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Editors' Choice Award
For trips that range from mundane to life-changing, we haven’t found a better all purpose bag.
Best Buy Award
Remains our favorite all-around model on a budget.
For extended backpack carry, it is unmatched; this comfort and performance comes at the cost of durability and weather protection.
Top Pick Award
The Yeti Panga is unique and high functioning; you pay a premium price for durable waterproofness and backpack straps, but it is the only product that we know of to fill this niche.
A solid all-around excellent expedition bag, this model was built with remote adventures in mind.
An incredible contender, the Black Hole falls in between award winners and is exceptionally lightweight and weather resistant.
A wallet-friendly price tag and is lightweight to boot.
With shoulder straps and a wide opening, the GG duffel stands apart from other stowable duffels; it has limited weather resistance and durability that tempers our enthusiasm.
Best Buy Award
This bag is an excellent value. It is way durable, super simple, and enjoys a very long pedigree.
This sleek contender is weather resistant and was a solid performer across the board.
Top Pick Award
In specific sorts of trips, employing a giant, light, simple duffel bag is very helpful; this is the one we recommend in such cases.
For tucking away “just in case”, this light and compact bag deploys to hold and and organize a ton of your extra stuff.