resistance, was that the inner keeps your sleeping bag from brushing up against cold and potentially wet tent walls in the middle of the night. Packing away your goose down sleeping bag with a wet foot box is fine for one day, but if you're experiencing wet weather for days on end, keeping your goose down dry is of the utmost importance.

durston x-mid 1p ultralight tent review - the bug netting and waterproof bathtub floor of the durston x-mid 1p...
The bug netting and waterproof bathtub floor of the Durston X-Mid 1P protect you and your gear from the elements.
Credit: Chris Greer


Although the X-Mid can technically only be pitched in one way, our testers scored this shelter highly in adaptability because of the design of the removable inner and the way the poles can be inserted during set-up and take-down. It is adaptable in your user experience. As such, the inner can be removed and packed away while you are still inside the tent. If you wake up to rain, all of your gear can be safely put away as you unclip the inner, keeping your sleeping area dry for the rest of the day as you store it separately from the wet fly. Being able to be fully packed and dry is a huge advantage when setting out for a long, wet day of hiking.

The X-Mid is also adaptable in this sense because if you are planning a long thru-hike, for example, you can decide to carry the fly on its own until the season becomes necessary for bug netting, essentially giving you two shelters in one. You can have your minimalist, floorless tarp set-up and your bug netting insert for when you decide you need it. Also, much like the Blue Diamond Beta Light, this shelter can be used in the snow as a sort of sunken basecamp, with the floor being dug out for extra headroom. That being said, the X-Mid would probably be best-suited as a three-season shelter.

durston x-mid 1p ultralight tent review - with the inner removed, the x-mid transforms into a minimalist...
With the inner removed, the X-Mid transforms into a minimalist, floorless pyramid.
Credit: Chris Greer

Ease of Set-Up

Pitching the X-Mid is made easy because of the rectangular footprint, leaving the guesswork out of perfecting a tight pitch. Our testers had no problem staking out a rectangle and simply inserting the pole into the vents beneath the tent's peaks before adjusting each pole to the correct height. And aside from a guy line tensioner design that can sometimes feel stuck, our team appreciated the simplicity of the set-up and the ability to easily increase the tightness of the pitch via the trekking pole itself.

Clipping the removable bug netting in and out is intuitive as well, with corresponding release buckles on top and four hook-like attachments at the corners. The design is also symmetrical, so the set-up is correct regardless of the orientation. Of course, the inner can be left in place and packed as a one piece tent for convenience.

durston x-mid 1p ultralight tent review - ventilation points double as a method to provide airflow as well as...
Ventilation points double as a method to provide airflow as well as an entry point for the trekking pole during set-up.
Credit: Chris Greer


In terms of value, the X-Mid could not possibly score higher. Many times, when buying an ultralight shelter you have to justify a very steep investment because it is a high-quality product that your aging back will thank you for later. At this price point, though, the X-Mid would be worth it even if it wasn't one of our favorite shelters that we tested. Considering the quality of the materials, the craftsmanship, the clever design functions, and the price, our team can't think of a good reason not to recommend this shelter unless you're gearing up for a Fastest Known Time or simply shedding ounces to get under a seven pound base weight.


The Durston X-Mid 1P received high scores for its comparatively affordable price and its long list of desirable features. Whether you are an experienced backpacker who is looking for good value, an intermediate who wants to test the waters on a floorless tarp, or a beginner who is ready to take the plunge into the world of ultralight shelters, this is the tent for you. With its durability and user-friendly design, the X-Mid is an excellent option for overnighters, week-long trips in the backcountry, and thru-hikes of any length.

durston x-mid 1p ultralight tent review - we love the dual doors and the versatility that comes with them.
We love the dual doors and the versatility that comes with them.
Credit: Chris Greer

Chris Greer

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