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IceMule Pro 33 Review

This drybag style cooler keeps its contents chilled on or off land
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IceMule Pro 33 Review
Credit: Maggie Brandenburg
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Manufacturer:   IceMule
By Genaveve Bradshaw and Rebecca Glades  ⋅  Sep 22, 2023

#10 of 19
  • Insulation - 30% 6.1
  • Convenience - 25% 7.2
  • Portability - 25% 6.3
  • Packability - 10% 3.9
  • Durability - 10% 9.6

Our Verdict

For a drybag that keeps its contents chilled, look no further than the IceMule Pro 33. This top-rated soft cooler is waterproof thanks to its roll-top opening and durable construction. Perfect for a day out on the water, the drybag floats in case it gets knocked off the kayak or paddleboard. It also has thick backpack straps and mesh back pads, so it's fairly simple to carry into your favorite picnic spot. It's large enough to pack just about any perishable you could think of, including plenty of cans and wine bottles. However, accessing the contents in this cavernous bag can be a challenge.
Large capacity
Backpack straps
Good insulation
Floats in water
Uncomfortable to carry on bare skin
No carry handles

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Bottom Line This burly dry bag floats in water and will keep cool for the entire day on the riverThis is a top pick as an all-around personal adventure packThis budget-friendly cooler lacks a zipped top, yet keeps its contents fresh among the restA great cooler that's simple, easy to use, and less expensive than mostThis soft cooler has the lowest price tag of the soft coolers we've tested. While it isn't going to give you everything you need, it'll get the job done for quick and easy trips
Rating Categories IceMule Pro 33 IceMule Jaunt 15 Arctic Zone Titan D... AO Coolers 24 Pack... Lifewit Large Insul...
Insulation (30%)
Convenience (25%)
Portability (25%)
Packability (10%)
Durability (10%)
Specs IceMule Pro 33 IceMule Jaunt 15 Arctic Zone Titan D... AO Coolers 24 Pack... Lifewit Large Insul...
Measured Capacity in Cans 56 cans 28 cans 30 cans 36 cans 24 cans
Measured Capacity 31.4 L 15.7 L 19.4 L 23.4 L 13.2 L
Food Shelf Life (Measured Days Below 40ºF) 2.3 2.7 2.1 2.3 1.6
Cold Beverages (Measured Days Below 50ºF) 2.5 3.0 2.3 2.5 1.8
Carry Style Pack Pack Lunchbox Lunchbox Lunchbox
Can a standard sized wine bottle fit? Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes, but can only fit small bottles horizontally
Measured Dimensions L x W x H 15" x 9" x 28" (open)

15" x 9" x 16" (closed)
9" x 8.5" x 17" 15.1" x 11.3" x 12.1" 17" x 9" x 12" 10" x 6.7" x 8.3"
Measured Weight 3.6 lbs 1.8 Ibs 3.6 lbs 2.8 Ibs 0.8 Ibs
Closure Method Roll Top Roll Top Zipperless Zipper Zipper
Available in Different Sizes? No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exterior Fabric MuleSkinET Ultra-Tough Muleskin™ Exterior Polyester Canvas Ripstop Oxford fabric with PU coating
Additional Storage Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Removable Liner? No No Yes No No

Our Analysis and Test Results

A great option to take on the water, the IceMule Pro 33 is waterproof, durable, and floats. Its padded shoulder straps and mesh back help keep this portable and easy to use. However, its extra-large size can be a challenge when reaching the bottom of the bag.

Performance Comparison

icemule pro 33 - where will you go with your new cooler?
Where will you go with your new cooler?
Credit: Maggie Nichols


A soft cooler that doesn't keep cool defeats the purpose, which is why we dedicated our most important metric to this. We packed each model with ice and strategically placed in a small device that measures temperature. We specifically measured how long it took for the temperature to rise above 40 and 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The former is the FDA-recommended food-safe temperature, and up to 50 degrees being the ideal beer-drinking temperature. Overall, the IceMule Pro 33 did well in this category, holding temperatures longer than the average.

This roll-top backpack-style cooler kept below 40 degrees Fahrenheit for about 55 hours (a little over two days). Likewise, it lasted at the beer-ideal temperatures of under 50 degrees for 60 hours. This means you can make it through the day with your fresh goodies staying cold. The Pro 33 is equipped with the patented IM AirValve. This valve allows for extra air to be added to the insulation layer. Additionally, this feature allows air to be released for easy storage.


Once you get the hang of it, the IceMule Pro 33 is fairly straightforward to use. This is an insulated dry bag, so it works as such and has the same features. It opens and closes through its roll top and buckle, creating a watertight seal. Like any other dry bag, it's important to get enough rolls in to avoid leakage. That being said, if you pack too much, it'll be difficult to get adequate rolls and will be tricky to close. As the bag gets closed, any air within the bag takes up space. To get around this, IceMule includes bleeder vents to help air escape. Storing the Pro 33 is made easy by its soft, compressible body. Air can be evacuated from the insulation layer, and the full backpack can be rolled up to fit in tight places.

The IceMule is an excellent option to take on the boat or paddleboard. It's waterproof and floats. So, if it takes a tumble overboard, you won't need to worry about it sinking to the bottom of the lake. This is a great way to keep some cold water and snacks on hand as you venture about, even if it's baking in the sun. The dry bag is fairly large and deep. This can be a slight challenge when reaching for something at the bottom of the bag. Likewise, cleaning those bottom corners can be a slight struggle. Though the smooth interior is easy to wipe down and dry.

icemule pro 33 - the icemule pro 33 is a roll-top dry bag that keeps water out and...
The IceMule Pro 33 is a roll-top dry bag that keeps water out and its contents cool and dry.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


Though we love this drybag for days on the water, the Pro is great for just about any activity you have in mind. Its thick backpack straps and padded mesh back are comfortable enough to wear on hikes and keep hands free. These adjustable straps land on the wider side, but the chest strap helps keep the bag securely in place. However, when the bag is packed on the lighter side, we could feel the contents sloshing around against our backs.

This soft cooler is on the larger side and can be a bit awkward to lift overhead when packed full. This shouldn't be too much of a struggle for loading in and out of the car, though you'll be limited to using the backpack straps as the handles. Additionally, if you plan to wear the bag with a swimsuit, it can be uncomfortable against bare skin.

icemule pro 33 - the icemule pro wears like a traditional backpack and is comfortable...
The IceMule Pro wears like a traditional backpack and is comfortable enough to wear on longer journeys.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


For this metric, we dive deep into capacity, packing access, and extra storage options. More specifically, we consider the contents commonly packed in coolers and whether or not each model can accommodate them. Additionally, we assess how easy it is to access the contained goodies, and we inspect any outer pockets or clip points. The IceMule Pro 33 has a massive capacity but is lacking when it comes to the rest.

This extra-large soft cooler is able to accommodate 56 cans plus ice. It's also large enough to pack in a bottle of wine and other odd-shaped items. Packing enough for the whole family should be no problem for this roughly 33 L bag. However, if your arms are on the smaller side, it can be quite difficult to reach the bottom.

icemule pro 33 - the icemule pro has no trouble holding on to odd shaped items, like...
The IceMule Pro has no trouble holding on to odd shaped items, like bottles of wine.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Given that it's a dry bag, the opening tends to slouch over when empty, which can make loading a pain. The deep cavernous style can also be a challenge to reach into, especially if you're reaching for the bottom. However, when items are packed within, the opening stays propped open, and the items up top are fairly easy to grab. The Pro 33 doesn't have any exterior pockets, but it does have a large bungee on the front of the bag. Here, a towel or light jacket could be stored.

icemule pro 33 - the large bungee pocket on the front of the icemule pro 33 is great...
The large bungee pocket on the front of the IceMule Pro 33 is great for storing light layers or a book.
Credit: Abriah Wofford


To see how well each soft cooler held up to daily wear and tear, we started by conducting a soak test. We filled up large containers with water and left the coolers to soak for hours. Then, we thoroughly inspected each model, looking for water on the interior and exterior. The IceMule Pro did exceptionally well in this waterproof test. The inside was completely dry, and the outside had minor droplets that were easy to brush off.

We also noted any damage that occurred during testing, including scratches, tears, or broken pieces. We had no trouble with the Pro throughout the entire process. The exterior is made with IceMule's “MuleSkinET” fabric. This sturdy fabric is durable enough to handle tree pokes and rock scrapes. Additionally, the straps and buckle feel well made, not leaving any concern for potential breaks. Though our testing is limited to a few months, we think this soft cooler will last for years to come.

icemule pro 33 - the icemule pro 33 feels well-made and durable. this soft cooler is...
The IceMule Pro 33 feels well-made and durable. This soft cooler is ready for years of keeping goodies cold.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Should You Buy the IceMule Pro 33?

The IceMule Pro 33 is an excellent option if you're in the market for a drybag style soft cooler. With it being waterproof and durable, this backpack is a great companion for your next river float trip. It's easy to get around with its backpack straps and padded back. It's also large enough to pack up for the whole family.

icemule pro 33 - the icemule pro 33 is an excellent option to take to the beach or...
The IceMule Pro 33 is an excellent option to take to the beach or river, as it floats and is waterproof.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

What Other Soft Coolers Should You Consider?

Another option that keeps your treats cool but has more of a traditional backpack style is the Maelstrom Backpack 35. This cooler is also budget-friendly and performs comparably. If you're hunting for a cooler that is more personal-sized, the REI Co-op Pack-Away 24 is a great option. This half-bag, half-cooler is great for days on the trails where you want to keep a perishable snack handy. If you're still looking for more options, see our review of top-ranked soft coolers.

icemule pro 33 - we appreciate the large size of the icemule pro. it can fit just...
We appreciate the large size of the IceMule Pro. It can fit just about anything inside, even odd-shaped items.
Credit: Abriah Wofford

Genaveve Bradshaw and Rebecca Glades