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Backpacking Sleeping Bag Ratings Summary

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Editors' Choice Award
If you're looking for one bag to do it all, this is it.
Top Pick Award
Warm, compressible, and lightweight, this is our all-around 20F Top Pick bag.
One of the better warmth to weight ratios in our review, the Phantom Spark doesn't cut any corners when it comes to design, fill quality, or materials.
Top Pick Award
One of the lightest and most compressible models in our review, this bag doesn't give up much for its temperature rating.
This high-end model is constructed in every way to be as light and compact as possible.
A high-performer in weight and packed volume, this model is for minimalists.
Very lightweight for its temperature range, this is a high-quality bag.
Top Pick Award
The warmest 20F bag in our test, this model also shines in weight and compressibility.
Top-of-the-line materials and high performance make this bag a good choice across the board.
Top Pick Award
If you want the lightest and most compressible sleeping bag for backcounty outings but struggle with the sometimes claustrophobic feel of traditional mummy bags, the Backcountry Bed 700 should be on your radar.
Best Buy Award
Close in weight and packed size to many more expensive bags, this model is a good, inexpensive option.
A cool and unique design that can be configured for three temperature ratings (5F, 20F, 40F).
If you are someone who struggles to sleep in the backcountry, specifically a tummy or side sleeper, this model allows you to sleep in the position you are more familiar with.
A 35F synthetic bag that barely tips the scales, this model is the lightest in its class.
Top Pick Award
Compressible and lightweight, this bag offers the best in these metrics for a synthetic 20F bag.
While it isn't the highest performer, this dependable model is still a good option for a do-it-all bag.
Best Buy Award
If you're looking to save cash and want a bag that lasts, this is a good option.