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Editors' Choice Award
This shelter excels in every category, but you do have to pay for it. If you use it often, it rewards you.
Best Buy Award
This shelter is easy to transport and set up while remaining reliable, sturdy, and modestly priced.
Fast to set up, this shelter provides protection from the elements and insects.
The design allows for a fast and easy set-up at the cost of durability and stability.
Top Pick Award
The easiest, lightest, and most affordable beach tent we tested.
Difficult to set up, but once you're there, it offers stability and protection from the elements.
This shelter is easy to use but its weight and carrying case make it difficult to transport.
Not the most sturdy in the wind, this model is at least pretty easy to move from car to beach.
While not very versatile, this shelter is super portable for beach missions with a few friends.
A run of the mill canopy that is affordable but not entirely desirable.