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Editors' Choice Award
As an all around great pack, the Mariposa can carry large and light loads with ease, has plenty of external storage options, and is super comfortable on the trail.
The Gorilla is one of our top picks and scored highly in all metrics. It is comfortable, versitile, and has just enough features.
This pack is a popular ultralight pack for good reason; it has plenty of outside storage, made of durable fabrics, and carries both 15 and 30 pound loads with ease.
Top Pick Award
The CDT combines simplicity, a reasonable price tag, and a good feature set.
Best Buy Award
The Virga 2 lacks a frame, pockets, and a lid, but fits the bill for an extremely lightweight, simple pack.
Top Pick Award
As the Top Pick for Ultralight Enthusiasts, the Arc Blast is incredibly light, while still providing the same assets of a full frame pack.
This minimalist pack is lightweight and simple - designed for those who have slimmed down their kit to the bear minimum.
For a pack that is lightweight, but still provides support and ventilation with a full suspension system, the Levity is the ticket.
Best Buy Award
Winner of our Best Buy award, this pack was among the top ranking in our tests for its comfort, durability, and long list of useful features.
This pack is designed with a focus on durability and simplicity, with a minor emphasis on comfort and support.
The HMG Windrider 3400 is a durable, waterproof, lightweight pack that works well for loads under 25 pounds.
This lightweight, comfortable pack has a simple, yet thoughtful design. The ULA Circuit is a great pack for heavy loads or winter trips.
This ultralight inspired pack is lightweight by most standards, but will seem bulky in comparison to the other packs in this review.
The L.I.M. Strive 50 is lightweight compared to most packs, but has a design more in line with a mountaineering pack than an ultralight backpacking pack.
This pack is designed for runners on multi-day pushes, and it was the most unique of the packs we tested.