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Warbonnet Original Blackbird Review

Superior comfort with a dedicated footbox, spacious fabric, and all the features needed for many nights of cozy sleep
warbonnet original blackbird hammock review
Credit: Warbonnet
Price:  $175 List
Manufacturer:   Warbonnet Outdoors
By Elizabeth Paashaus & Penney Garrett  ⋅  May 7, 2019

#1 of 16
  • Comfort - 40% 9.0
  • Weight - 20% 8.0
  • Durability and Protection - 20% 9.0
  • Ease of Set Up - 10% 7.0
  • Versatility - 10% 5.0

Our Verdict

The Warbonnet Original Blackbird earns its Editors' Choice for Backcountry Shelter award by being the model we want to spend every night in and for having all the features needed for an all-weather shelter. The Blackbird is spacious, has a huge pocket inside for storage, an integrated bug net, a spacious foot box, and is easy to set up. When comparing its weight to ground-dwelling shelters, it's beat by only the most ultralight tents on the market. Did we mention how comfortable it is? Read on to learn more about the Blackbird's customizable options and cozy comfort.
Easy to set up and use
Integrated bug net
Suspension sold separately
Can't remove bug net completely

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Pros Spacious, comfortable, easy to set up and use, integrated bug net, customizableVersatile, ultra customizable, comfortableComfortable asymmetric design, budget friendly, package includes full shelter systemVery comfortable flat position, easy to set up, durable material and construction, attachable pillowComfortable, large, easy to use, versatile, surprisingly low cost
Cons Suspension sold separately, can't remove bug net completelyCan get pricey depending on options, ridge-line not removableMore complicated set up, small rain fly, bug net is not removableBulky, heavy, narrow for sharing, suspension straps sold separatelyNot the lightest, sticky carabiner
Bottom Line Superior comfort with a dedicated footbox, spacious fabric, and all the features needed for many nights of cozy sleepThis extremely customizable hammock is the perfect fit for even the pickiest hammock camperThe trimmed-down design of the Expedition offers a comfortable asymmetric shape and keeps both the weight and the price lowReady for kicking back with a cold one or napping alike, the Skyloft is a durable and comfortable hammock for relaxing at the park or cragA great way to save money but still find all the comfort, simplicity, and webbing suspension straps that you expect from top hammock brands
Rating Categories Warbonnet Original... Dutchware Chameleon Hennessy Expedition... ENO Skyloft Kootek Portable
Comfort (40%)
Weight (20%)
Durability and Protection (20%)
Ease of Set Up (10%)
Versatility (10%)
Specs Warbonnet Original... Dutchware Chameleon Hennessy Expedition... ENO Skyloft Kootek Portable
Measured Weight - Package (ounces) 27 oz hammock, bug net, webbing/buckle suspension 37 oz (double layer hammock, bug net, suspension) 42 oz 44 oz 23 oz
Measured Weight - Hammock Only (ounces) 26 oz hammock, bug net, webbing/buckle suspension 25 oz (dbl layer) 30 oz (hammock, bug net, suspension) 42 oz 23 oz
Measured Weight - Hammock and Suspension (ounces) 26 oz hammock, bug net, webbing/buckle suspension 25 oz (dbl layer, webbing and beetle buckle suspension attached) 30 oz (hammock, bug net, suspension) 54 oz with atlas straps 37 oz
Measured Weight - Shelter System (no stakes) 42 oz with Mini Fly tarp N/A 42 oz (hammock, bug net, tarp, suspension) N/A N/A
Capacity (weight) 350-400 lbs depending on options selected 350 lbs 250 lbs 250 lbs 500 lbs
Hanging Straps Included? no, can add onto purchase for extra $ No Yes No Yes, 10' straps
Hammock Size 10' x 5.25' 10'8" x 4'10" 10' x 4.92' 7' x 3' 9'10" x 6'6"
Size Compact 10" x 4" 12" x 6" 9" x 7" x 4" 18.5” x 4.5” x 4.5” 9.8" x 7.4"
Connectors Whoopies/straps or buckle/webbing (sold separately) Beetle Buckle with webbing straps or whoopie slings with tree huggers (sold separately) Polyester rope Aluminum carabiners Steel carabiners
Material 40D or 70D Nylon (depending on options selected) Hexon 1.0, 1.6 or 2.4 70D Oxford Nylon NewWave nylon 210D nylon
Construction End gathered, asymmetric hammock, single or double layer fabric, zipper along 1 side, integrated bug netting. Storage shelf and foot box 1.6 oz Hexon, end gathered, continuous loops Single panel double-stitched seam connection to zipper and 30D polyester No-See-Um netting. 3mm integrated ridgeline. 5mm cord connected to hammock anchor point to tie around tree strap. Dual stretch cord attachments to pull hammock body away at sides. Durable ripstop nylon with aluminum spreader bars Triple interlocking stitching
Sizes / Colors 27 colors, 3 fabric layering configurations 2 sizes/9 colors/3 fabrics, 31 printed patterns Multiple other sizes/configurations available under other Hennessy product names 1 size, 4 colors 1 size, 5 colors
Capacity (height) 6' Not stated 6' Not stated Not stated
Accessories (compatible, not included) Rain flies, bug net, carabiners, fish hooks, under quilts, top quilts, suspension systems Suspension straps, rain fly, bug net, top cover, side car pockets, ridgeline pockets Tree straps, larger rain flys, insulation, "snakeskin" stuff sacks Suspension straps, rain fly, bug net, top quilts, under quilts, insulation pads, permanent anchors None
Accessories (included with hammock) Guylines, bugnetting, storage shelf, continuous loops (for attaching suspension system to), stuff sack Continuous loops, ridgeline Tree straps, 70D polyurethane coated polyester ripstop rainfly, integrated bug net Aluminum wiregate carabiners Tree straps, steel carabiners
Extra Accessories Tested Mini Fly tarp, webbing with buckles suspension, Body layer 2, Beetle Buckle suspension, asym bug net None Atlas straps None

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Warbonnet Blackbird is a uniquely designed hammock with useful features and a comfortable asymmetrical design. From an integrated foot box to a side shelf/storage area, this innovative hammock has everything needed to transform a dull tent camping experience into an amazing night under the stars. Seeing how the Warbonnet Blackbird stacked up against the competition, it is clear to see why this product won our Editors' Choice Award, even with some stiff competition.

Performance Comparison

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - the blackbird is our top choice for cozy overnights with some...
The Blackbird is our top choice for cozy overnights with some friendly neighbors.


The Blackbird is among the top few most comfortable models we tested. Contributing to the comfort is the hammock's asymmetric design and overall large size.

The Blackbird is similar to many hammocks in that the fabric is cinched together at either end before being connected to a rope or webbing. Generally, the best and most comfortable way to sleep in a hammock is diagonally. While a handful of products on the market come with an asymmetrical design to create more space for this, the Blackbird is the only one reviewed that also comes with a foot box.

What makes an asymmetric model like the Blackbird so cozy is that it isn't just made of one large rectangular (or semi-rectangular) piece of fabric. The shape has extra room on the right side of one end and the left side of the other. That way, when you position your body on the diagonal, the hammock doesn't fight back against you. It gives the user space for the feet and head to exist with less restriction. In addition to being asymmetric, the Blackbird has a footbox, which gives your feet even more freedom. It also allows your sleeping bag's footbox to maintain its loft better, keeping your feet warmer. We haven't seen another hammock build in a footbox like this and feel it heavily contributes to the comfort achieved by the Blackbird.

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - the spacious foot box combined with the ability to lay nice and flat...
The spacious foot box combined with the ability to lay nice and flat makes the Blackbird an excellent choice for serious suspended sleepers.
Credit: Adam Paashaus

The Blackbird is longer and wider than most other backcountry models we tested, making it more spacious and comfortable. We had enough room to roll, slide, scooch, and wiggle around, finding all the sweet spots. We were able to get flat and comfortable in various positions: on our backs, sides, and curled up in the fetal position. The only more comfortable models use spreader bars for an even flatter lay but at the expense of additional weight.

Though the Blackbird is plenty long for users up to 6 feet, Warbonnet also offers a larger version for users up to 6 feet, 6 inches. The weight limit is a robust 350-400 pounds depending on the options selected, which is significantly higher than most other shelter models we tested.

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - you'll sleep like a baby in the wide blackbird that affords the user...
You'll sleep like a baby in the wide Blackbird that affords the user plenty of space for different sleeping positions.
Credit: Adam Paashaus

The livability of the Blackbird is better than most tested models. It doesn't quite allow you to sit up inside without your head against the netting, but it comes close. It features shock cord guylines on either side that keep the netting from closing in on the sides. Because of those and the relatively high ridgeline, we had enough space to change clothes without leaving our little nylon cocoon. Although it is pretty awkward, that's more than can be said for most of the other models we tested.

We found the best angle at which to suspend it is with the foot end raised 10 to 15 inches over the head end, which is also what the manufacturer recommends. The design of both suspension systems we tested allows for quick and easy adjustments, making it a breeze to achieve this perfect angle.

However, one issue we have with the asymmetrical design is that it only pairs well with a left zip sleeping bag. If you have a right zip bag, you're going to have a much more challenging time getting in and out of your system easily. For right-zip users, a dual-sided entry might make your life easier.

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - the blackbird offers a really comfortable lay with a lot of great...
The Blackbird offers a really comfortable lay with a lot of great features. Here you can see how the bug net conveniently ties out of the way and also the superior insulation provided with the addition of the Yeti underquilt.
Credit: Penney Garrett


While the Blackbird beats the competition in most categories, it is not the lightest hammock shelter system out there. But at 26 ounces for the hammock, bug netting, and webbing suspension, it's still a competitive weight. We tested it with the Mini-Fly Tarp From Warbonnet, which brought it to 42 ounces for the whole package (including the tie-out cords but not the stakes).

For the sake of comparison:

  • ENO Sublink System - 42 oz
  • Sea to Summit Pro Double w/ fly, bug net, & ultralight straps - 42 oz
  • Warbonnet Ridgerunner - 52 oz
  • Kammok Mantis UL - 35 oz

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - the warbonnet blackbird (left), mini fly tarp (center) compared to a...
The Warbonnet Blackbird (left), Mini Fly Tarp (center) compared to a standard 32 oz bottle. Both stuff sacks are lightly stuffed, leaving plenty of space to shove the tarp into the hammock bag or squish into tight spots in your pack.
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus

Ease of Set Up

There is no suspension system included with the Blackbird. However, Warbonnet offers the option of two suspension systems for an additional cost. Since we have tested this hammock so often, we have tried it with both the webbing/buckle suspension system and the whoopie sling system.

The webbing system is quick to set up and easy to adjust to the proper tension or tweak at any point, and the buckles slide smoothly. It's almost dummy proof — reach around the tree and clip the carabiner back to the webbing. The downside is that it's the heavier of the two, using 1-inch wide flat webbing and steel buckles and weighing 6.7 ounces.

It doesn't get much simpler than this.
It doesn't get much simpler than this.
The buckles on the webbing are easy to slide for quick adjustments.
The buckles on the webbing are easy to slide for quick adjustments.

The whoopie system is less intuitive to use, though still easy once you get the hang of it. It is the lighter of the two, weighing in at only 2.3 ounces, but the Dynaweave webbing straps for tree protection leave something to be desired in their ability to actually protect the tree. The material is soft and thin and, after only one use, was crunched into a narrow band that would protect a tree's bark no more than a thin rope would.

A wide strap is necessary to protect trees from damage but the...
A wide strap is necessary to protect trees from damage but the Dynaweave strap is too thin, crumples up and no longer has that capability.

Both suspensions include 12 feet of material and have a wide range of adjustability, giving the Warbonnet hammocks the largest span range of the models we tested.

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - the blackbird includes a ridgeline to hold up the bug netting. here...
The Blackbird includes a ridgeline to hold up the bug netting. Here we illustrate the perfect ridgeline tension.
Credit: Penney Garrett

The integrated bug net ridgeline is also a much more user-friendly system than the separate pieces of the sock-style bug netting.

We are disappointed that the Blackbird does not include carabiners or stakes for the bug net guy lines, but, like all the other components, they are available on the website for an additional cost. We also found out the hard way that if you leave a twist in the webbing system, it will loosen as you lay in it until your bum is resting on the ground.

One issue to pay attention to is that the guy lines for the main hammock body tend to get tangled up when packing and unpacking. The manufacturer recommends zipping the lines on one side into the hammock interior before packing it away to help keep them separated. All in all, we found there to be a steeper learning curve to setting up this hammock than many others we tested, but once we had it figured out, it was a breeze.

Durability and Protection

The Blackbird balances itself pretty ingeniously between lightweight materials and sturdy construction. The suspension system imparts confidence when looking at it and, while there was a moment of wondering if the thin fabric would hold us up, it never failed to impress. Its durability is on par with most of the hammocks we tested and significantly above that of the ultralight models.

The thin fabric does mean that extra care should be taken not to damage it, and the 1.6-ounce/40-Denier weight with only a single layer means that you will feel a breeze if you're not insulated enough. However, with the addition of an underquilt or sleeping pad, you are good to go in almost any weather. Warbonnet offers the option to select a heavier weight material, which increases the durability and wind protection as well as upping the weight limit from 350 to 400 pounds. If you will be camping in cool weather without an underquilt, you can also choose to purchase the hammock with a double layer of lightweight fabric, giving you a sleeve for your sleeping pad.

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - warbonnet offers a variety of tarps that include a "beak" designed...
Warbonnet offers a variety of tarps that include a "beak" designed to overcome the unpleasant surprise of a wind shift that blows rain in the end. (Shown over the Ridgerunner)
Credit: Elizabeth Paashaus

For protection from the rain and wind, Warbonnet offers various accessories like tarps of varying sizes, and something called a Travel Sock, which encases you and your hammock in another layer of nylon to block more wind in the coldest weather. We tested the Mini Fly tarp and fell in love with the size and protection. Many hammocks skimp on the rainfly material, leaving the user vulnerable to any blowing rain and wind. The Mini Fly has a small beak on either end that helps keep out rain blowing from the ends, and is a good size, blocking wind gusts from the side.

Warbonnet recognizes the desire of campers to be able to go out in all conditions. While the Mini Fly was the largest tarp we tested of the tarps Warbonnet offers, it is actually on the smaller end of the spectrum!

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - the blackbird with accessories provides a superior shelter. the...
The Blackbird with accessories provides a superior shelter. The Mambajamba tarp is a roomy 10 feet wide and the Yeti underquilt blocked the breeze, keeping us cozy warm.
Credit: Penney Garrett


The Blackbird can be quite versatile in the right situations. It's ideally suited to being an overnight shelter and doesn't make a great day-use hammock but is extremely versatile in being able to customize it to suit your needs and handle all types of weather.

The zippered bug net can be easily stowed away on the side when not needed for desert camping or star gazing. You can also easily add a rain fly to this setup for more protection. We also think the Blackbird by itself can be used as a bug bivy in a pinch if you've run out of trees to suspend the system! Just be sure to bring a ground cloth with you so as not to damage the bottom.

Not being able to take all of your gear inside with you is one of the disadvantages of hammocking. The Blackbird has a large pocket/shelf on one side. It is around two square feet and is spacious enough to fit your shoes, hardback books, extra clothing, pretty much anything you want to keep inside with you and out of the rain.

The ridgeline is also a nice feature, allowing you a spot to hang a small lantern or even more of your gear if you can't part with it for the night.

Though we appreciate being able to roll the bug net back and out of the way, it's important to note that Warbonnet recommends never leaning back against the seam at the juncture of the shelf and hammock. Avoiding that leaves you a very narrow space to recline between that seam and the foot box that sticks out and doesn't make a supportive backrest. Since the foot end is best hung higher than the head end, we like flipping ourselves so that our heads are higher than our feet for lounging or reading during the day. This way, we find a reclined position instead of just lying down.

The Blackbird is mostly suited for lying down and sleeping, not so much hanging out with friends. However, if you're in the market for a sheltered hammock, the Blackbird is a pretty great choice, offering comfort and efficiency for a plethora of outdoor adventures.

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - the spacious shelf in the blackbird has room enough for almost...
The spacious shelf in the Blackbird has room enough for almost anything you'd want: headlamp, book, shoes, jacket, phone, pillow... stash it out of your living space but be able to grab it easily.
Credit: Adam Paashaus


Though there are many features we enjoy about the Blackbird, its price is not one of them. Already fairly price before adding in a suspension system, carabiners, tarp, and stakes, this hammock is a pretty serious investment. If you're serious about spending many nights suspended in all weather and you're looking for an innovative, asymmetrical, feature-ridden, and above all, very comfortable hammock, the Blackbird is well worth the money. But if the price is a sticking point for you, you might check out a more budget-oriented model.


This is the hammock to choose if you are looking to make a backcountry home in the trees. The comfort is almost unbeatable, and no other models we tested have the features and space that make the Blackbird just so dang nice to be inside. There's a reason it has won our Editor's Choice award for a whopping four years!

warbonnet original blackbird hammock review - the blackbird in a sea of other hammocks. it had no problem blowing...
The Blackbird in a sea of other hammocks. It had no problem blowing all these other models out of the water to defend its title as Editors' Choice.
Credit: Joel Peach

Warbonnet has some excellent videos on their site. These are a few we found useful when getting to know the Blackbird.

Setting Up the Blackbird

Buckle & Webbing Suspension

Whoopie Sling Suspension

Elizabeth Paashaus & Penney Garrett
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