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Editors' Choice Award
From rapids to placid waters, beginners to advanced paddlers, this board does it all and does it well.
Best Buy Award
A chart-topper in nearly every metric, the Explorer handily took home our Best High Performance Buy award.
Top Pick Award
A high performer with quality components, this model takes home a Top Pick award for its performance.
Testers loved this model's performance and materials, making the iRocker a favorite in testing.
Unwieldy on land but stable and easy to turn in the water, the Xplorer is worth the trouble of hauling it around.
Best Buy Award
An ridiculously low price highlights this fun and lightweight board
A fun, all-around board for beginner and intermediate riders on a modest budget.
A smaller, inexpensive board, the SereneLife is a great way to get out on the water, but it doesn't offer top tier performance.
A stable board that was not as easy to transport as other models in our review, the Mayra is a SUP yoga board through and through.
Heavy and on the expensive side, the Adventurer isn't for everyone, but it fits the needs of some.