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Five Ten Freerider - Women's Review

These are the least expensive shoe we tried, and we could tell
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Price:  $100 List | $75.00 at Amazon
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Pros:  Inexpensive, breathable
Cons:  Lacks elastic strap for laces, longer break-in period, not the most durable
Manufacturer:   Adidas Five Ten
By Bo Outland ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Oct 3, 2019
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  • Grip - 30% 7
  • Comfort and Protection - 25% 3
  • Rigidity and Power Transfer - 20% 6
  • Breathability - 10% 9
  • Durability - 10% 4
  • Weight - 5% 6

Our Verdict

The Five Ten Freerider is a venerable classic, appealing to many because of their style-factor alone. However, these ever-popular kicks are not of favorite of our testers, who prefer other Five Ten models for long rides, technical downhills, and everything in between. The Freeriders are inexpensive, breathable, and offer a decent balance of support and flexibility, but when it's time to shred, they can't keep up with the competition. If you're looking for something to take you from the mellow trails to the bar, these shoes are more than adequate, but serious riders will be happier with other models that offer better grip, sensitivity, and control.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

No bells and whistles here! The Freerider is a basic model for folks who need some extra grip for riding and everyday shenanigans (hiking, Parkour!).

Performance Comparison

A front and back perspective of Five Ten Freerider.
A front and back perspective of Five Ten Freerider.


Like the other Five Ten shoes, the Freerider features S1 Stealth rubber. The tread is a dot pattern, but the dot pattern stops around the edge of the sole. Though Stealth rubber is sticky, the rubber/lug pattern combos found on other Five Ten models provide better grip. The Freerider's dot pattern is a bit shallow compared to its better-performing cousins. If you are looking for a shoe with a great grip at this price point, we recommend exploring our other reviews for shoes at a comparable price point who scored higher in our testing.

Compared to other more expensive Five Ten models  there is no protection on the toe or heel of the Freerider's.
Compared to other more expensive Five Ten models, there is no protection on the toe or heel of the Freerider's.

Comfort and Protection

We found the Freerider to be fairly comfy when you size them correctly. Five Ten's sizing seems to be a bit inconsistent, so we recommend you try them on first, if you can. As we mentioned, these shoes aren't loaded with extras like ankle protection or a lace retainer. Other models we tested offer tons of protection and an elastic lace keeper at the same price point.

There is no protection in the toe of the Five Ten Freerider.
There is no protection in the toe of the Five Ten Freerider.

Rigidity and Power Transfer

The Five Ten Freerider has a great balance of rigidity and flexibility, making the pedal easy to feel underfoot. We also felt like we were able to efficiently transfer power from our foot to the pedal with ease, and our feet never slipped off.

Great balance of rigidity and flexibility so we can feel the pedal underfoot.
Five Ten Freerider's run much bigger than the other Five Ten Shoes.


The uppers are suede and mesh, making these shoes the most breathable compared to the synthetic material that most shoes tried. To have this kind of breathability, you lose a lot of protection. So if you know you will not need much protection for the style of riding you do, these may be the shoes for you.


Through testing, Stealth S1 rubber doesn't seem as durable as the harder, less sticky Vibram rubber. We could see visible scars from our pedals in the soles after just a few sessions. A small price to pay for a great grip.

Because there is not a lace keeper on Five Ten Freerider  our lace got caught in the crank.
Because there is not a lace keeper on Five Ten Freerider, our lace got caught in the crank.


The Freerider's weight fell right in the middle of all the shoes we compared, weighing 770 grams. We did not notice the heavy feel on our feet, especially because these shoes were so breathable.


These classics are fairly basic, best suited for casual riders. However, other models we tested offer amazing grip and protection at the same price point.


The Five Ten Freerider has a lot of grip with their Stealth S1 rubber, but the shallow tread on the bottom makes the grip pale in comparison to other Five Ten shoes. We found these shoes to be very breathable, but that is where the positive feedback ends. There is nothing special about this shoe and we think there are better options at this price point.

Bo Outland