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Editors' Choice Award
Built to be long lasting, this kit has almost everything you need for your overnight trips.
Top Pick Award
For short trips, day hikes and light weight adventures, this kit is our top choice.
With a well-thought out compartment system, the AMK Backpacker provides the necessary supplies for most backpacking trips.
Best Buy Award
For day trips, weekend hikes or car camping outings, the Adventure 2.0 is a good, basic choice at a low price.
For day hikes and short trips, the small size of this kit makes it easy to throw in the pack.
Top Pick Award
With travel-friendly supplies, the AMK Smart Travel prepares you for unforeseen medical needs while on the go.
For places where large groups need access to common first aid items, such as offices and job sites, this kit is a good choice.
With first aid supplies to treat common injuries, as well as survival equipment like glow sticks, this is a decent emergency kit for your vehicle.