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REI Co-op Flash Carbon Review

The Flash Carbon pole is a great entry level carbon fiber pole with advanced features
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REI Co-op Flash Carbon Review
Price:  $159 List
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Manufacturer:   REI Co-op
By Graham Williams ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 19, 2017
  • Comfort - 20% 7.0
  • Weight - 20% 9.0
  • Locking and Adjustability - 15% 7.0
  • Packed Size - 15% 6.0
  • Durability - 15% 7.0
  • Versatility - 15% 6.0

Our Verdict

The REI Co-op Flash Carbon is a lightweight carbon pole with above-average durability and adjustability. To shave weight, there are some sacrifices in strength and comfort, and the pole doesn't pack down that small. That said, for most hikers and trekkers, these poles will provide adequate strength, durability, and reliability. They are perfect for through-hikers and trekkers who will have the poles in their hands for the whole trip. Other poles in our review offer better performance at a lower price.
Aluminum locking mechanisms
Foam grips aren't as comfortable
Large collapsed size

Our Analysis and Test Results

The REI Co-OP Flash Carbon is relatively light compared to other heavy-duty trekking poles. To do so, it doesn't sacrifice much in terms of durability, although it doesn't compare favorably in the comfort and packed size metrics

Performance Comparison


The Co-op Flash Carbon features foam grips, which save weight, but aren't as comfortable as other foam grip designs. They also can't compete with cork grips in the comfort metric. We did appreciate the foam grips on hot sweaty days where the foam wicked away sweat from our palms and fingers. The carbon fiber shafts are naturally shock-absorbing, but overall, we wish these poles had a more comfortable grip design and a padded grip extension for choking up.

rei co-op flash carbon - co-op flash carbon foam grips
Co-op Flash Carbon foam grips

Locking Mechanism and Adjustability

The Flash Carbon features REI's Powerlock system, and because this is a higher end pole, these are constructed of aluminum. This locking mechanism was quite durable, although there are better lever lock mechanisms in our review. However, these are still well-built mechanisms that are functional and easy to use.

rei co-op flash carbon - the rei co-op flash carbon's metal locking system.
The REI Co-op Flash Carbon's metal locking system.

This model features about 14 inches (35 cm) of adjustability. The third section of the pole needs to be pulled out to an “extend to here” section, which leaves only one section of pole to be adjusted. This is convenient.

rei co-op flash carbon - the rei co-op flash carbon shaft.
The REI Co-op Flash Carbon shaft.


The Flash Carbon weighs in at 14.6 ounces, which is on the lighter side of the spectrum. It is also one of the lightest 3-section telescoping poles. This design is the strongest of all extending pole designs, meaning you get an awesome strength-to-weight ratio. The light weight is enabled by thin (but not too thin) carbon fiber shafts and foam handles. The shafts could be thicker to increase durability, and the grips could be cork to add comfort, but both avenues would add weight. We think this pole strikes a good compromise for day hikes and short multi-day treks.

Packed Size

The Flash Carbonto 27 inches, which is among the largest packed size of poles in our review. As such, it is difficult to recommend these poles to anyone who needs them to be stowed on a small backpack or carried up and over an alpine climb or technical scrambling objective. These poles are not designed to be stowed, and they will present difficulty to anyone trying to pack them in a moderately sized backpack or duffel for air or rail travel. Other poles in our review are much easier to travel with.

rei co-op flash carbon - the rei co-op flash carbon trekking pole collapsed.
The REI Co-op Flash Carbon trekking pole collapsed.


The Co-op Flash Carbon features a thin Carbon Fiber weave for its construction. Although we didn't run into any issues on the trail, there are thicker carbon shafts for those who want more durability, and aluminum poles for those who want an even burlier option. As such, we wouldn't recommend these for the longest and most remote trips, like international trekking or long-distance through-hiking. They are great poles for regular on-trail use from day hikes to lightweight backpacking trips.


The Flash Carbon is relatively versatile for on-trail use, cross-country, lightweight backpacking, and day hiking. On the extreme sides of the spectrum, like technical climbing and scrambling, and long-distance trekking, these poles won't perform as well. They come with small trekking baskets.

rei co-op flash carbon - the rei co-op flash carbon trekking pole.
The REI Co-op Flash Carbon trekking pole.


These poles are relatively inexpensive for versatile carbon poles, although there are cheaper and better options in our review. We especially appreciate the REI lifetime guarantee, which is among the best in the outdoor industry. As such, these poles are a safe investment.


The REI Co-op Flash Carbon is durable and reliable pole. It allows the user an decent price point and is a good option for hikers looking to try out a carbon construction.

Graham Williams