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Editors' Choice Award
Stylish, comfortable, and highly supportive, it's an amazing and durable sandal that can handle all manner of activities.
Highly stable with impressive traction, it even has built-in orthotics for some of the best support you can get from a flip flop.
Top Pick Award
With great stability from its ankle strap, good water resistance, and decent traction, this is a must-have for the versatile summer adventurer.
Best Buy Award
A superbly comfortable flip flop that handles water well and provides good support.
Top Pick Award
A fashion-forward sandal that can also handle water and tricky terrain.
Best Buy Award
A great way to experience the amazing contouring of a classic Birkenstock without forking over a ton of money.
Best Buy Award
Fun, flirty, and quite functional considering its minimal design.
The gorgeously stitched model is durable, water resistant, and comfortable - a real treat for classy feet!
This flop is super thick with a rocker-shaped sole to provide maximum comfort for sore and tired feet.
If comfort is your number one priority, this is an excellent candidate.
Boasting excellent traction and water resistance capabilities, it's an excellent model for wet adventures.
For a simple, comfortable, and classy flip-flop that feels great and gets cozier the longer you wear it, look no further.
Boasts a textured footbed and fun colors is a super affordable way to get flipping and flopping.
Best Buy Award
A fun and stylish flip-flop that will mold to your feet over time but won't break the bank.