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The 5 Best Exercise Balls of 2023

We put exercise balls to the test from brands like TheraBand, GoFit, Vivora, and others in order to find the best products
Best Exercise Ball of 2023
For working out using an exercise ball, we prefer one that is firm and supportive, as a squishy one often induces poor posture and form, which can lead to injury.

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By Andy Wellman ⋅ Senior Review Editor
Wednesday December 21, 2022
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In our search for the best exercise balls, we researched over 40 options and purchased 9 of the top-rated and most popular models for our expert-tested comparative review. We inflated every ball to its specified size, then spent days conducting core and flexibility workouts, comparing each ball in the process. We also cycled through each choice as a desk chair while working from home. In the end, we assessed and rated each ball for five different metrics so that we can give you solid advice on which models are the best for working out, using in a home office, or simply providing great value.

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Editor's Note: We updated our exercise ball review on December 21, 2022, editing for clarity and ensuring that we stand by our award choices.


Best Overall Exercise Ball

TheraBand Pro Series

Inflation Pump: None | Sizes (cm): 45, 55, 65, 75
Firm and supportive
Very durable
Ideal texture for workouts
Laborious inflation procedure
Does not come with a pump

The TheraBand Pro Series reigns supreme as the best overall option in our test. If you want a strong, long-lasting, and high-quality ball like what you'd find at your gym or physiotherapist's office, this is the one to purchase. We love its taut, supportive feel, whether using it to stretch, do core workouts, or simply sit at the computer. It also blends the perfect balance of sticky grip with easy sliding slipperiness that simply isn't found on many competitors. Perhaps most of all, we appreciate the thicker walls and superior durability (provided you treat it correctly, of course), something that seems to be lacking these days among many other competitors.

While this was undoubtedly the highest overall quality exercise ball we tested, we have a few gripes. Inflation time takes significantly longer than other balls. According to the instructions, you must lay the ball out for a few hours, then inflate it 50% and leave it for 24 hours, before finally inflating it to its full diameter. Impatient folks need not apply. It also doesn't include its own pump, and the bike pump attachment didn't fit our pump well and kept falling off. Finally, you don't have your choice of colors, as each respective size has a fixed color associated with it. Still, these caveats aside, we think this product offers a great value, and it was our favorite overall model.

best overall exercise ball
The TheraBand Professional Series ball is our overall favorite because it has excellent texture, is taut and supportive, is made with heavier duty materials, and comes at a reasonable price. We enjoyed using it for workouts as well as sitting.


Best Bang for the Buck

GalSports Anti-Burst Yoga Ball

Best Buy Award
galsports anti-burst yoga ball exercise ball
Best Buy Award
Inflation Pump: Foot Pump | Sizes (cm): 45, 55, 65, 75
Easy to inflate
Great for sitting applications
Inflation pump is delicate
Chemical smell remains several days after unboxing

Supportive for sitting and checking your posture during long sessions at the computer, the GalSports Anti-Burst Yoga Ball is great for quick stretching and mobility exercises that add more movement to your day. It inflates easily in about ten minutes thanks to the included foot pump, which also can be used for deflation when you need to store the ball. We tested some exercise balls made from thicker material, but we didn't encounter any durability issues with this one. For the price, this is a great deal for someone who wants to add a few wellness-related habits to their routine.

While we appreciate the included pump, we worry that the pump and tubing may be too delicate to withstand many inflations. In addition, this ball's texture feels a bit too slippery for serious, sweaty, high-energy exercise. But for the casual user, the Galsports Anti-Burst Yoga Ball hits the mark.

exercise ball - best bang for the buck
This is a good choice for around the house due to its easy inflation and deflation for storage.
Credit: Matt Bento


Most Affordable

BalanceFrom Anti-Burst

Inflation Pump: Foot Pump | Sizes (cm): 45, 55, 65, 75, 85
Very affordable
Fewer reports of bursting
Soft and squishy
Many reports of not holding air

The BalanceFrom Anti-Burst ball is far more affordable than most comparable products. This is noteworthy because there is little to differentiate the performance between many of the most popular balls, so a lower price point means higher value. We appreciate that the ball is quick and easy to inflate and comes with a size-guide tape measure (although no instructions). Our extensive research revealed a far lower quantity of sudden bursting complaints than many of the competitors, which gives us a bit more faith we won't accidentally get hurt while using it.

However, it's not very supportive and may actually be the most squishy of all the options in our test, making it a poor choice for prolonged sitting. We also noticed that by inflating it to the correct 65cm mark on the included tape, it is noticeably smaller than all other 65cm balls that we tested.

exercise ball - most affordable
The BalanceFrom ball is a little smaller for the same size than others we tested, and is also one of the softer ones, which can be preferable for exercises where you are trying to grip the ball for pulling it towards you.


Great for Working Out

GoFit ProBall

Inflation Pump: Foot Pump | Sizes (cm): 55, 65, 75
Tight and supportive
Good texture for working out
Long inflation time
Exercises prints look silly in the office

If you want a great ball for working out that is supportive and durable, check out the GoFit ProBall. Its surface texture is unlike any other — it lacks the ubiquitous ribbed design of the other balls but still provides a patterned grip. There are a series of exercises printed right on the ball for quick reference, and it comes with an exercise manual and DVD for coaching or extra motivation. As one of the thicker, heavier balls in this review, you can expect it to stand up to actual workouts for much longer than the less supportive ones.

On the downside, if you want this ball for use as a desk chair, especially at the office, you may not be thrilled with the look of the exercise cartoons printed on the sides. You also don't get to choose your color preference, as one specific color is associated with each size. And similar to most of the higher quality choices, proper inflation takes more than one day. GoFit recommends you leave it partially inflated overnight before commencing to full inflation. If working out is your primary intention, the GoFit Pro Grade makes a great choice.

exercise ball - great for working out
The GoFit Pro Ball is one of our favorites for working out due to its excellent texture and supportive feel, but also because it reminds us of good exercises to perform right on the side of the ball, a handy feature when you don't have Youtube all loaded up.


Best for Sitting

Vivora Luno

Inflation Pump: Hand Pump | Sizes (cm): Standard, Max
Firm and supportive platform for sitting
Grip dots hold position on slick surfaces
Cover serves as an insulator
Seams are uncomfortable against bare skin

Not everyone will use a ball specifically for working out, and they may be even more popular as an alternative to sitting in a chair for desk work. For sitting, the Vivora Luno is by far our favorite option. It comes with a felt cover (or a more expensive faux leather option) that looks much nicer for professional settings and has a handle sewn on for more convenient portability. A big advantage of the cover is that it provides insulation that comes in handy when sitting stationary for longer periods. As we tested these balls sitting at the computer day after day, we noticed that cold air was easily conducted into our lower bodies to the point where we often felt chilled. We experienced no such problem with the Luna and immediately noticed a big difference when switching between different models.

The seams on the case live on the outside of the ball, which is necessary to protect the integrity and lifespan of the ball inside. If we were working out in shorts, we found these seams to be fairly abrasive, but with pants on, this presented no problem at all. These seams also prohibit our enjoyment while using the ball to work out or stretch, so there is limited cross-over applicability. You can also expect to pay quite a bit more for the added comfort and style, but for regular use as an office chair, especially when looks matter, the Vivora Luna is absolutely the way to go.

exercise ball - best for sitting
The Vivora Luna is optimal for sitting work because it is both firm and supportive and has a great cover that not only looks nice, but insulates well against cold air inside the ball.


A Quality Option

Wacces Professional

Inflation Pump: Hand Pump | Sizes (cm): 55, 65, 75
Less expensive
Good balance of sticky and slick texture
Durability concerns
Low-quality pump

In our experience, when it comes to the performance and durability of these balls, there are the Professional Grade options, and then there are the rest. While not made to the same high quality as the higher-grade models, the Wacces Professional is certainly a standout and can save you some money while still offering solid performance. Despite being a bit less expensive, this ball is firm and supportive and has a texture that offers excellent grip without being overly slick. It's relatively quick and easy to inflate and comes in a wide variety of colors to match your personal preference.

While this is a higher-quality product than many other options, the materials aren't as durable as the more expensive Professional Grade options. This ball is made of a similar type of PVC material as other non-pro-grade balls, all of which have durability concerns. This material also doesn't smell very nice straight out of the packaging.

exercise ball - we like how firm and supportive the waccess ball is, an attribute...
We like how firm and supportive the Waccess ball is, an attribute that we prefer for either working out or sitting on, and find is essential to maintain proper form for exercises where the majority of your body weight is resting on the ball.


Thicker Walls, Less Odor

Live Infinitely Professional Grade

Inflation Pump: Hand Pump | Sizes (cm): 55, 65, 75, 85, 95
Thicker, more robust walls
Less smelly when first opened
Firm and supportive
A bit slick
Still some bursting complaints

The Live Infinitely Professional Grade is more robust than most other models that we tested, with thicker than average walls and evidence that the ball can be punctured without inducing it to suddenly burst. Compared to the very thin, lightweight alternatives, we certainly appreciated the feeling of security when using a thicker, heavier ball. It also claims to be made of eco-friendly PVC, and while we couldn't verify all of its claims, we can confirm that there is a significantly less toxic odor when this ball is removed from its packaging and first inflated, a common problem among exercise balls.

Our only real complaint with this ball is how slick it feels. The grip is not as sticky as we would like for certain types of workouts. And despite its more robust construction, there are still some online complaints of sudden bursting, so it's always worth being careful how you treat it. If you want a firm, supportive ball made from less toxic materials, this one is worth checking out.

exercise ball - the live infinitely exercise ball is made with thicker than normal...
The Live Infinitely Exercise Ball is made with thicker than normal PVC that contributes to enhanced durability. This PVC is also eco-friendly, and we appreciated how it stank less upon opening than many we tested.


Very Popular

URBNFit Exercise

Inflation Pump: Hand Pump | Sizes (cm): 45, 55, 65
Quick and easy to inflate
Includes handy workout sheet
Durability concerns
Not very supportive
Slippery texture

Check out reviews online and it is obvious that the URBNFit Exercise is immensely popular, with the vast majority of people expressing happiness with their purchase. We liked this ball because it was among the easiest to inflate. It comes with a hand pump that takes a bit of effort but inflates quickly compared to the foot pumps. We also appreciated the included workout instructions, which are easy to follow and also available for your phone. This ball also comes in perhaps the widest selection of different colors to match your preference.

There is no doubt that this ball is not as strong or durable as the professional-grade balls, with its thinner, lighter PVC material, and a preponderance of reviews detailing explosions or its inability to hold air. It's also a bit squishy and bouncy, not firm and supportive like we prefer for both working out and sitting. It also has one of the most slippery textures of any ball that we tested. You can buy products with very similar performance and attributes for less money, so the value may not be the highest, either. However, there's no doubt from the user reviews that the URBNFit is one of the most popular choices out there.

exercise ball - this ball was one of the squishier ones in the test. when doing...
This ball was one of the squishier ones in the test. When doing exercises where the majority of the weight is on the ground, and only the feet or hands rest on the ball for pulling or gripping, a softer ball can be easier to grip.


Soft and Squishy

DynaPro Professional Grade

Inflation Pump: Hand Pump | Sizes (cm): 45, 55, 65, 75
Soft and squishy
Lots of color choices
Not supportive
Durability concerns

Our extensive research and testing have revealed that a firmer, tighter ball is more supportive for sitting and or for any exercise where the majority of your body weight will be resting on the ball. However, during exercises where most of your weight is on the floor, a softer, squishier ball can be ideal. The fitness nerd in us might be screaming, "easier isn't the point," but we also acknowledge that some level of personal preference comes into play. If you seek a softer, squishier ball, then the DynaPro Professional Grade may be perfect for you.

We found that the DynaPro was the squishiest and least supportive exercise ball in our test fleet. Durability and quality control are also major concerns, with plenty of reports of bursting or not holding air. If we're going to play the lower quality/lower price roulette, this one is nowhere near the cheapest, offering little in the way of potential payback. It's also quite slippery and wouldn't be our first recommendation, regardless of intended use.

exercise ball - the dynapro exercise ball was among the softest and squishiest that...
The DynaPro Exercise Ball was among the softest and squishiest that we tested, which is not what we would consider a good thing. However, some people may actually prefer a softer ball, and we found that it made exercises like this one, where we grab and lift the ball with our feet, easier.

exercise ball

Why You Should Trust Us

For this review, we carefully researched 40 different exercise balls before purchasing and testing the top 9. Our expert testers actually purchase and personally use all of the best products side-by-side, compare them intensely to each other, and then provide unbiased feedback.

The point man for this review is Andy Wellman, a senior reviewer for GearLab for nearly a decade. As a passionate ultrarunner, climber, backcountry skier, and certified yoga teacher, Andy has been using exercise balls as part of his maintenance program for the past 15 years. Exercise ball routines have played a significant role in helping his rehabilitation from knee surgery after a climbing injury and fighting off persistent IT band issues and calf strains incurred while running. He also uses them as part of his regular core workout, critical for both performance and injury prevention in all the sports he plays. As a former book publisher and current freelance writer, he has been working from home since long before telecommuting became "mandatory," and prefers a ball as his desk seat. Helping him is Elizabeth Riley, an avid runner, skier, climber, and yogi.

exercise ball

Analysis and Test Results

To offer the most accurate comparisons between all of the different exercise and stability balls, we evaluated and scored them based upon five different rating metrics: workouts, sitting supportiveness, durability, ease of inflation, and texture, each of which are described in greater detail below.


Using one of these balls as an exercise and flexibility tool is the most common reason folks decide to purchase one. For exercise, we prefer a ball that is firm and supportive when inflated to its intended size. This is especially true for workouts where you are sitting or lying on the ball with most of your body weight. A soft, squishy, and unsupportive ball can easily lead to improper form and less control. In some cases (such as when your feet are on the ball or when you are grabbing it), a softer ball can make an exercise easier or more comfortable. A higher-quality ball that is perfectly round is undoubtedly preferred, as is one with a texture that helps keep it stationary and makes it easier to grab it.

Choosing the Perfect Size
Choosing the correct size is key for working out with a stability ball. Consult a sizing chart to pick the correct size for you. Oddly enough, most balls offer slightly different sizing advice, so one chart cannot be considered universal. A smaller ball will often make exercises more difficult, while a larger one can make it difficult to maintain contact with the floor.

Our favorite ball for working out is the TheraBand Pro Series, closely followed up by the GoFit Professional Grade Stability Ball. Not only are these the best choices for working out, but they are also the highest quality and are both available at a reasonable price.

exercise ball - exercise balls are offered in many different sizes.
Exercise balls are offered in many different sizes.

Sitting Supportiveness

Exercise and stability balls have become a popular alternative to the traditional desk chair because they can promote better posture as well as help build core stability while sitting all day. However, it is also very easy to slouch in a way that strains your back while sitting on a ball for long hours, so only sit on a ball at your desk if you can maintain proper posture. For this reason, we recommend also keeping a chair handy so that you can swap out periodically. A very tight, firm ball is ideal for use as a seat, and you will want to avoid soft and squishy balls, which are almost impossible to maintain a proper upright posture with your lower back straight. Err on the smaller side for a sitting ball, as you want to sit at the correct height for your desk or table without being too high off the ground.

exercise ball - for sitting at a desk, it is critical to have a solid and supportive...
For sitting at a desk, it is critical to have a solid and supportive ball, rather than a squishy one like the one shown here. You can see how this ball collapses underneath the seat, and quickly forces poor posture and a backache.

Only one product in this review, the Vivora Luna, is made specifically for use as a desk chair, and it was our favorite one for this purpose. It comes with a sewn felt cover that looks nice, offers a more comfortable texture, and most importantly, insulates you from the cold air inside the ball. We found that sitting on regular, uncovered balls led us to feel colder due to much easier heat transfer.


Your exercise ball is only good so long as it lasts, and unfortunately, many balls are cheaply made and can burst, tear, or simply leak air surprisingly quickly. To increase longevity, be sure to inflate following the instructions, keep your ball indoors, out of the sun, away from pets, and don't play rough on the balls. We assessed each model for durability by comparing overall weights (heavier means more material and, in theory, increased durability), wall thicknesses when we could find that information, and by conducting a thorough survey of reviews, paying particular attention to reports of balls bursting or leaking air.

Static Lb. and Anti-Burst Ratings
When you search for exercise balls online, you will find most of them prominently list a "static lb. strength rating" such as 2,000 lbs, and also frequently claim to be anti-burst. After thorough research and testing, we can only conclude that these ratings and claims do not correlate with our testing experience, and we recommend that you completely ignore them when considering your purchase. We found that the products with the highest ratings and most prominent anti-bursting claims were invariably the cheapest, with the thinnest walls, and had the most user complaints of bursting. Conversely, the balls made of the thickest materials and having the fewest complaints of bursting issues often had the lowest reported strength ratings, which were usually not prominently advertised.

Our favorite ball, the TheraBand Pro Series, is a great performer regarding durability and is the ball you should choose if you want one as strong as you will find in a gym. The Vivora Luna is another top performer for this metric.

Ease of Inflation

We strongly recommend closely following the inflation instructions provided with your ball. Beware that many of these balls require letting them sit for 24 hours or overnight before you can actually use them. Each ball comes with either a hand pump, foot pump, or adapter for use with a bike pump or air compressor. Hand pumps take a fair amount of effort but inflate a ball much faster, while foot pumps are slightly easier but take considerably longer to fill the ball.

exercise ball - filling a ball with an included foot pump is a lot easier than using...
Filling a ball with an included foot pump is a lot easier than using a hand pump, but also takes at least twice as long. Expect to be pumping for 10-15 minutes to fill a 65cm ball. The foot pumps that are included with all of the various balls in our review are exactly the same.

If you want a ball that you can be crunching on within minutes of it arriving on your doorstep, check out the URBNFit Exercise Ball, which uses an included hand pump, and offers no warnings about waiting times or slow inflation. The pump included with the Galsports Anti-Burst Yoga Ball can also be used for deflation, so you can easily pack it away.

exercise ball - the hand pump is the easiest to use, although takes more effort than...
The hand pump is the easiest to use, although takes more effort than a foot pump. Most hand pumps leak a little bit of air, so it is essential to pump fast, switching arms or people. For this reason, filling a ball with a hand pump is typically the fastest method. All of the hand pumps that come with balls in this review are essentially exactly the same.


Most, but not all, exercise balls come with the familiar ribbed pattern, but the actual texture of the PVC used is surprisingly variable from one ball to the next. Look for an ideal blend of sticky and slick, without either attribute being over-emphasized.

exercise ball - an ideal texture is neither too sticky nor too slippery, but...
An ideal texture is neither too sticky nor too slippery, but somewhere right in between. Many of the balls in this review were on the slippery side, and we liked this one, the TheraBand, because it was Goldilocks' favorite - just right!

Most of the balls tested tend toward the slick slide. However, the TheraBand Pro Series offered our favorite texture with a comfortable balance of smoothness and grip.

exercise ball - exercise balls are a great way to add some variety to your core...
Exercise balls are a great way to add some variety to your core workouts, and can also be incorporated into yoga routines and for flexibility and stretching. Many people prefer to sit on them in lieu of a desk chair. Whatever you intend to use one for, we recommend opting for higher quality, you won't be disappointed.


While there are a lot of exercise and stability balls on the market to choose from, they are absolutely not all created equal. Different options are more firm and supportive, while others are soft and squishy. Some have a grippy texture; others are smooth and slicker. We hope that we have made your decision-making process easier and that our advice helps you find the ideal ball for your needs.

Andy Wellman

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