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Bivy Sack Ratings Summary

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Editors' Choice Award
This bivy sets the bar for the rest of the field by providing nearly perfect comfort, warmth and weather protection.
Best Buy Award
The Backcountry Bivy is an ultra functional, lightweight bivy sack loaded with features to keep you comfortable.
Top Pick Award
If you want to complete your dry climate lightweight bivy kit, the Escape is an excellent choice.
Top Pick Award
We found the TACT to be best suited for very occasional emergency use.
The Alpine offers superior storm protection without any frills.
The AC combines light weight material with clever design, making it well suited for any environment.
While the BD Bipod is quite functional, it isn't without a few frustrating aspects.
Even though it doesn't have a pole or stuff sack, and it was the heaviest model we tested, it still performed well.