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Top Pick Award
An all around powerhouse, this shoe can do just about anything well, from steep sport routes and boulders to techy slabs and cracks.
Editors' Choice Award
A great kids shoe, packed with a ton of great features that help it perform well in almost every type of terrain.
Top Pick Award
If hard sport climbing or bouldering is your thing, these shoes may be just what you are looking for.
This all-around shoe is a great intermediate climbing shoe for indoor use as well as for outdoor enthusiasts.
This all-around shoe has good performance on beginner to intermediate climbing terrain at a great price.
If you are looking for an incredibly breathable shoe with best in class edging performance, this may be your shoe.
Best Buy Award
Butora has impressed us with a good performing, great priced, all-around kids shoe.
This inexpensive, yet comfortable shoe is great for kids who are just starting to climb.
Top Pick Award
This extremely comfortable foot-shaped shoe is an ideal shoe for young climbers to promote healthy growing feet.