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How We Tested Hydration Packs For Runnings

By Jeff Colt ⋅ Review Editor
Wednesday August 31, 2022

To create the most informative running hydration pack review, we researched countless models and consumer reviews, used our past experience, and consulted veteran runners to select an assortment of packs. We purchased them all from online retailers, filled them with the essentials (food, water, layers), strapped them on, and hit the trails. We covered hundreds of miles with the objective of learning the strengths and shortcomings of each — information we then pass on to you. Below are the criteria and performance metrics we used to rate each product.

hydration pack for running - hydration packs for running are a key accessory for long runs in the...
Hydration packs for running are a key accessory for long runs in the desert when food, water, and shade are all in short supply. Carrying essentials like a phone and a layer could truly be a lifeline, and the Slope Runner helped us do just that.
Credit: Jeff Colt


From the tarmac to the trails, mesas to mountains, and occasional run commutes to work, we loaded these packs up and wore them in every walk (and run) of life. We ventured out into the desert alpine of New Mexico, snowy post-holing in the Wasatch, and mountain missions in the Elk Mountains of Colorado. From cold nights to intensely hot days, we tried to tease out which packs were bouncy, chafed, easily adjusted, soft to the touch, too tight, and so on. Comfort levels can change as a pack goes from full of water and food to empty, and some of you may have experienced that even soft flasks can become uncomfortable when they are too full or empty. The best determinant for comfort is wearing a pack and putting in the miles while having an awareness of what the pack is doing and how tinkering with adjustments can help. Having access to a huge pile of other vests for comparison helps in this hunt. After all, if you don't have anything to compare to, how would you know? Well, we had every advantage here and did all this work for you so you can find the perfect vest and a better use for your time.

hydration pack for running - the salomon adv skin 12 was the most comfortable vest we tested, we...
The Salomon ADV Skin 12 was the most comfortable vest we tested, we could take it over that horizon and likely the next one, still feeling good.
Credit: Jeff Colt

Features and Design

Each and every vest we tested for this review was unique. Each had its own take on what a hydration pack for running should be and what it should offer the runner. We purposely selected a range of designs; some larger vests for gear-intensive adventures and smaller vests positioned for racing. We nitpicked and compared details, designs, and features. We tested each of the features described and gave scores for their user-friendliness and overall effectiveness. Some of the things we found in this category were light-reflective markings, whistles, trekking pole attachments, quick access storage, and waterproof bulk storage. The packs ranged from those that offered the very basic essentials to packs that had probably more features than we would actually utilize, like ice axe storage.

hydration pack for running - while we don't expect these features from a normal hydration running...
While we don't expect these features from a normal hydration running pack, Black Diamond builds their heritage as a mountain brand into their Distance 15 vest, with features that make it capable of four season travel in the high country.
Credit: Jeff Colt

Hydration System

Rating and testing the hydration system of each vest presented some challenges, as all have different carrying systems despite most vests including either soft flasks or bladders. Each system has advantages, and athlete input in the design comes through depending on intended purpose — from quick filling a flask at an aid station or being able to carry lots of water through arid terrain. Factors like capacity, ease of filling, accessibility while running, and leakage all contributed to our testing. Other issues like bottle storage, hose management for packs with hydration reservoirs, and how the water carrying system impacting the suspension of the pack were also considered in overall hydration system rating. We differentiate hydration sleeves from pockets if a pack included soft flasks, and we considered these hydration sleeves as part of the hydration system. If the sleeves were too loose, too shallow, too tight, or didn't properly secure the soft flasks, we took this into consideration for the hydration system score.

hydration pack for running - it's definitely possible to drink while on the go, but the...
It's definitely possible to drink while on the go, but the positioning on the hydration system does require assistance from an available hand, which makes drinking while carrying poles trickier.
Credit: Jeff Colt

Volume to Weight Ratio

Here at GearLab, we generally prefer to save weight whenever possible. With this category, the packs we tested ranged in size so dramatically that we first put each on a scale to record weight. We're used to putting everything we test on a scale and seeing how it compares to its competitors, and we don't take any manufacturer's word for weight. We then gathered up a light but versatile kit of essential equipment to pack along for every run. Included in our kit was a bag of race-required items, a rain shell, headlamp, phone, small pair of gloves, buff, 1,000 calories of food, and the pack's hydration system full of water. We used the exact same kit for each one of the vests that we tested, and some vests could carry much more, while some couldn't comfortably fit the essentials.

hydration pack for running - some race essentials required by events such as utmb: waterproof...
Some race essentials required by events such as UTMB: waterproof gloves, leggings, medical tape, rain pains, and a space blanket.
Credit: Jeff Colt

We assessed the functionality of each pack's storage capacity in the field and devised a grading criterion based on the ratio of volume of storage capacity to the weight of the pack. We don't want to be weighed down mile after mile, but we also know that features and additional storage can add weight. This grade reflects our efforts to level the playing field across varying pack sizes.

hydration pack for running - with a wide range of hydration packs for running available, we tried...
With a wide range of hydration packs for running available, we tried to cover all of the bases and have at least one other pack that could go head to head in testing based on volume, utility, features, weight, and affordability.
Credit: Jeff Colt


Finally, we paid special attention to the placement, size, amount, closure systems, and overall volume of the pockets on each hydration pack. The score in this category is an amalgamation of these elements that ultimately shows how useful the pockets on the pack are. Some packs have tons of pockets, but the accessibility and utility of the pockets is impacted by the hydration system. Others have fewer pockets designed with great intention. A higher rating for merely having more pockets is ridiculous; we scrutinized the efficiency of each pocket and asked the question, is this pocket necessary to help me accomplish my running goal?

hydration pack for running - having quick access to your phone to snap a photo or consult a map...
Having quick access to your phone to snap a photo or consult a map can be nice. Modern running packs have pockets designed for specific purposes.
Credit: Jeff Colt

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