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Nukeproof Horizon Pro Review

Beautifully machined CNC finish combined with high durability makes this pedal one tough trooper
Nukeproof Horizon Pro
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Price:  $75 List
Pros:  High grip, strong build, reasonable price
Cons:  Hard to relocate foot mid-decent, heavy if you do a lot of pedaling, not ideal for dirt jumping
Manufacturer:   Nukeproof
By Al Morrison ⋅ Review Editor  ⋅  Jul 11, 2019
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  • Grip and Traction - 25% 9
  • Platform - 25% 8
  • Mobility - 20% 8
  • Servicing - 15% 7
  • Weight - 15% 6

Our Verdict

The Nukeproof Horizon Pro platform pedal delivers excellent grip whether you're cranking uphill or mobbing downhill through rough and technical terrain. Precision designed with 20 pins (10 pins per side), the grip of this pedal keeps your foot right where you place it. With pins that are 5 mm in effective length, they lock on like an alligator to the base rubber of your sole. The union between the sole of your shoe and the pedal are inseparable, especially when you dive into the chunder of a rockier section or rubble garden. With such stellar grip, these pedals are not recommended for all disciplines on the bike. Dirt jumpers may find the grip too extreme, their mobility and platform size are better suited for the downhill rider.

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Our Analysis and Test Results

Whether you're just dusting the cobwebs off your bike after winter or you've been crushing it non-stop since last season, and you're thinking about a new set of pedals, the Nukeproof Horizon Pro is an excellent choice. These forged 6061 aluminum body pedals with a Chromoly axle offer loads of grip and are built to take whatever you dive into whether it be smashing downhill in the steeps and rock gardens, snaking through flowy singletrack, or even racing enduro. They have been meticulously designed with a large platform and angled faces because we all know rocks like to jump up at us from time to time, and are fully serviceable offering the complete package when it comes to a flat pedal.

Performance Comparison

This pedal was light on grease when we disassembled but with easy serviceability we had it running smooth in no time
This pedal was light on grease when we disassembled but with easy serviceability we had it running smooth in no time


The grip on the Horizon Pro pedals is second to none. The extra-long pins and open concave platform create an exceptional amount of traction, making them a spectacular choice if you gravitate towards extended rocky terrain. We found that our Five Ten Hellcats with ultra tacky soles mimic the feeling of being clipped in while riding the Horizon Pro. This high amount of traction provides a secure feeling when charging through hairy sections of trail.

On the flip-side, problems can arise with removing your foot in a slower section or when an unexpected dab needs to happen. Since the grip is super tacky, it can be challenging to reposition your foot. This extreme amount of traction doesn't satisfy all disciplines on the bike and translates poorly to the dirt jump bike. At the bike park, we prefer pedals with a little less grip to allow for trickery and quick foot adjustments. The Horizon pins are adjustable, giving the ability to lengthen them to each rider's desires. Pins can also be removed to lessen the grip and traction if need be.

Solid pedal with exceptional grip and clean lines
Solid pedal with exceptional grip and clean lines


The platform on the Horizon Pro is a forged 6061 aluminum body, with a footprint of 100mm x 105mm combined with a thickness of 15mm. This is by no means the thinnest profile on the market with other pedals measuring in at a slim 5+ mm slimmer. This would typically result in more pedal strikes, but with this platform being a bit narrower width they have a little extra clearance. We were shocked to get minimal pedal bite out on the trail. The Horizons also have a longer distance between the platform and the crank arm, providing a bit more overlap than most pedals. Although these pedals don't have the largest footprint, they still have the feel of a larger platform.

Pedal Mobility

Mobility of the pedal on the Horizon Pro is smooth and consistent. Even riding more aggressive features, these pedals feel strong, through and through. With two bushings and four sealed bearings, the rotation feels firmly controlled. This is a much-appreciated feature when dropping a foot in flat turns or when slipping off and not having the pedal spin out of control.


The Horizon Pro pedal is an 'at ease' pedal having no complications when it comes to servicing or mounting. Check out the Nukeproof website for a detailed video with Sam Hill's bike mechanic showing step-by-step how to remove and reinstall new bearings of the Horizon Pro. What better tutorial to watch than of the mechanic for the man himself tearing his signature pedal apart? A rebuild kit for this pedal starts at $16.99 and includes a full set of new pins.

Long pins  like those on the Nukeproof Horizon  provide loads of grip on your soles.
Long pins, like those on the Nukeproof Horizon, provide loads of grip on your soles.

The Horizon pedals are constructed of some of the best materials available but still don't break the bank. They are built with a durable Chromoly axle, riding on four sealed bearings, 2 DU bushings, inside of a forged aluminum body, topped with adjustable pins. These are designed to withstand the most aggressive gravity-bound abuse. Nukeproof also has replacement parts for every function of the pedals, making these easy to repair if necessary.


Our aluminum test pedals weighed in at 450 grams, which was on the higher end of the scale in our group of both aluminum and composite pedals. While eliminating weight can be advantageous, we never felt the weight of the Nukeproof as a detriment to their performance or feel. There is an option to purchase this pedal with a Titanium axle, which dramatically drops the weight to 392 grams while increasing the price significantly. Since this pedal is gravity oriented, weight is less consequential when compared to grip and platform.


Currently, many flat pedals out on the market today offering high durability and sleek design are contingent with a hefty cost, but the Nukeproof Horizon Pro pedals happen to be fairly priced. Attention to detail was not left out in the R&D of these bad boys. The strength is in the design, and when servicing is needed, it won't break the bank. We feel they are a great value.


The Nukeproof Horizon Pro pedals may not be the most modern design or made from the fanciest of materials, but they sure do grip. For the price, we feel they are hands down one of the best bangs for your buck when it comes to figuring out which flat pedals to buy. These pedals provide a sleek look with multiple anodized colors and a quality machined finish. With a conservative platform design to prevent foot fatigue and long pins to assure traction through rough terrain, Nukeproof produced a true quality pedal. The grip provided may be overkill for the dirt jump crowd, but these are perfect for downhill or aggressive enduro riders.

Al Morrison